10 Reasons Men Cheat on their Partners

Reasons Men Cheat

Some men are likely to cheat on their spouses, unfortunately. If there was a particular diagnosis on the reasons men cheat, then it would save pretty much every marriage or relationship. However, the truth of the matter is, men cheat and they have a multitude of different reasons as to why they engage in extra-marital affairs. Below are just about some of the reasons men cheat on their partners.

1. Men are sexual beings.

Research shows that just like the way a car needs gasoline, so does a man when it comes to sex. Intimacy is the most vital part in any marriage. Men may enter into a marriage just because they feel pressured from family or peers, but more often than not, the vows they made at the altar won’t hinder them from seeing other women.

Extramarital affairs tend to give men a feeling of sexual dominance. Some men feel they are entitled to cheat. When a man is sexually starved in his marriage, then the need arises for him to seek other options to quench his sexual thirst.

2. Emotional dissatisfaction.

Emotional dissatisfaction in some men leads them to cheat on their partners. The wives could be too busy trying to balance work, kids, extended family as well as taking care of their man’s needs. Many times, the wife might simply be too tired to even make love to her husband after a tedious day and the man is left to wallow, high and dry. He needs to feel valued and appreciated. A man may be without a well-paying job, but he will still do his best to put food on the table and in these cases, he has a need to feel appreciated.

3. Revenge on a cheating spouse.

A man may cheat on his wife to get back at her for having cheated herself. The wife might have apologized and changed her ways but he may be unwilling to truly forgive her. As a result, the man will have an affair simply for revenge.

4. History of Infidelity.

A cheating man may have grown up witnessing infidelity in relationships around him. This could have been an elder brother or father. This consequently sinks in his subconscious, and many time, even though he knows it’s wrong deep down inside, he still goes ahead and does it.

5. The man might want a divorce.

Adultery has always been one of the grounds to petition for a divorce. The man may deliberately engage in extramarital affairs just to seek a way out of his marriage. This may be because he met someone else, or wants the freedom to be intimate with multiple women.

6. Fear of Commitment.

He may engage in extramarital affairs because he actually never intended to commit to one woman from the get go. A man used to his philandering activities, having ladies in every town he visits may fear being tied down to one woman. A ring and a marriage certificate simply isn’t enough to change this fact. It has to come from within the man, monogamy is a sacrifice he has to make for the person he loves. Unfortunately, not every man is able to do this.

7. Immaturity.

Age has never been a definition of maturity. A man may cheat on his woman simply because he is not mature enough to commit to a woman no matter how good she is to him. An immature man simply cheats believing he’ll never get caught. But, as we all know, the truth almost always comes out.

8. Insecurity issues.

Men who are dealing with insecurity issues tend to cheat on their spouses. He”ll engage in an extramarital affair just to feel wanted. He might think he is too fat, too old, or too poor to be needed by anyone, even his own wife. In this case, he will cheat just to reassure himself.

9. The need to be needed.

A man wants to feel needed in his home. He will often cheat on his spouse if he doesn’t feel appreciated or needed in his home. He will usually opt for his personal assistant who praises his sharp suits in the office or the other woman who he thinks understands him better.

10. Unstable Marriage.

Men who are in unstable marriages have a higher likelihood to cheat, compared to those whose homes are peaceful. The man might feel unhappy and disturbed in a relationship that has constant fights and unresolved issues.

These 10 reasons men cheat are just some of the more common ones out of the thousands of reasons why men decide to cheat on their spouses. Cheating has many forms,  from sleeping with another person, deleting flirty messages, to masturbating with a stranger online. Any form of cheating is simply cheating, and the truth of the matter is nothing under the sun justifies infidelity. My opinion is, if you fall into any of these categories, the best thing you can do is talk with your partner. If you’re unable to resolve your issues, simply put an end to the relationship before starting something with someone else.