10 Ways for Singles to Enjoy Valentine’s Day

Ways for Singles to Enjoy Valentine's Day

Modern Western culture places a great deal of significance on St. Valentine’s Day. It is presented to us as the quintessential day to highlight love and relationship bliss. Add to that the endless waves of marketing and commercialism of the holiday by private enterprise — and it can become almost too much to bear if you are single.

What is a single person to do on Valentine’s Day? Mope around the house in a dirty bathrobe cooling down your Ramen noodles with your tears of loneliness? Perhaps single people are expected to sequester themselves in their own homes so as not to become magnets for pity.

While you could do that, it’s better to move forward and enjoy the day on your own terms. Whether you are single by choice or circumstance on Valentine’s Day, here are ten ways for singles to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

1. Pamper Yourself

Who knows more what you want, what you need, better than you? Treat yourself to a day of shopping and lunch. Sure, you could invite other lonely friends to join you, but if you trek it alone, you can splurge on those things that you’ve been wanting for a while without having to explain yourself to anybody. Also, as part of any good shopping trip, treat yourself to a decadent lunch or dinner. We’d recommend take-out — as places would likely be packed. Besides, there’s no need to be exposed to a bunch of couples eating overpriced lobster as a gesture of “love.”

If you’re not in a shopping mood, then there’s always the spa!

2. Aunt or Uncle Time

If you have nieces or nephews, take them on a pizza and fun run. Nothing will make you forget that it’s Valentine’s day like spending an evening with a bunch of screaming kids playing arcade games, laser tag and stuffing your faces with pizza.

You will also get the benefit of being the one that took the kids in while their mommy and daddy played out their role in the Valentine’s Day paradigm.

3. Throw a Singles Party

Odds are that you are not the only single person in your circle of friends. Odds also are that they will be wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day. So, take the helm of your singles collective and throw a party. Drinks, good food, music — trust us, you all will be reminded of what fun it is to be single. So much so, that you’ll probably begin to feel pity for the poor schmucks and schmuckettes that no longer have that freedom.

4. Binge Watch Time

We all have that series that we’ve been meaning to watch or get caught up on. Usually, we keep putting it off and putting it off. Valentine’s Day affords you the perfect opportunity to spend the time to binge watch what you’ve been putting off for too long. So, make some popcorn, open up a bottle of wine and get caught up. At least this way you’ll be able to stop having to hide in a cone of silence each time you suspect someone might release a spoiler.

5. Vegas, Baby!

Alright, it doesn’t have to be Vegas, but with the expansion of the gaming industry, it’s not hard to find a casino that is within driving distance. Go out and try your luck at the tables or slots. Do it up, get dressed up — the whole nine yards. You don’t want to be that person in the baggy sweatpants playing two slots at one.

Hey, there will be excitement, drinks and buffets — what more do you need? Anyway, remember what they say “unlucky in love, lucky in…”

6. Read

This may sound boring to some of you — if it is, you can just skip this one. However, if you are one of those people that derives pleasure from having time to yourself to read a good book, this is the perfect opportunity to cuddle up with a good read.

Order or download a book that interests you and spend the night caught up in another world.

7. Dive Into Online Dating

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take the plunge into the world of online dating. Out of all of the days in the year, it is the one when countless other singles are likely doing the same thing. That means — like a lake being restocked with fish — the pickings will be fresh and plentiful.

Sign up on a couple of dating sites. Take the time necessary to thoroughly fill out your profile. Get dressed up and take some suitable selfies to serve as your profile pic and post them. Then, dive in. Scroll through some profiles, send and respond to messages (believe us, you’ll get plenty). Even if you don’t find anybody worth your while, the online interactions can be fun on their own.

Who knows, maybe by taking the plunge, next year you won’t have to read through this list again.

8. Spend the Night in A Fancy Hotel

Treat yourself to a night in a nice hotel. Enjoy all of those amenities that you don’t have at home. Jacuzzi tub, plush bathrobe, super comfy bed, room service — the works. The change of scenery will relax you and the goodies will charm you.

9. Go to a Comedy Club

Whether alone, or with some single friends, go to a comedy club. Not only does laughter make the night go by faster, but it also releases more endorphins than sex. Take that, all of you couples.

10. Pet Valentine

Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is buying something special for someone. Well, that someone can have four legs, or fins, or even scales. If one of the things you feel you’re missing out on Valentine’s is shopping for someone — don’t overlook your pet.

— Just Make It Fun —

These are just some ideas for spending a Valentine’s Day as a single person. You can choose whatever motivates you and puts a smile on your face. As long as you take it as a “me” day, you will be fine. You’ll show cupid that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

Whatever you do, avoid moping, avoid feeling sorry for yourself and avoid anything that is a chore for you. We don’t want to see you doing laundry or finally getting around to cleaning the grease filter on your stove hood. Love and enjoy yourself, you deserve it.