Skout Review — The People Discovery App

With all the buzz about Skout lately, we thought it was the perfect time to see whether or not it was a good option for people looking for hookups. Here is our Skout review.

Skout review

Skout App Review Results
  • Popularity - 81
  • Value - 72
  • Features - 74
  • Quality of Members - 40
  • Safety - 81
  • Customer Satisfaction - 71

Final Word on the Skout App

Skout is a neat worldwide people discovering community. Unfortunately, that's what makes it cumbersome for dating and hookup purposes. Skout seems to be more focused on creating a social community — which is fine — but it should not hype itself as being useful for matchmaking. In our opinion, the simple fact that minors as young as 13 are allowed to join the site should disqualify it as an option for cruising for chicks or guys. The only redeeming aspect of Skout from a dating perspective is its "meet" feature. Based on its performance, we rate Skout as FAIR (there are far better options out there).

— Skout App Pros and Cons —


  • Free to use
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Reasonable set of features


  • Dating and hookups are ancillary — not the main purpose of the app
  • Heavily moderated
  • Filled with non-adults
  • A lot of unsolicited chat requests

— In-Depth Skout App Review —

Skout app

For those of you who haven’t heard about Skout, it is a mobile-only people discovery app. The question stirring in your head right now must be “what’s a people discovery app?” Usually, we review dating or hookup sites. As such, most of our readership are familiar with those types of sites, but not so much with the “people discovery” concept.

We won’t drag the suspense out any longer — a people discovery service is a broader and more inclusive product that has as one of its many practical social applications finding potential matches for dating and hookups. That means that while apps such as Skout can be used to find potential matches to satisfy your romantic or lustful quests — it is not designed to function exclusively for that purpose. That means that you — as a Skout user — must tread carefully. Why so many warnings? Okay, here it is — Skout serves a broader audience. The minimum age to join Skout is 13. If anything, Skout emulates a social network more so than it does a dating site.

Everybody settle down. Before you all start running for the exits or calling your attorneys — by NO MEANS are we advocating you contact anyone under the age of 18 for dating or hookup purposes. We are only alerting you to the fact that minors are present on Skout and that you must exercise caution so as to only interact with like-minded ADULTS, such as yourselves.

— Registering on Skout —

The registration process is one of the fastest and simplest that we have encountered. You can register with your Facebook or Google credentials. Otherwise, you can register by choosing a unique username and password along with a valid email address. There are no personality questions to answer, no criteria that must be established for the sort of match that you are looking for — you’re not even required to upload a profile picture (although we strongly advise it). Remember, Skout is not officially a dating or hookup app — it simply can be used for matchmaking purposes if you are so inclined.

— Skout User Experience —

The best way to describe the user experience on Skout is to equate it to that of the mobile version of Facebook. The whole look and feel are that of a social networking site. This shouldn’t be too shocking considering that Skout started specifically as a mobile social network in 2007. It wasn’t until 2009 when it pivoted to the people discovery arena and that its potential for dating and hookups emerged as ancillary benefits.

Being free to use — and taking into consideration that the Skout developers have to eat — it is no surprise that display ads can be found throughout the app. They are not overly obtrusive and do not hinder the user experience.

— Intensely Moderated —

For the reason that its membership base includes people under the age of 18, Skout is heavily moderated. It doesn’t allow the posting of any content — textual or graphical — of a sexual or violent nature. In other words, in the public area, you must keep things clean.

This makes the public environment on Skout a bit more “sanitized” than one would normally find on true dating and hookup sites. That, however, is not a bad thing. It makes the search process tamer. For those of you that prefer milder environments, this will be well received. For those of you that like to spice things up — Skout might be too tepid for your tastes.

— Skout Features —

For those interested in using Skout for dating and hookup purposes, there are four key features to consider. These are: Shake, Buzz, Meet, and Chat.

In our opinion, the Shake feature is the most innovative function offered by Skout. At its core, it is a random chat connector — similar to ChatRoulette — anyone remember ChatRoullete? It connects you to other Skout members that are also seeking an online chat at that moment.

Why would we call this innovative, you may ask. It’s not the action that it performs that is innovative, rather it’s how users are made to engage the feature that makes it interesting. Users literally have to shake their phone to activate the feature. It may seem like cheap “app candy” to some, but during our evaluation, we actually found it fun and engaged the feature a few times just because of it. Unfortunately, activating the feature is usually all the fun you’ll get out of it. The chat partners that you get usually have nothing in common with you — many not even speaking English.

The Buzz feature is presented in a newsfeed format. It consists of profiles of different members. You can like the profiles or make a chat request. We found this feature to be useless from the perspective of finding prospective dating matches. The profiles were from all over the globe. In our testing, we did not come across any profile of a member that lived closer than 500 miles from us.

The only feature that offered a glimmer of usefulness for dating was the Meet feature. This presents the profile pictures of members that are within a 25-mile area of your location. The listing is rather “all encompassing” — you have to do a lot of reviewing before you find someone that is halfway interesting. Yet, it does offer possibilities.

The Chat feature is basic and straightforward. We were surprised to discover that on Skout you could send a chat request unilaterally. As you would expect, during our testing we were flooded with chat requests. This, for us at least, made the chat feature unusable. Things got to a point where it was easier to ignore our inbox instead of having to tread through so many unsolicited messages. Who knows if our soul mate got lost in the muck of “Hey, how you doin'” messages.