14 Fun Double Date Ideas

fun double date ideas

Like everything in life, even the best date nights can become methodical and predictable. If you don’t change things up every now and then — no matter how pleasant the company — things will become dull. A fun and practical way to add a level of freshness to a date is by making it a double date. Yes, the old cliche “the more the merrier” can be applied when it to comes to dating.

Of course, some double date ideas will be more fun than others. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional dinner party at home between two couples — let’s face it, dinner for four at home is not exactly the most thrilling concept out there. For this reason, we have concocted in our formidable laboratory of all things related to dating and romance (full disclosure: no such laboratory actually exists) this list of fun double date ideas.

1. Miniature Golf

When was the last time you played miniature golf? If you answered “yesterday,” then move on to one of the other items on this list — likewise, if you have a phobia of tiny windmills. Otherwise, a miniature golf foursome is an excellent way to spend a double date. It’s the sort of activity that is light and casual — while creating plenty of opportunities for spontaneity and offering everybody the perfect excuse to chow down on junk food.

2. Amusement park

Remember that first trip to an amusement park without your parents — just you and a group of friends? Recapture that free-spirited fun and excitement by going on a double date at your nearest amusement park. Plan this as a whole day adventure — from park opening to closing.

3. Wine Tasting

There will be times when you will be in the mood for more refined options. Wine tasting at a winery or vineyard is an excellent way for two couples to imbibe and enjoy an afternoon of casual grace and elegance. Even if you don’t normally go for sophisticated options, wine tasting is certain to be a pleasant experience for all involved.

4. Karaoke Night

Let’s be honest, when it comes to karaoke there is more fun to be had when a group is involved. This is what makes it ideal for a double date. The fun and levity created by the group atmosphere combined with a few adult beverages will have everybody belting out their own rendition of “I Will Survive.”

5. Roller Skating

Roller skating is another one of those activities that you probably haven’t done in a while. Chances are that your partner and the other couple that you are considering in joining you haven’t either. This makes it the perfect activity for a double date. The four of you can recapture some of the fun of your past, while at the same time satisfying your guilty pleasure for disco music blasting through the loud speakers.

6. Pool, Anyone?

Beer and a game of skill — playing pool is perfect for a double date. You can switch between guys versus girls to couple versus couple. It’s fun, it’s casual and it doesn’t require any planning beforehand — great for a spontaneous double date.

7. Bowling

As “The Flintstones” have taught us, bowling has been a group activity beloved by mankind since prehistoric times. Seriously though, bowling should be on your list of double date activities. You might be saying, “but what if one of us doesn’t know how to bowl?” The answer to that is simple — that will make it even more fun. Learning to bowl within a small group of trusted individuals is how most of us learned the sport in the first place.

8. Game Night

Be it board games or video games, game night as a double date brings about coziness and comradery between couples. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond as partners and as couples. It’s also one of the most affordable options as it takes place from the comfort and convenience of your home.

9. Take a Class

We’re not intimating that you enroll in post-graduate courses together. Dancing classes, cooking classes — something short and sweet and that has a strong chance of being found as a Groupon will do. This works best when both couples are already close, as it could require multiple sessions. The big benefit from this type of double date is that everybody comes out of it with a new skill.

10. Road Trip

A car with two people can often be accompanied by awkward silence. A car with four people, however, is likely to be livelier and make a long trip fun. The destination could be a cozy bed and breakfast, or even Vegas baby! When a double date is involved, the drive itself becomes part of the fun.

11. The Beach

Whether your thought of a beach outing involves just laying out in the sun getting your tan on, or body surfing and punching sharks in the nose — a day at the beach is more fun and energetic when two couples are involved.

12. Camping

The great outdoors — home to fresh air, clear skies and the sporadic bug bite. It also happens to offer a great setting for a double date. Whether it’s just a single day affair or one that involves tents, field stoves and cases of canned beans and beer — camping as a lone couple can be contentious, while two or more couples can actually bring the fun back to the wilderness.

13. Taxidermy

Just checking to see that you are still with us as this is a pretty long list. Please advance to the next item on the list. Of course if all involved enjoy skinning, stuffing and mounting dead animals — sure, it could work as a double date idea.

14. Bargain Basement Shopping

Shopping?? We’re not talking about a day at the mall — we mean going to a flea market or thrift store. Spend a day or afternoon rummaging through the eclectic offerings that only flea markets and thrift shops can offer. You never know, you might find hidden gems for a Dollar. Otherwise, just let your personalities run loose — buy whatever catches your fancy, regardless of how tacky it may be. Then, as a group, wear your findings and go out to lunch or dinner. Yes, it’s daring, but also a lot of fun. Remember, there’s courage in numbers.

15. Comedy Night

If you’ve ever attended a comedy club, we’re certain that you have noticed that the tables with the larger group of people were usually the ones having the best time. Laughter is infectious, so the larger the group, the more fun you will have. Therefore, visiting a comedy club on a double date is certain to double the laughs

— Doubles Dates Make Sense —

A double date can be fun whether you just started dating your partner, or if you have been together for years. It adds a different dynamic for interaction and can make old dating experiences fresh again. It also helps to develop something that is a big step for any couple — forming friendships as a couple, not just as individuals. Go on, now — double up.