SweetRing App Review — 8 Million Matches and Counting

We had our testers evaluate the Sweetring app for effectiveness, user-friendliness, and value. We suggest you give our review a read. It will provide you with the inside scoop about SweetRing so you can better understand its potential in your life.

P.S. – To those of you for whom the mere thought of marriage at this stage in your life is tantamount to a jail sentence, we apologize. We sincerely hope that you weren’t traumatized — you have our permission to excuse yourselves from reading the SweetRing review. Everyone else, however, it’s a must-read.

SweetRing App Review

Sweetring App Review Results
  • Popularity - 65
  • Value - 72
  • Features - 78
  • Quality of Members - 71
  • Safety - 83
  • Customer Satisfaction - 74

Final Word on Sweetring

In our opinion, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, SweetRing is a solid platform to conduct your search. The combination of its use of introductory questions in the user profiles and a powerful and accurate matchmaking algorithm create a very positive user experience that generates results.

We would rate SweetRing as Very Good.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Introductory questions in profiles
  • Majority of members are serious about long-term relationships
  • Familiar and easy to use interface
  • 24/7 monitoring keeps community safe and genuine


  • Must link to a Facebook account to register
  • Facebook account must have at least 20 friends
  • Reasonable functionality requires a paid membership

— In-Depth Sweetring App Review —

sweetring app

The single life can definitely be a lot of fun. Nobody to answer to, being able to do what you want when you want — being single has its advantages. However, no matter how pleasurable your single life might be, statistics indicate that a time will come when you will want to settle down.

We know, we know… for some of you the phrase “settling down” might be enough to send you into convulsions. Yet for those of you who are ready to settle down, you would likely be interested in the services offered by an app known as SweetRing.

This app promotes itself as being dedicated solely to helping people find long-term serious relationships with marriage as the final goal. If you were to rely solely on its marketing material you would come to the conclusion that it is a modern-day romance machine. However, if you are a pragmatic thinker, you may have some doubts about SweetRing’s rosy promises. After all, one moment they claim to have made 8 million matches, the next they say it’s 4 million. Which is it?

If you too have your doubts, you will find our review of SweetRing quite beneficial.

— Availability —

Sweetring on iOS and Android

SweetRing is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play respectively. In terms of the app’s technical performance and ease of installation, our testers found SweetRing to function smoothly from a technical perspective.

— Registering for an Account —

One of the core promises that SweetRing makes to its users is that it is devoted to providing a platform that is safe, private, and populated only by real people with a genuine interest in long-term relationships. As a part of this effort, SweetRing applies a vetting process to all new members in order to ensure that they are authentic.

This results in SweetRing requiring all new users to register by linking their Facebook account.

Sweetring App Registration

While this type of registration is increasingly becoming common among other dating sites, SweetRing takes it a step further. When you link your Facebook account, SweetRing will first scan your Facebook profile information and if it discovers that your relationship status on Facebook does not reflect that you are single, your registration request will be denied. Likewise, if you were to have less than 20 friends on your Facebook account, your registration will be denied.

SweetRing claims to do this to ensure the quality of the users on the site. They further claim that this reduces the instances of fake profiles, a problem that often plagues other dating sites.

For those of you concerned about the safety and integrity of your Facebook information, SweetRing only uses it to verify the authenticity of new registrants. SweetRing never posts anything to your Facebook account and it never contacts any of your friends — even those who may happen to have their own account on SweetRing.

— 24/7 Monitoring —

One aspect of SweetRing that we were pleased to see was its use of a 24/7 monitoring team used to keep out trolls, spam artists, fake profiles, bullies, and undesirable messages in general. By using real people to conduct this monitoring, the level of precision filtering that SweetRing achieves is far superior to automated filtering mechanisms that are offered by other dating sites.

— Meeting People on SweetRing —

In order for any dating app, especially one dedicated to long-term relationships, to capture and retain the attention of the public, it requires a unique feature or characteristic that it can call its own. In the case of SweetRing this takes the form of inquisitive questions incorporated into your profile. Filling out your profile on SweetRing pretty much mirrors the process that is commonly found on other dating sites with the exception of users being required to select inquisitive questions for their potential matches. You can select from a list of hundreds of questions suggested by SweetRing.

It is important that you give proper consideration to your selection of questions. This is because it is through these questions that you will be meeting new people on the app. In order for potential matches to get in touch with you they must respond to one of your questions. Likewise, if you want to engage with another member, you must first answer one of their questions and hope that your answer intrigues them enough to get the conversation started.


Our testers found this type of people discovery mechanism to be quite effective. It provides you with a glimpse into the inner psyche and personality of those people trying to make contact with you. Obviously, if this method were used on a site for casual encounters it would probably bomb. However, since SweetRing deals only with long-term relationships, the fact that most want to have as much insight on the other person before investing time in getting to know them better, the inquisitive question feature is quite effective.

— Other Features —

SweetRing has all of the basic features that one would expect in a modern dating app. Its a messaging and chat module are responsive and easy to use.


The app also has a unique automated introduction option. When activated, it allows the SweetRing algorithm to send “quick hello” messages to other users identified as high probability matches for you. At first, our testers thought that this would be a very impersonal method to meet new people, especially when compared to the introductory questions. However, they soon discovered that when they responded to these automated introductions the users on the other side were truly compatible with them. Kudos to the SweetRing algorithm in that regard.

— Cost —

SweetRing is free to download and register. However, in order to reply to any message and make the app usable, you need a paid membership. A one-month membership has a cost of $22.99. A three-month package may also be purchased for $64.99.