AffairHookups Review — Cheating Local-Style

Have you ever been interested in having an affair? Have you ever wondered how many local married women are in search of no-strings-attached encounters? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, the hookup site,, was designed for you. The site promotes itself as a highly confidential hookup site designed for horny married women to find men to have discreet sexual encounters. Before you run to your laptop, consider taking a few minutes to read our in-depth review of AffairHookups.

What can we say, even it if it wasn’t our business to review online hookup sites, we would probably still be drawn toward a site called After all, who wouldn’t be interested in finding local married women wanting some discrete action on the side, right?

Can you find horny married women on this site? Is it really that easy? Read our AffairHookups review and find out.

affairhookups review

AffairHookups Review Results
  • Popularity - 36
  • Value - 31
  • Features - 42
  • Quality of Members - 28
  • Safety - 44
  • Customer Satisfaction - 33

Final Word on AffairHookups

Unfortunately, there is nothing good that we can say about AffairHookups. Joining it is just a waste of time. Paying for a membership is just throwing your money away. There are plenty of other online hookup sites on which you can find real women interested in real affairs.

We give AffairHookups a rating of TOTAL FAILURE

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy navigation
  • Registration questions can be good for a laugh


  • Requires a paid membership to have any functionality
  • Infested with fake profiles
  • Will be hounded by chatbots and fake messages

— First Impression of AffairHookups —


As high as our hopes were for AffairHookups, when we got our first glimpse of the site we weren’t sure if we were entering a hookup site or some sort of convoluted questionnaire.

When you navigate to AffairHookups’ homepage you will notice that it consists of a plain black background with a warning in large white lettering. It effectively tells you that before you can proceed you must respond to a “couple” of questions. What we found to be curious was that AffairHookups’ definition of a “couple” of questions actually means four.

The questions that you are asked are supposed to build up your anticipation. They are meant to create mystery and a desire to enter the site. We found the questions to be quite hilarious, here are two of them so you can judge for yourselves.

“Many of these women are desperate single moms and married women looking to cheat. They could be your neighbors or someone you know. Do you agree to keep the identity of these women a secret?”

“These women have asked us to not allow men that are seeking a “relationship”. They only desire quick sex. Not dating. Do you agree to this request?”

The remaining questions infer that only men above the age of 24 will be allowed to register, but we soon discovered that AffairHookups does not apply any form of specific age verification.

— Registration Process —

With those entryway questions out of the way, you finally enter AffairHookups’ registration page. When we saw it we found it to be very dated. Having seen literally hundreds upon hundreds of hookup sites, we can tell when the developers of a site take little interest in providing a decent aesthetic to their platform. It looks like a cheaply designed page from ten years ago. Most of you could probably build a better web page using some simple online tools in a matter of a few minutes.

AffairHookups does not have an official registration button that you must click on to join the site. Rather, on its homepage, you will be greeted yet again by more questions. These include your gender, the gender of the partner that you are looking for, your location, as well as some rather intriguing questions. For example, they ask you if you like receiving oral sex. They also ask you if you have ever tried anal sex. While we have seen such intimate questions on other sites deeper into the site when you are building your profile, we have never encountered such questions during the registration process.

The final step of the registration process requires you to choose a display name and password for your account. You must also enter an email address. Make certain to use a valid email because you will be sent a confirmation email containing a verification link. You must click on that link in order to access the AffairsHookup portal for the first time.

Even though the registration process is relatively simple, the way that AffairHookups attempts to use every step of the process to build further anticipation and expectation drags things out more than they should be. A simple process that should only take one or two minutes can easily take a new user ten minutes or more. In our opinion, that is needlessly annoying.

— Features —

When you are finally able to access the main platform you will discover that the features that the site offers are basic. They offer a search function that offers a limited set of customization. Basically, you can only modify your searches by age range, location, interests and Ethnicities.

AffairHookups Search 1

AffairHookups Search 2

You will also find that the site has an online chat feature as well as a messaging platform. There are also two features that at first might sound very interesting. These are the “live cam” and “adult video” features. However, once you try to access these two features you will discover that they require joining and paying for a third-party site.

As far as the core features of search and chat are concerned, our testers did not encounter any technical problems with them.

— User Experience —

AffairHookups offers a pathetically poor user experience to its members. In terms of a value proposition, it is a net loser. The site is loaded with fake profiles. By our estimation, there isn’t a single real profile belonging to a woman on the site. Also, as the site fully discloses in its terms of service, it uses automated chatbots and subcontracted individuals to send messages to new users.

The reason that they engage in such tactics is to lure these free users into paying for an upgraded account. Since the only way to respond or send a message requires you to be a paid member, the fake messages are meant to entice free users to pay.

Obviously, when sites use such tactics the user is going to be left out in the cold. It will be impossible to find any sort of woman for a discreet encounter.

— Cost —

AffairHookups Cost

We would urge you not to pay for a membership on AffairHookups. However, if you are curious how much it would cost, a one-month membership has a cost of $29.95. You are also given the option of a three-month membership for $69.