Waplog Review — Basic Date and Friend Finder

Online dating sites and apps are so commonplace nowadays that it is difficult to come across one that offers anything new. Waplog is a date and friend finding app that was first launched in 2015. Since then, it has stayed reasonably static in terms of design and features.

While some may find such lack of innovation to be a bad thing, others find it comforting. Waplog has managed to develop a steady and loyal following from users around the world. This is what brought it to our attention.

We were curious, does “keeping it simple” deliver results? Can Waplog really be used to discover new friends and find potential dates or hookups? We put our team of testers to the task of finding out what Waplog was all about. Read our full review to find out more.

Waplog App Review

Waplog Review Results
  • Popularity - 52
  • Value - 68
  • Features - 28
  • Quality of Members - 41
  • Safety - 62
  • Customer Satisfaction - 36

Final Word on Waplog

While keeping things simple is a nice concept, when it comes to the world of dating and hookups you need more detail. In our opinion, Waplog does not deliver the goods as a dating site. If you want a casual social network, then it might do the trick.

For dating, however, we have to rate it as a FAIL.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free version is powerful, includes chat
  • Simple easy to use interface
  • Available for desktop, iOS and Android


  • Profiles are very shallow in details
  • Many abandoned and fake accounts
  • Presence of display ads in free version
  • Many users are underage


— In-Depth Waplog Review —


Waplog is one of those dating apps that can still be accessed via a desktop browser as well as native mobile apps for iOS and Android. The desktop browser version and the mobile apps provide an identical set of features and functionality.

The user rating for the Waplog app on Google Play was 4-stars as of late-2017. The iOS version had a 4.25-star rating in the same time period. Our testers reported that both versions of the mobile app provided a fast and responsive navigation experience. During the four days of testing, none of our testers encountered any technical issues with the app. This same level of reliability in performance was achieved with the web browser version of Waplog.

— Registration Process —

You can register for a free Waplog account through the app’s site at waplog.com, or on the mobile app platform once you install it. Waplog provides you with the option of registering with your existing Facebook account. This allows Waplog to import your basic personal information, as well as images, from facebook. This makes registration nearly instantaneous — it takes only seconds.

Waplog Registration 1

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep Facebook out of the equation, you can register manually. You must choose a username and password for your account, provide a valid email address, and indicate what gender you identify with. Once you do that, your account is set up. Even the manual method for registering is fast.

— Profiles —

For those of you concerned that such an expedited method for registering sacrifices depth when it comes to user profiles, you are correct. Waplog allows its users to expand their profiles after registering. However, the level of detail that you can express on your Waplog profile is very limited. It consists of fields for describing your relationship status, what you are looking for, a few of your physical attributes, and naming your favorite movie, TV show and book. It is really sparse.

Additionally, if you register manually the app gives you a default age of 17. This means that if you do not access your profile settings and correct your age, the Waplog system will block many of the messages sent to you. Furthermore, filtering from other members could prevent you from receiving messages due to you being erroneously identified as underage.

In our opinion, the way that profiles are structured on Waplog is too sparse. It is devoid of any way to provide more insight to other members about who you really are.

— Features —

The features offered on Waplog are just as simplistic as its profile structure. There is a search and discovery feature that they call “Find a Friend” and an online chat module. That’s about it for its primary features. The two remaining features, “Visitors” and “Friends” are supplementary features which only provide quick access to members you have friended or those who have visited your profile.

Since the profile structure is so shallow, the search and discovery feature doesn’t have much of a foundation to help users find adequate matches. Add to that the high number of abandoned and fake profiles due to the low barrier to entry, and you have a rather poor user experience.

Waplog Search 1

Also, there are a lot of members that appear to be under 18. The atmosphere created by Waplog may be fine if you are a teen just looking to kill some time, but as an adult seeking help with finding a dating or hookup partner, it just doesn’t cut it.

— Security —

Waplog offers its users the ability to have their profile “verified.” This requires a user to verify their account by linking to two external accounts. Users can choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or cell number.

Waplog Verification

This process does not reveal your handles or other account information to other users, it is used internally by Waplog to verify that you are a genuine person. Once you get verified, you receive a verified sticker on your profile.

— Cost —

Waplog is free to join. The free version is remarkably powerful compared to other free apps. You can use the online chat module and send approximately 15 stand-alone messages per day. You do, however, have to put up with display ads.

There is an option to pay for a VIP membership. This removes the ads and provides you with an unlimited number of outgoing messages and also gives you priority positioning in the search result pages of other members. You can also view who has visited your profile and if your messages have been read. The VIP membership has a cost of $13.99 for one month. You can also choose to pay for a three-month subscription for $69.99. There is also the option to purchase individual credits starting at $1.39 for 100 credits. These credits allow you to pay for access to premium features on demand.