Sensual Matches Review — Sleek, but Is It Effective?

When something is designed to look this slick, that could only mean one of two things — one, it’s a hookup site with something real to offer; or two, a pure money grab. We conducted this full review to find out. review

Sensual Matches Review Results
  • Popularity - 38
  • Value - 42
  • Features - 58
  • Quality of Members - 31
  • Safety - 75
  • Customer Satisfaction - 39

Final Word on Sensual Matches

Under no stretch of the imagination could we possibly recommend SensualMatches to our readers. The site stays within the norms of the law — it does not deceive or scam its users — it clearly outlines it operational practices in its TOS. However, their business model relies heavily on the "fantasy model" concept and that just doesn't work when you're horny and are looking for a real hookup at three in the morning.

We have to rank as POOR/STAY AWAY

— Sensual Matches Pros and Cons —


  • Well designed and sleek site (that’s about it)


  • Loaded with fake profiles and automated messages
  • Monthly membership is expensive
  • Bombards free members with automated messages to entice you to upgrade

— Full Sensual Matches Review—

Sensual Matches is a hookup site that has recently become more aggressive in its marketing efforts. With a welcome page that is sophisticated by hookup site standards, it contains looped videos meant to represent actual video chats of members. There is a half naked woman further down the page and more images of supposed members— all in all, the page is an attention grabber.

— First Impression of Sensual Matches —

As we stated above, the design of SensualMatches is modern and top notch. Even with all the looped videos, it is fast and smooth to load and scroll. The welcome page is designed to entice you to join the site. There is a large green banner-sized button that reads “JOIN NOW FOR FREE.” Subtle is one thing the site is not. With phrases sprinkled about such as “meet local horny women,” how can you possibly say no. It would be like passing up on a free sample of smoked sausage links at your local big box store — it simply can’t be done.

— Registration Process on Sensual Matches —

The registration process for SensualMatches follows a standard pattern commonly found on hookup sites. You must select a username, password and provide a valid email for verification purposes. SensualMatches does not require you to establish a detailed profile during the registration process. A profile picture isn’t even required.

— Sensual Matches User Experience —

We will be honest, by the time we completed the registration and entered the full site for the first time, we already had a bad feeling brewing. Sure enough, our well-tuned BS detection antennae were not wrong — within the first minute, we started receiving video chat requests from supposed female members of the site. We must admit, the women on these videos sure were stunning. The production quality was so good — that for a moment we actually thought these solicitations were real.

Unfortunately, they all turned out to be looped videos. The purpose of such video chat requests is to get you to want to respond. “Why?” you may ask — the answer is because to respond you must upgrade to a paid membership that costs $29.99 per month.

“How can a site stay in business with such practices?” we can hear you screaming, right now. Well, they fully reveal this practice in their terms and conditions. They are not scamming you, they are simply being creative in ways of leveraging your horniness for money.

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