AffairDating Review — A Platform to Cheat or to Be Cheated?

Are you itching to have an affair? Are you curious about having a discreet no-strings-attached encounter with a married woman? If cheating is what you have in mind, a hookup site known as should peak your interest. Afterall, it markets itself as the place to find dating adventures for those whose marriage no longer leaves them satisfied.

We spent some time on AffairDating to get a feel for how it works — for the results that it provides its users. If you are curious about cheating — if you are curious about AffairDating — you should take a few minutes and read our review. It will open your eyes about who exactly gets cheated on AffairDating.

Affairdating Review

Affairdating Review Results
  • Popularity - 38
  • Value - 26
  • Features - 45
  • Quality of Members - 19
  • Safety - 23
  • Customer Satisfaction - 21

Final Word on

When it comes to AffairDating, in our opinion, it will not help you to cheat. Rather, you will be the one getting cheated. The site offers no redeeming qualities. In our opinion, AffairDating is designed exclusively to separate new users from their money.

We would rate AffairDating as VERY BAD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration process
  • Uncomplicated user interface


  • Lack of mobile apps
  • Full of fake profiles
  • Presence of chatbots
  • Lack of real women

— First Glance —

AffairDating Homepage

On the surface, has a crisp and professional look. With a background image consisting of an elegant and seductive looking woman overlayed with a tagline that reads “A free dating service for gallant adventures & fun!” it is quite enticing.

With the registration box conveniently placed just to the right of the background image, getting started couldn’t be easier.

— Registration Process —

Registering for an account on AffairDating requires minimal effort and can be completed in less than two minutes. All that is required is your choice of username, password, a valid email, date of birth, and location. After that information is submitted you will receive a confirmation email containing a validation link. Upon clicking on that link your new account is activated and you can access the main platform.

AffairDating Registration 1

AffairDating Registration 2

At this stage, most new users will probably be chomping at the bit to gain access to all of those hot, seductive, and lonely married women waiting to be pleasured. After all, that’s what AffairDating is all about, right?

— The Platform —

It should be noted that AffairDating exists solely as a desktop platform. Native mobile apps are not available. We found this to be terribly inconvenient, especially for a cheating site. Whether you are the person cheating or the person seeking a married partner, discretion is key.

It would stand to reason that searching for and communicating with potential partners could be handled with much more privacy and discretion on a smartphone than a desktop. Your desktop is left exposed for hours on end. During this time your spouse could accidentally stumble upon your web history. If you use your work computer then you are exposing your private life to the dudes in IT.

Your phone is easier to keep with you at all times. Hell, you could even have a secondary phone dedicated solely to your cheating adventures. Why mobile apps are not made available by AffairDating defies logic to us. It is as if they are not serious about helping people have an affair.

— Features —

The features offered by AffairDating are standard. There is a basic search engine that allows you to search for compatible partners. You can apply filters based on your preferences. These filters, however, are not as advanced as those found on other hookup sites. You can filter by age range, location, and gender. Hardly the level of specificity that would help anyone truly fine tune their searches.

AffairDating Search Filters

AffairDating has email messaging and online chat modules. In order to make use of these, you must upgrade to a paid version if you are a man. Women get to use these features for free.

The remaining features are more ancillary than primary. There is an “activity” section that allows you to view a record of who has interacted with you in the past. There is the “online now” section that offers a shortcut to view members who are currently online.

There is also a feature that redirects you to a third-party site offering sex cam services. This, however, requires registering and paying for that service separately from AffairDating.

Overall, the features on AffairDating can be qualified as routine at best, subpar at worst.

— Who’s Cheating Whom? —

If you were holding out hope for a positive review about AffairDating, this is where we must burst your bubble. Mind you, the reason that we soured on AffairDating was not due to its lackluster feature set. What really got to us was the pervasiveness of fake profiles and chatbots.

Their presence is undeniable — they are poorly executed. If you have been exposed to chatbots in the past, the ones on AffairDating will be easy to spot. Their conversation algorithms are simplistic. They will send you single line message such as, “hey, what’s up?” They lack the creativity of other chatbots that we have seen elsewhere.

If chatbots and fake profiles were only present to gently suggest users to upgrade, that would be one thing. However, on AffairDating not only are they aggressive, but they constitute the only interaction that one can expect to have on the site. Our testers searched through female profile after female profile to try and find one that belonged to a genuine human being. In their opinion, all of the female profiles were either inactive or fake.

Our testers reported that they were receiving over a dozen instant messages and emails from these fake profiles each hour. All in the attempt to get them to pay for an upgrade to answer these non-human entities.

— Cost —

AffairDating Cost

Why anybody would want to throw their hard-earned money into AffairDating, we do not know. If you happen to fall into that camp, the privilege would cost you $27.30 for a one-month subscription, $45.90 for a three-month package, and $73.80 for a six-month package.