10 Helpful Tips to Get Over a Break Up

Tips to Get Over a Break Up

Breaking up with your partner can arguably be considered as one of the most defining and potentially dramatic events in your life, something that can alter the way that you experience both everyday life as well as your plans for the future. Thus it is extremely important to know how to manage and control this emotional explosion that can really upset your life in order to minimize the harm that can be done to you as well as to those that really care about you and watch this state of constant sadness and disarray. Hopefully, this article will aid you through your personal journey in a breakup, a journey that can be really hard, especially in the case of a relationship that was seemingly solid and lasted for many years. Let’s take a look at 10 Helpful Tips to Get Over a Break Up;
1. Accept that something is over.
This one is surely the most important step in any breakup, as it is defining in order to start the healing process that can lead to a return back to your normal life. Sometimes it is very hard to accept it, but it is truly really pivotal as false hopes can only lead to a continuous state of denial, one that is extremely harmful and weary. A long time ago, Plato said “The beginning is the most important part of the work”, embrace this saying and understand that should you manage this crucial first step, then the way ahead is paved in order to win back your healthy personal life.

2. Reshape your personal space.
Your home is perhaps the place where you spend most of your time during your day, thus it is possibly a place tied to memories connecting you with your ex-partner. During a fresh breakup, such cognitive connections can trigger emotional responses that are hard to handle, thus you need to act and change your immediate physical environment. A rearrangement of your personal space can help you freshen up your home and, at the same time, you’ll face less emotional breakdowns once you find yourself sitting on a sofa that you used to hang out on with your partner.

3. Change your daily routine.
Once someone gets in a serious relationship, he/she tries to create a schedule that fits all responsibilities while having enough time to spend on their meaningful relationship. Should this relationship come to an end, then suddenly all of this time is vacant and the best thing that you can do is once again fit your schedule around it. This is the first step in order to change your daily routine and manage to forge a new life which is based on new terms.

4. Talk about it with your friends.
Carrying a burden alone is something extremely harmful to your mood and thus you should consider sharing it with some of your closest and dearest friends and/or relatives. It is important to understand that all these people could potentially have had similar experiences throughout their lives, thus having personal advice and help that they can offer to you and help you through your time of need. Even if they can’t offer some helpful advice, then you can simply have a good time with them, as being in the company of friends is one of the best medicines for any ailment.

5. Spend time with yourself.
The sudden gap that is created by a breakup can be heartbreaking, but you should consider it as a chance to spend some meaningful time alone. Instead of being passive and sad about being alone, try to see it as an opportunity to get to know yourself better and explore inner parts of yourself in order to rethink your life.

6. Start a new activity.
As an extension of the previous tip, think about ways of spending your personal time in a creative way.  You could start a new sport, learn to play a musical instrument, read books, join a film club or really anything that satisfies your inner needs in order to feel happy and active once again.

7. Reignite old relationships.
The meaning of this is not to try and speak with ex-partners, but rather contact friends or relatives that you haven’t for a long time because you actually lacked the time to do so. Remember these old friends from school or university that used to be dear to your heart? Go ahead and try to get in touch with them once again, as they could potentially offer you a new, fresh perspective into your personal life, something which is extremely valuable in tough situations like breakups.

8. Focus on your work.
The free time that you suddenly have at your disposal can be invested in many areas as noted above, one of them being your profession. It is a choice which is beneficial in many ways, as it can offer you more money as well as offer you actual psychological help in the case that you actually enjoy your job. View this as a chance to become better and more competitive, something that in the long term, can lead to many successes and personal recognition.

9. Evaluate your mistakes.
Rarely a breakup is something which is caused completely by one of the partners, as in most cases both led to the final breakup. It is crucial to understand your mistakes, so that you will not make them again, thus becoming a more complete and mature person overall. This step is the one leading to the last, the one that will ultimately free you of all previous shackles and make you once again an emotionally stable person.

10. Try to find a new partner.
This can sound like the most difficult part of all, but it is crucial to understand that your ex-partner was not the last one in your life. You need to find, once again, a partner to share all the beautiful aspects of your life and shape a fully functional, complete life. When this last step is complete, then you are surely free of all these burdens that you once carried and you can reclaim your healthy, beautiful life.

Should you manage to keep these 10 Tips to get over a break up in mind, then a potentially devastating breakup phase can be much more peaceful and you can manage to handle it with maturity and self-control, something crucial should you want to get back to your normal life quickly and with limited harm. It is always much easier to talk about these things than actually do them, but remember that most people have gotten through them and they are still intact, still happy and they manage to overcome this predicament, reshaping their life in the process. Follow this example and you will be rewarded with a new life, potentially even more fulfilling than your last.