VGL App Review — The Dating App for Twinks and Jocks

Are you a young gay man, more specifically a twink or jock between the ages of 18 and 35? Are you looking for a gay dating app that is fun and effective but not over the top the way Grindr is?

If so, an app called VGL may offer a solution for you. VGL aims to be a dating app that is enjoyable while also offering a safe and comfortable user experience.

VGL is honest right from the get-go about its target audience consisting only of those gay men who identify as twinks or jocks. Also, VGL is a community solely for those between the ages of 18 and 35. At the very least this app is honest about the specific demographic that they are targeting. This way if you don’t fall into those categories you will not waste your time. Likewise, when you do join, you know that the user base will be comprised precisely of the sort of people who you are seeking to meet.

Okay, so VGL promises a lot, but how good is it at delivering on its promises? We conducted a review of VGL to determine what the user experience is really like. If you are a twink or a jock and your interest has been piqued by VGL, we suggest you give our review a read. It will provide you with a peek behind the curtain so you can determine for yourself if it’s worth your time coming in.

VGL App Review

VGL App Review Results
  • Popularity - 69
  • Value - 81
  • Features - 78
  • Quality of Members - 82
  • Safety - 77
  • Customer Satisfaction - 80

Final Word on VGL

In our opinion, VGL is a neat gay dating app. It has a powerful free version and comes through on its promise of offering a fun and safe online community for twinks and jocks to find each other.

About the only negative thing that we can say about VGL is that it is only for twinks and jocks, meaning that bears, older gentlemen and other sectors of the gay community cannot take advantage of this delightful platform.

We would rate VGL as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Powerful free version
  • Safe and friendly platform
  • Profile verification is an option
  • Useful for casual and long-term encounters
  • No banner ads


  • Native mobile app for iOS only
  • Browser version buggy
  • Limited to twinks and jocks 18-35

— Available Platforms —

vgl app

We conducted our review of VGL in mid-2018. At that time, the app was only available for iOS devices via the App Store. Apparently, at some point prior to that, the app was also available for Android devices on Google Play. At the time of our testing, however, it was no longer to be found on Google Play. Whether VGL pulled the app from the repository itself, or if Google Play booted it off, we were unable to ascertain.

In addition to the iOS native app for VGL, they also have a unique browser-based method of accessing the app on either a desktop or mobile browser — even if it is on an Android-based phone. It consists of an iOS emulator residing within the browser. Our testers found this method to be extremely buggy when it was being accessed on a mobile browser from an Android device. From a desktop computer, the results were a little bit better, but some of the features would freeze or at different moments would not open.

It would be our recommendation that users of VGL stick to the iOS version in order to get a bug-free user experience.

— The Members —

Unlike other gay dating apps that are inclusive of a wide variety of gay identities, VGL keeps its focus on the twink and jock community. If you have to ask what a twink or a jock is, it is most likely that you are neither. However, in the interest of broadening the knowledge base of those who are unfamiliar with the terms, a jock is a gay man who is very much into physical fitness and or body sculpting. Normally, they would be in their early twenties to mid-thirties. A twink is a young gay man, thin, between the ages of 18 and 25, who has very little to no body or facial hair.

The members of VGL are in search of short-term casual encounters as well as long-term relationships. You can find members from the entire United States and Canada. The ages of the members are between 18 and 35.

— Registration Process —

The registration process is relatively quick and simple. All that is required is a legitimate email and you can have an account set up in a matter of seconds. Once you have concluded your initial registration, you can access your user settings to personalize your profile.

vlg app settings

From the settings section, you can add a personal handle to use on VGL, update your age, height, weight, ethnicity, and other personal attributes to make your profile page as informative as possible to those who see it.

— Uploading Images —

VGL allows its members to upload public as well as private images. It is important to note that the app does not allow images that contain nudity or extreme sexual situations. All images posted on VGL are reviewed by a human. Those that do not meet the VGL terms of service are removed. Repeated attempts at posting banned images can result in an account being canceled.

— Verified Profiles —

As part of VGL’s efforts to provide their users with a safe, fun, and genuine user experience, the app offers members the option of having their profiles verified. This can be done by submitting scanned images of a government-issued ID to VGL’s customer support department. However, since not many people are keen on the idea of submitting such information, VGL offers an optional method that, in our opinion, is ingenious.

This alternate method requires users to send an image of themselves performing a test specified by the app’s customer support department. This test will usually revolve around the member posing with a sign containing the brand “VGL” and their user handle. We found this method to be simple and effective without having to reveal any form of personal identification.

— Features —

The primary features on VGL revolve around people discovery and community communication. The main discovery feature shows you those members who are closest to you by distance.

vgl app discovery

You can change this on the menu bar found on the upper portion of the screen to reflect those members who have been online recently, those whom you have previously favorited, or the entire VGL membership base. On top of this, you can filter the list further by clicking on the button labeled “filters.” This allows you to filter results by age, location and other attributes found on each member’s profile.

The communication features consist of your “feed.”

vgl app my feed

This is akin to a timeline where you will be shown the status updates, posts, and comments of members whom you have liked or that the VGL algorithm believes you will find interesting. Private messaging is also available. This can be accessed by clicking the blue “chat” bubble on a member’s profile page. If they are online and the other member accepts your invitation, you can engage in a live text chat. If they are offline, you can leave them a text message. You can find your messages by clicking on the “messages” button on the footer menu.

— Cost —

The free version of VGL is powerful. VGL does not post banner ads anywhere on the app and members can use the messaging features without limitations. A VIP paid version is available that allows members to view verified profiles only, to post unlimited images on your profile, and to make your profile stand out in other members’ feeds.

A 90-day VIP membership costs $9.99, 90-days $24.99, and 180-days $39.99.