Review — A Moneytrap Minefield

If you were to gauge a hookup site purely on its name, would be one of the best. However, if you’ve been burned by other hookup sites in the past, you know that it is essential to dig deep in order to discover if a site is worth your time and effort. Is FreeHookupSearch really free? Does it provide an effective search engine to find potential hookups? Find the answer to these and other key questions in our review. review Review Results
  • Popularity - 21
  • Value - 6
  • Features - 36
  • Quality of Members - 13
  • Safety - 17
  • Customer Satisfaction - 15

Final Word on

From the first instance that our testers took a look at, they started sounding the "all hands man your battle stations" alarm. Everywhere they looked they were confronted with wave after wave of incoming deceptive tactics designed to get to your wallet.

Of course, only you can decide what hookup site is right for you, but read on and ask yourself, "is this really the type of hookup site I would like to join?"
Our best advice would be for you to stay clear of this site. This is one of the lowest ranked sites we've reviewed to date.

We rate FreeHookupSearch as VERY POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Seriously, does this sound like the sort of site that would have any pros?


  • Free version lacks any true functionality
  • Secondary charges attached to your membership by default
  • No native mobile apps
  • Full of fake profiles
  • Full of chat-bots to lure you into paid upgrades
  • Requires credit card information even for free membership

— Full Review —

When you look at the full panorama of hookup sites that are online, you will come to the realization that some use their name to properly reflect the scope of their service and to establish brand authority. Others, however, use it solely as a lure to attract new members. The latter tends to work under the “honey trap” model. In other words, after they have lured someone inside with provocative imagery, carefully-worded promises, and other suggestive means, they take their money and then provide only the barest of service fulfillment. FreeHookupSearch, unfortunately, falls into this category.

— First Impression —


When you first visit, you are greeted by a formal-looking age advisory. It explains that the website contains sexually explicit material. There is even a scrollable disclosure posted in a legal-looking small font. It also has a large “WARNING” banner in red letters. It is very impressive. It’s purpose, however, is not to dissuade minors from entering the site — it is geared toward establishing the mental construct in those visiting the site that they have hit pay dirt. In other words, that this is the real McKoy —a place to find sexually charged hookups.

Upon clicking on the “agree” button you are redirected to FreeHookupSearch’s registration page. This consists of a sleek and modern looking welcome page. It does not share the look that is common with many other dating sites that are stuck in that early-2000s. This praise of its design aesthetic is the last positive thing that we have to say about the site.

The welcome page uses the majority of the area visible above-the-fold to display a video loop of very hot looking “barely-18” type models. Immediately below this eye candy, but still above-the-fold, you will find a “CREATE MY FREE PROFILE” button along with a tiled image strip of supposed female members that are currently online and in your area. That seemed odd to our testers, considering that two of them work remotely and are located over 1,000 miles apart and they both got served the same batch of images. Hmmm, probably just a coincidence, right? When you hover over these images you are shown the usernames of these supposed members. Some of the names used are “Slut_Candy” and “thickcockinme.” No joke, these are literally on the welcome page.

— The Promises —

On the welcome page, suggests that it is “100% Free.” They also claim to have an “advanced search and matching system.” It also makes mention of a unique “geo map” feature that helps users find “online horny members” that will help you “get laid tonight.” Mobile support is also mentioned.

— The Ice Cold Reality —

Brace yourselves, these are the realities regarding FreeHookupSearch. First, it is not really free. Yes, you can register on the site for free, but that only entitles you to a standard membership. That means that you cannot access any of the site’s communication features. In other words, you can look, but you cannot communicate. Kind of difficult to seal the deal on a hookup that way, don’t you think? To activate the full functionality of the site you need a VIP membership. We’ll cover the details of that a little bit later.

Second, the so-called “advanced search and matching system” consists of nothing more than an attribute-based search query. There are no proprietary matchmaking algorithms at play. It is just a run of the mill search engine.

Third, does not have any native mobile apps available for either iPhone or Android devices. The “mobile support” that they tout on their welcome page refers to a mobile version of the site which can be accessed on your phone’s web browser. We tested the mobile version of the site — it was horrendous. Half the time the login page wouldn’t even load. When we did access the member area it would freeze repeatedly.

— Can It Get Worse? —

You bet your sweet horny bippy it can get worse. Once you register you will be inundated with messages from supposed members asking to chat with you. In our testing, all of these came from automated messaging bots, not real women. The purpose of this is to lure you into paying for a VIP membership.

Also, when our testers conducted searches they did not come across any profiles that belonged to real women. All of the results consisted of profiles marked “FP.” What is FP, you may ask? It stands for “Fantasy Profile.”

In FreeHookupSearch’s TOS, it is explained that these are fictitious profiles used by the site for marketing and entertainment purposes. The TOS also stipulates how the site is at liberty to use automated messages for the same purpose. In other words, the site is crawling with fake profiles and chatbots, like flies on a rotting carcass.

— Cost of —

As if all of this wasn’t bad enough, allow us to mention the cost and the way the site charges its users. The monthly VIP access costs $39.95. If you aren’t careful, however, you will also be charged for two additional services (a sex cam service and an on-demand porn video site). This can bring your actual charges to a total of $111.78 per month! The only way to avoid this is by unchecking two minuscule check boxes at the bottom of your payment screen.

It should also be mentioned that FreeHookupSearch requires you to enter your credit card information from the very beginning — even when you are planning to only use the free version. They do so under the auspices of “age verification.” There is no indication that the purpose for this is of a fraudulent nature. Most likely it is simply to have your information on-hand in order to expedite payment when somewhere along the line you purposefully — or inadvertently — click on the VIP upgrade option.