7 Ways to Show Her Just How Much You Love Her

ways to show her just how much you love her

You feel it in your heart — the very thought of her reverberates in your soul. She is the woman of your dreams. Why then, we ask, could you possibly consider flowers (the sheared off glorified reproductive organs of plants) or a box of chocolates (nothing but a bunch of empty calories) as appropriate displays of your love? Certainly, the love of your life deserves better.

If you are now nodding your head in agreement, allow us to intervene on your behalf and offer you some suggestions on how to properly demonstrate to the woman of your dreams how much you love her. Some may sound simple — sometimes the best ways are the simplest. Others may be extravagant — you’ll agree, however, she deserves it. Here are seven ways to show her just how much you love her.

1. Really (We mean REALLY) Tell Her How Much You Love Her

We are social creatures. That means that we have evolved to respond to communication. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to males of our species, the art of verbal communication has been lost. Take a moment and hold your partner in your arms. Caress her face, her hair, and look deep into her eyes. Don’t just tell her you love her — tell her why you love her.

It’s okay to prepare and structure some key points beforehand, just don’t script it. The words must come genuinely from your heart — it must not seem fake or artificial. If you are a natural wordsmith, it will come out elegant. If not, you may stumble a bit, but as long as it’s genuine, she’ll know it, feel it and, above all, appreciate it.

2. Run Her a Bubble Bath

This works remarkably well in moments when you know that she is tired or stressed. Imagine how she will feel when she arrives home to find a bath tub full of relaxing hot water and bubbles. Add to the ambiance by lighting her favorite scented candles to fill the bathroom with the soothing scents that she enjoys.

Imagine how much stronger the impact will be if she also finds a note from you telling her that she deserves to take some time for herself and a P.S. that says that you love her forever. We assure you, that’s some epic heartfelt stuff right there.

Just one thing — don’t expect to join in her in the tub. You’re giving her some time to herself, something that all women will appreciate. If, and only if, she invites you to join her should you turn this expression of love into a physical one. Otherwise, let her enjoy her time to relax.

3. Serve Her Breakfast in Bed

This may sound like a cliche, but when it’s done properly it’s a very effective way to show her you love her. First, you must do it out of the blue — a morning that she doesn’t expect it. This means not on her birthday or Valentine’s Day. Second, you must do it when you know she has time to enjoy it. On a weekday morning when she is swamped with early morning meetings is not a good time.

While your culinary skills may be impressive — or not — we suggest you order the breakfast from one of her favorite morning eateries. That way she will not catch you in the kitchen doing the preparation. Ideally you’d go for the meal before she even wakes up. Have a nice tray and single rose ready and then serve her like the queen she is.

4. Arrange a Ladies Night for Her

This requires help and coordination from her friends, but it is well worth it. Contact her friends and schedule an evening for them to get together at one of her favorite places. Swear them to secrecy beforehand. On the day of the surprise ladies night, have another “event” planned — dinner with your parents as an example. You want the fake event to be one for which she would normally dress up. On the way to the supposed event, you drive to the location where her friend are waiting and — surprise. You then leave her with her lady posse.

What makes this display of love even more meaningful is that it also shows her how much your trust her — not only how much you love her.

5. Celebrate Her Accomplishments

We know that you are proud of her, but you should listen to yourself respond when she informs you of her accomplishments. A “that’s great, babe” or “good for you” is chicken feed in the world of expressing how much you love her.

You should instead be thinking along the lines of celebrating her accomplishments, not just verbally acknowledging them. The next time she informs you of one of her accomplishments offer to celebrate with a bottle of wine or champagne. Better still, take her out to dinner to celebrate. Make her feel that you are really proud of her and that you love her. Sometimes actions do speak louder than words.

6. Take Her on a Breakation

When was the last time that you took her on a weekend out of town? If you’re still scratching your head trying to remember, give yourself a smack upside the head and start planning one. A short breakation to a place she enjoys is an excellent way to put your love for her on full display. Remember to let her set the pace and agenda for the breakation — it’s for her, not for you.

In case your still wondering what the heck a “breakation” is — its a short vacation (break +vacation).

7. Follow Through on Your Promises

This may be the most difficult one on the list. We feel your pain, man. However, there is no better way to demonstrate your sincerity, devotion and love to the woman of your dreams than to actually DO what you tell her that you are going to do. This covers the small things — like taking out the garbage or cleaning the garage. To the big things — like accompanying her to a family event, presenting her to your parents, or moving in together.

— Go On, Now, Show Her —

Enough reading, choose one suggestion from the list above and show her how much you love her. Remember the best time to demonstrate your love for her is anytime.