10 Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

10 Fetishes You've Probably Never Heard Of

Okay, you’re kinky. You’re into stuff that some people might find amusing or shocking. Perhaps you’re into feet, bondage or role play. You probably say to yourself that nothing can shock you. You are open minded — a man or woman of the world. While that is most likely true, the world is a very large place — as is the fetishism universe. No matter how broadly you cast your sexual net, there are certain to be some fetishes that even you have probably never heard of. To make our point, here are ten sexual fetishes that may surprise and shock you. Who knows, you may even want to give one or two of them a try.

By the way, if you are already familiar with every fetish on our list — our sincerest congratulations — that means that you are a fetish rock star!

1. Dendrophilia — Sexual Arousal From Trees

Yes, trees not only provide us with shade and serve as apartment complexes for squirrels, they can also serve as a source of sexual arousal. People with this fetish can satisfy their “treeful” lust by masturbating while looking at real trees or pictures of trees. The more daring ones will actually caress, touch and straddle trees — alone or with a partner — as they obtain their sexual gratification. Expressing your dendrophilia is probably best done in your backyard and not in public parks.

2. Psellismophilia — Getting Hot by Stuttering

If whenever you watch a Porky Pig cartoon you feel that you are getting unexpectedly aroused, it’s probably not a fetish for swine, rather it could be Psellismophilia. This fetish arouses people when they hear other people stuttering. F-f-for real.

3. Formicophilia — Bug Me, Baby, Bug Me Hard

Normally — for most of the people around here — when we see a bug our first instinct is to stomp it or run out screaming until someone else stomps it. For some people, however, the thought of bugs crawling on them during sex will get them harder or wetter than the dirtiest amateur porn on the internet. Some people with formicophilia go as far as having their partners place ants or maggots on their genitals so they can feel them crawl around down there.

4. Nasolingus — Forget the Tissue, Let ME Get That for You

I’m sure we all know what “going down” is — if not, get out of here, we don’t need you. However, most of you have probably never heard of “going up.” For a select group of people, they have a fetish for something called Nasolingus. It is the act of licking and sucking on noses. Now hold on there, it doesn’t just end there — for some it includes sucking out, or licking out, actual mucus and consuming it. Maybe we should have put a “do not read this soon after eating” disclaimer on this one. Anyway, it sure gives new meaning to the term “nose job.”

5. Agalmatophilia — Arousal From Statues

Ever walked through a park and seen that statue of “Colonel Local Hero” and said to yourself, I’d like to hit that? If you have, then you are into agalmatophilia — sexual attraction to statues. For some who have it, just the thought of the cold marble or bronze is what gets them off. For others, it is the look of the statue itself. Others prefer to have sex on the statue itself.

6. Actirasty — Sunny Delight

The sun fuels all life on Earth — it can also fuel sexual arousal. People that practice Actirasty enjoy exposing their naked bodies to the rays of the sun for sexual gratification. This can be done alone, resulting in solar powered masturbation. It can also be done with a partner. The trigger point for these people is feeling the sun’s rays on the genitals. If any of you are daring enough to try this, just remember the skin on your junk is far more susceptible to sunburn than other areas — so… be careful.

7. Climacophilia — I’ve fallen and I Can’t Get Up, or Can You?

Falling down a flight of stairs would be a nightmare scenario for most people — not for Climacophiliacs, though. Those folks get aroused by thinking about having sex with another person after they have fallen — be it from stairs, a ladder, or any other platform. Some picture themselves as the felled victim and being ravaged as they lie on the ground, injured.

8. Somnophilia — Snore for Me so I Know It’s Real

Somnophiliacs get turned on by watching and touching people as they sleep. We don’t mean people who pretend that they are asleep, we mean actually asleep. For most who are into this, it’s not about seeing a person naked while they sleep, it’s more about getting close to them, touching them, as they sleep.

9. Emetophilia — Fetish for Vomit

Do you remember the last time you drank tequila shots soon after downing a heaping plate of nachos — not a pleasant memory, right? Well, as you were slumped over a toilet bowl — or in some parking lot heaving your guts out — there might have been somebody watching you saying “oh, that’s so hot.”

Emetophiliacs get turned on by vomit. For some, they simply enjoy watching their partners vomit. Others prefer to be vomited on — either on their body or into their mouths. On some fetish dating sites you can find posts from Emitophiliac groups organizing “barf parties.”

10. Vorarephilia — I Want to Eat You, Literally

Being eaten — when done with a skilled tongue it is absolutely divine — unless your partner is actually considering salt and peppering you and biting off a chunk of your flesh. Vorarephilia is a fetish for consuming the human body. Obviously, this manifests itself mostly in fantasy, Even though some do express it by eating such things as fingernail and toenail clippings of their partners. For those that stick to the fantasy realm, the fantasies can be extreme. They can include imagining cooking a person alive, or slicing off pieces of flesh, or even consuming internal organs.

— To Each Their Own —

We are all adults and what tickles the fancy of one person may offend another. As long as it is between consenting adults we feel everybody should engage in whatever gets them off. Hopefully, this list will at least inspire you to explore your own fantasies and fetishes — even if they are not as extreme as the ones listed here.