AffairAlert Review — Everything You Need to Know

AffairAlert is a hookup site that is very good at creating tons of anticipation. Its promotional tactics are aimed at married men seeking affairs, or those seeking to be with a married woman. AffairAlert makes a series of passive and active promises. The question is, can they live up to them.

Can you effectively use AffairAlert as a one-stop shop to find “local hotties,” as they claim?

We conducted one of our in-depth reviews to find out.

AffairAlert Review

AffairAlert Review Results
  • Popularity - 38
  • Value - 12
  • Features - 48
  • Quality of Members - 16
  • Safety - 47
  • Customer Satisfaction - 22

Final Word on AffairAlert

Whether you are planning to be unfaithful or not is your own business. Our business is to inform you of the performance and user experience that we had on specific hookup sites. In the case of AffairAlert, it was the unanimous opinion of all of our testers that it is a sub-performing, unreliable, ineffective site. It seems more geared at taking your money that actually introducing you to a discreet partner for an affair.

The only alert here should be "STAY AWAY." We rate AffairAlert as POOR, VERY POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Sexually alluring imagery in their marketing material
  • Very fast registration process


  • Full of fake profiles
  • Annoying chat-bots
  • Few genuine profiles are inactive
  • No matchmaking algorithm, only basic search available
  • Requires a paid membership for any real functionality

— In-Depth AffairAlert Review —

Depending on what surveys and statistics you read, 40 to 60 percent of all marriages entered into since the year 2000 will end up in divorce. Definitely not the rosy outlook that most romantics would hope for. Nonetheless, facts are facts.

Let’s face it, maybe you are stuck in a marriage that is in a rut or soon to be on the rocks. Whether you are the husband or the wife — no matter the situation that your marriage finds itself in — you still have needs. For those of you seeking sexual relief, finding a partner that will meet your requirements for discretion is not always easy.

Hookup sites, such as AffairAlert, target the “married and unfaithful” market specifically. That means that the users of this site should expect privacy, discretion, and honesty among its members. We assigned four testers to take it for a spin. Our focus was to discover if it was effective and also to discover if it lives up to the standards of privacy of other well-known “cheating” sites.

— First Impression of AffairAlert—


If you are new to hookup sites, you may find the feeder pages used by promoters of AffairAlert to route you to the registration page to be quite attention grabbing. At least, this is how our male testers described them. They contain a lot of “eye candy” consisting of tiled images of supposed members. Incredibly, they are all of attractive, large-breasted women ranging in age from their twenties to their forties. Are we to assume that this means that breast size and the proclivity to cheat have some sort of correlation? Our female testers pointed out that in the feeder and registration pages there were no images of “cheating” men to be found. Our female testers were the first to voice trepidation about AffairAlert even before joining.

The site is keen on using urgency to push visitors to register. On the welcome page, you are greeted by a text banner on the top that reads “Registration for Men Will Remain Open For:” followed by a regressive countdown timer. During our testing, we found that this clock is set to start at 45 minutes. Don’t worry, if you clear your browser’s cookies or enter after it has expired, it will magically reset itself. It’s all just for show — to entice the extremely horny or the pathetically gullible to rush and join immediately.

— Registration —

The registration process for AffairAlert follows the path of other hookup sites that are more interested in drawing new users in, getting money out of them, and investing little in the actual service that they provide.

Registration consists of providing rudimentary information about yourself, such as email, username, password, gender, what you’re looking for, etc. There are no in-depth questionnaires designed to build a detailed profile of yourself, nor are there any questions regarding what you are looking for in a match to help feed a powerful matchmaking algorithm, At AffairAlert, the barrier to entry is as low as those placed by a Bangkok strip joint when the fleet is in port.

AffairAlert Registration 1

AffairAlert Registration 2

AffairAlert Registration 3

AffairAlert Registration 4

To newbies, this might seem like a good thing. After all, speed and convenience are always good, right? Well, when it comes to hookup site registration, no. This made us suspicious about AffairAlert.

— The Bad and the Ugly —

Our suspicions were so intense, that before we began probing the site as members, we dug deep into its terms of service to see if we could find further warning signs. Sure enough, we did. The TOS clearly states how AffairAlert may use fictitious profiles and automated messages for internal promotion of the site and its services, as well as to maintain an elevated state of fluidity and entertainment for its members. In other words, AffairAlert uses the two things we most dread on hookup sites — fake profiles and chatbots.

— User Experience —

Once we entered the member’s area we found what we were dreading. The navigation and features offered were generic. AffairAlert has an internal messaging system that consists of email and online chat. There is a search engine that uses the basic attributes of the members to conduct searches. The site lacks any proprietary or standout feature. The look and layout make you wonder if they come from some pre-fabricated website package used by these types of hookup sites — hmmm.

As you probably guessed, within the first minute of entering the main area of the site, all of our testers started receiving messages from “members.” These messages were written in such a way as to encourage the receiver to respond. Of course, when you try to respond, guess what? You are informed that you must be a paid member to do so. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

— Cost —

AffairAlert Cost

The cost to join AffairAlert is $29.95 for one month. You also have the option to pay $49.95 for a three-month membership, or $69.90 for a six-month membership. They also offer a 3-day trial membership for $2.97. If you don’t cancel before the trial is up, you’ll be billed for a full month. For a site such as AffairAlert, any price would be too much. As we probed the site deeper we found that the profiles listed on search results consisted almost entirely of fake or inactive profiles. Honestly, if you are going to spend money, do so on a site that at least provides you with a chance of hooking up.