Are There Age Limits for Online Dating?

I am a 19-year-old female living away from my parent’s house for the first time. I am starting my sophomore year in college this fall and do not consider myself having the type of personality that blends into the traditional college party crowd. As a result, I fear that I will be forced to miss out on fun and activities. As much as I enjoy studying I want more out of my college years than just isolating myself in my dorm room or the library studying. I have considered using dating apps. My concern is my age. I am mature for my age, but I am still 19. Is that an issue for joining a dating app? Are there age limits? Should I lie and pretend to be older? Sorry for sneaking in so many questions, but I really want to meet people and dating apps seem to offer the best way to do so.

Thanks for reading this, “Soon-To-Be Sophomore”

Age Limits for Online Dating_

Dear “Soon-To-Be Sophomore”

Being on your own for the first time is as exciting as it can be daunting. Everyone goes through it. Don’t worry, it’s survivable.

Specific to your point about wanting to join a dating app. First, allow us to say that as long as you apply common sense and adhere to established best practices regarding online dating safety, the online dating experience can be a rich and rewarding one. For more info on staying safe and other tips for online dating first-timers, make sure to check out our library of articles covering all of those topics.

As far as your age is concerned. Most online dating apps and sites use 18 as the age limit for joining. Each site is its own enterprise and can choose to modify that, some apply a 21 age limit.

One of the first things that the membership process to an online dating platform involves is entering your age or date of birth. If your age does not meet their minimum, you will be notified immediately before going through the whole registration process.

As far as lying about your age — it is best to be as honest as possible on dating platforms. That yields the best experience for you and allows you to meet a greater number of compatible partners. That being the case, we would say, no, don’t lie about your age. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be for someone to take you on a date to a bar thinking you were over 21 and when you get there you can’t get in because of your ID.

Be safe and have fun.