TSdates Review — A Premium Option for Transsexual Dating

We conducted a review of TSdates in order to determine if its sizable user base translates into a positive user experience for those seeking a relationship — or casual encounter — with a transexual. Their membership size is impressive — but is being bigger really better when it comes to TSdates? Read our review and you will find out.

tsdates review

TsDates Review Results
  • Popularity - 88
  • Value - 89
  • Features - 83
  • Quality of Members - 88
  • Safety - 83
  • Customer Satisfaction - 88

Final Word on TsDates

We are always pleased when we are able to report to our readers that a site that we have reviewed holds up to its hype. TSdates.com is one of those sites. In every regard, from its aesthetics to its functionality, TSdates holds true to being a reliable platform for finding transsexuals for casual and long-term encounters.

We were most impressed by its platform combining traditional search features with newer social media type characteristics. The members on the sites are genuine and the community that they have created makes it ideal for those seeking a transsexual experience. In terms of affordability, we feel that TSdates offers an excellent value proposition. We have seen many dating sites that charge much more and that offer much less. We would highly recommend TSdates.com.

We would rate it as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Over 80 million active users worldwide
  • Affordable three-day trial membership available
  • Dual discovery features (search and social)
  • Top-notch privacy and security
  • Open to men, women, and couples seeking transexuals
  • Community includes pre-op, post-op and transvestites


  • Full functionality requires a paid membership
  • Lack of a mobile app

— In-Depth TsDates Review —


One of the best things about the online dating scene is that it offers you access to a wide and varied world of different lifestyles and desires. One of the fastest growing online dating niches is that of the transsexual community. Easily one of the most popular dating sites in this sector is TSdates.com. With over 80 million members worldwide it can legitimately be called one of the biggest.

— The Ideal TSdates User —

TSdates.com uses various taglines. One of them is “more single, local transsexual hotties than any other site.” This tells us, quite accurately, that the site is aimed at people who are seeking out transsexuals. The site welcomes men, women, couples, and obviously, transsexuals.

The site is welcoming and inclusive of the entire transsexual community. You will be able to find and engage pre-op as well as post-op transsexuals. You can also find those who classify themselves as transvestites.

During our research and testing of TSdates, we found the atmosphere and community created by the site to be friendly and welcoming to everybody. Whether you are a transsexual seeking companionship, or if you are the one seeking the company of a transsexual, the site is quite accommodating.

Also, it is designed in style and function to facilitate the process of meeting a transsexual for those who have already had prior experience with the community, as well as for those who are just starting out and are curious.

— How to Register —

The registration process on TSdates.com is easy and intuitive. When we conducted our tests it took us on average less than two minutes to complete the initial registration process. When it came time to personalize and amplify our individual dating profiles, it took us no more than ten minutes.

TSDates Registration 3

TSDates Registration 4

TSDates Registration 5

For those of you concerned about what personal information is required to join the site, you can rest easy. Not only does TSdates adhere to the highest standards of privacy, but they also employ strict policies and stringent technological protocols to safeguard all of your account information.

In terms of what you must reveal about yourself when signing up, only your date of birth and a valid email address are required in terms of identifiable information. The rest of the information on the site can be as anonymous as you wish. We found this to be comforting, especially when considering that some people might want to keep their membership on TSdates as confidential as possible.

— User Platform —

When you first register on TSdates you are granted immediate guest access to the user platform. As a new user, the site will open a pop-up window offering you a tour of its features. We would strongly suggest that you accept this tour. This will give you a great overview of what TSdates has to offer. You will be able to note that they offer webcam chat as part of their communication features. You will also be shown how you can access activity feeds and other social media-style features.

Once you start navigating the platform on your own you will begin to appreciate what we had described earlier as TSdates efforts in creating a genuine community feel. In a way, the user platform on TSdates shares a lot in common with a social network platform. Yes, you will find a search function which you can use in the traditional sense of looking for matches based on specific attributes such as age, location, etc. However, you will also find on the right-hand column of the platform listings for blogs and groups created by individual members.

This means that TSdates offers its users two main avenues for finding a match. One is the traditional search method.

TSDates search Filters 1

TSDates search Filters

The other uses social network style techniques. You can visit the blogs of other members and leave comments and engage with others who have done the same. Likewise, you can join groups and engage with a larger number of users across a wide range of topics. These member blogs and groups cover everything from specific sexual fetishes to simpler things, such as dating advice.

Quite honestly, we were very impressed by the duality of methods for finding potential matches. We felt that it accommodates a wider range of personalities. This can be critical — especially on a site related to the transsexual community — as a large portion of its members might be new and curious. By having both search and social channels serving you to seek out a match, it helps to soothe concerns and creates a greater sense of comfort in looking for a partner.

— Cost —

TSDates Cost

As we mentioned, TSdates offers free guest access to new users. This, however, offers a limited set of features. For example, as a free member, you are unable to send or respond to email messages. You are also unable to engage in instant messaging. The only thing you can do is send free icebreakers to other users. Likewise, when it comes to search, free users can only use the basic search filters. Advanced filtering requires a paid membership.

Fortunately, TSdates makes having the full paid experience quite accessible. Starting with a three-day trial that costs only $7.95, it is ideal for those of you who want to experience the full functionality without risking too much money up front.

Based on our experience during testing, we are reasonably certain that you will want to upgrade to a paid membership. If you decide to pay on a monthly basis it will cost you $40. We would recommend paying for three months in advance. This will run you $81, slashing your average monthly cost down to $27. If you purchase the 1-year membership, your monthly cost will be $20.