TangoWire Review — The Plain Toast of Dating Sites

In order to properly gauge what is happening with TangoWire, we had our trusted army of testers conduct a full evaluation of the site. Here is our honest TangoWire review.

TangoWire Review

TangoWire Review Results
  • Popularity - 51
  • Value - 44
  • Features - 48
  • Quality of Members - 56
  • Safety - 58
  • Customer Satisfaction - 47

Final Word on TangoWire

We feel that TangoWire is akin to plain toast. It is not bad, but it will never stand out either. The features offered by TangoWire are acceptable, but there are other dating sites with similar or better features. The membership base is large but lacks cohesion — so you can't leverage it.

We would rate TangoWire as BARELY AVERAGE.

—Pros and Cons —


  • Been in continuous operation since 2008
  • Desktop and mobile versions available
  • Taps into users of thousands of other smaller sites
  • Virtual date feature


  • Membership base is large but lacks cohesion
  • Paid membership required to get practical use out of it
  • No real matchmaking algorithm — relies more on search criteria

— In-Depth TangoWire Review —


How would you rate plain toast? Some would qualify it as bland. Others as simple, but tasty. Very few would claim it’s horrible, but few would rave about it either. If you transpose that example to the online dating world, that is what you get with a dating site that has been going through successive crests and troughs of popularity since 2008. It is known as TangoWire.com.

TangoWire can be described as a general interest dating site. It does not focus on a particular dating niche. It is open to those seeking long-term relationships, as well as those seeking something casual. Even though it doesn’t focus on a specific niche, TangoWire does unite 70 dating communities spread across many more dating sites. These include everything from seniors to BBWs. This means that when you become a member of TangoWire you can dabble in a variety of different interests and lifestyles.

This dichotomy of purpose — not focusing on a niche, but encouraging segmented participation based on specific relationship interests under a single roof — in our opinion is what causes the strong levels of interest that new users feel when they first join, but that then tapers off soon after joining.

— What is TangoWire Exactly? —

Yes, it’s a dating site, duh. However, it does not operate the way most other dating sites do. To understand TangoWire you must realize that it is a “repository site.” In other words, TangoWire functions as both a stand-alone dating site and as the “Grand Central Station” for thousands of other sites.

People that register on TangoWire intermingle with others who registered on other sites. This is what causes the somewhat disorderly hodgepodge of members on the site. By TangoWire’s own calculation, there are on average 30,000 members online at any given time.

— The Features That Are Offered —

The features offered by TangoWire are standard. They have a messaging platform that includes live text chat. There is no video chat option available. Its search engine allows for filtering of results, but this degree of filtration is limited to basic criteria, such as age range, gender, location and basic interests.

TangoWire offers ice breaker questions. These are questions provided by TangoWire that users can send to members that they are interested in the hopes of starting a conversation. During our test, we found the questions offered by TangoWire to be too generic. They lacked originality, unlike similar icebreaker questions offered by other sites. Questions such as “what is your favorite color?” or “which skill would you like to learn?” sound so stale that they are more prone to illicit indifference instead of a speedy reply. TangoWire needs to freshen up their musty set of ice breaker questions.

Our testers were extremely fond of a feature called vDate. This allows users to choose a 3-D avatar, customize it, and go on a virtual date with another user. These virtual dates involve the two of you spending time together in a virtual environment. “What can you do in a virtual environment?” you might ask. Well, before your imagination goes crazy, we must tell you it’s rather tame. You can listen to music together and play a few online games. Admittedly, our testers stated that it was the novelty of the concept that made it interesting. Most people would probably play with the feature once or twice and then abandon it. Sounds like a metaphor for TangoWire as a whole.

— Accessibility and Registration —

TangoWire can be accessed via a desktop web browser or through mobile apps available for iPhone and Android devices. The user interface on both the desktop and mobile versions is modern, uncluttered and does not suffer from any detectable performance issues.

Since TangoWire does not use any advanced matchmaking algorithms, the registration process involves little more than providing basic information such as age, gender, location and a valid email. Mind you, it is necessary to click on the validation link that is sent to you to finalize the process. In our testing, initial registration took no more than a couple of minutes.

The profile building process takes place after you have registered. At that point, you can upload a profile picture and expand on some personal details such as physical attributes, career, education, personal habits, and your current living situation. You can choose to amplify your profile by providing a written description of yourself and what you are looking for in the “More About Me” section. You can also answer a series of multiple-choice questions designed to offer other members greater insight into your personality.

— Cost —

TangoWire Cost

The free version of TangoWire is not as limiting as other dating sites. You can reply to messages, accept vDate invites, and add other members to your favorites list. It, however, does not allow you to initiate messages or vDates, limits you to a maximum of five pictures on your profile, and does not allow you to apply criteria-based filters to your searches.

The paid version removes those limitations, which in our opinion is necessary to get any practical use out of the site. A monthly membership costs $39.99 per month. You also have the option of paying $89.97 for a three-month membership, or $149.94 for a six-month membership.

It is important to mention that you may already be a member of TangoWire and not even know it. Being a repository site, that means that if you are registered on one of its thousands of affiliated sites you have access rights to TangoWire. To determine if this is the case, you can check to see if anywhere on the site that you are a member of it contains the phrases “powered by TangoWire” or “powered by DatingFactory.” If it does, your login credentials will also work on TangoWire.