14 Bold Places to Have Sex — For the Uninhibited

Bold Places to Have Sex

When you look at the definition of “uninhibited” in the dictionary, there’s an image of you and your partner attached to it. That’s right, you’re a couple with a wild streak and you love it. The Kama Sutra? Pfft, that’s undergraduate stuff — you’re working on your doctoral thesis now. New positions, old positions — even positions that were once only the realm of circus folk — you’ve tried them all. Now you’re ready to get even bolder.

You need new and exciting locations to have sex — to drive up the adrenaline as you do “the nasty.” If you’re out of ideas, here is a list of bold places to have sex for uninhibited sex machines such as yourselves.

1. A Public Restroom

A public restroom should be on every uninhibited couple’s bucket list. Yes, it might involve tripping over an actual bucket left behind by the janitor, but a quickie in a public restroom will really build up your “wild side” cred.

2. Ferris Wheel

Not quite the “mile high” club — but definitely bold and daring — a romp while riding on a Ferris wheel is definitely exciting. For those of you keeping score, if you do it on a Ferris wheel that has caged baskets, you get 10 daring sex points. If, however, you do it on one with exposed swing-type seats — you get 50 daring sex points.

3. On a Bus

Let’s, be honest, there is really no incentive to ride a bus nowadays. However, if you plan on using that 55-foot long carriage on steel-belted tires to advance your sexual thrills, then a bus ride recovers some its long lost appeal. Buy a ticket on a route that is not too popular with the riding public — preferably during off hours. Anaheim to Fresno on a Sunday night comes to mind. Grab a seat in the back, once the interior lights are turned off and the bus has hit its stride on the interstate — you two are then free to “hit your own stride.”

4. Dressing Room

Ladies, make shopping with your partners more interesting for them. Next time that you are trying on clothes and emerging every few minutes to get his opinion, ask him to follow you in and “try each other on.”. We assure you, he will be more willing to go shopping with you from there on forward.

5. On the Beach

There are two degrees of daring with this one. If it’s on a secluded beach or if it’s at night — fine, you get some minor bragging rights for your boldness. If it takes place during daylight on a not-so-private beach — you get real points. You may also get slapped with a fine and some jail time for public lewdness.

6. A Cemetery

Be it as part of a crazy Halloween stunt, or as part of an even crazier Arbor Day celebration, doing it in a cemetery adds freakiness to freakiness. There is also the added bonus that if you or your partner has the tendency to be loud, your sounds will scare off any passers-by.

7. Laundry Room

If one of you lives in an apartment building with an open access laundry room, this makes for a perfect setting. If it has top-loading washing machines, even better! Drop some coins into the slot (we’re still talking about the washing machine here) wait for it to reach the spin cycle and then use the washer’s agitation action to intensify the experience.

8. Your Old Room

If you’ve reached that stage in your relationship when it’s cool to stay at your parents’ place overnight with your partner, then your old room will be calling out to you. Imagine the same four walls that saw you go through the awkwardness of puberty now bearing witness to you as an experienced love machine.

If your parents hear you just tell them what they used to tell you as a kid when you used to hear odd thumps in the night, “it must be raccoons scurrying on the roof.”

9. Your Parents Bedroom

A variant of the previous suggestion, it can certainly give sex a different spin. Just a word to the wise — it would be advisable for you and your partner to refrain from uttering the phrases “who’s your daddy” or “mommy likes!” while doing it in this setting. Otherwise, some therapy may be required afterward.

10. At the Movies

If you ever wondered what boutique cinemas showing artsy foreign films without subtitles were for — well, now you have your answer. Find yourselves a movie theater that is very light on people, Find a seat in the back row, wait for the film to roll for 10 or 15 minutes and… you know the rest.

11. An Elevator

What better place to “do the deed” than a small enclosed room that dangles by a cable. Yes, the humble elevator is a perfect spot for daring love making. Afterwards, the next time you enter an elevator and someone asks you “going down?” it should trigger some interesting memories.

11. Kitchen Table

Imagine using your arms to remove in one swipe whatever is on your kitchen counter or table and then using it as the setting for your own secret recipe for raw uninhibited sex. Hot, right?

About the only thing that might sour you on this idea is realizing that all those times that grandma baked you all those cookies, the laws of average dictate that at least once, your grandpa must have taken her in a similar way.

12. The Car

No, it’s not a senior prom flashback — it’s a genuine suggestion. If you’re a couple that’s been together for a long time it might even be like reliving old times. Doing it in a car is a classic and you owe it to yourselves — as much as to the continuity of global sexual frivolity — to follow suit. Just one thing, make sure it’s your own car.

13. A Playground

A playground at night — specifically one that has swing sets — that’ all you need for some creative fun. If there is a wooden fort or monkey bars also present — then you have a full night of possibilities ahead of you.

14. Mile High Club

Earn your wings by having sex on a plane. Be careful not to do anything that might get you arrested or tackled and subdued by an air Marshall — but do give it a try. Remember, if you do it at cruising altitude on a commercial flight you’re technically joining the 6 to 8-mile high club.

— Bold Sex Is Like Bold Coffee —

Having sex in bold locations is something that is fun and exciting provided it doesn’t become routine. In other words, find an interesting setting and don’t repeat it for a while. Just like bold coffee, an occasional cup is exhilarating — anything more frequent just builds up your tolerance for caffeine and loses its spark.