What Do Your Fetishes Say About You?

We all have our kinks — those special little things that really turn us on. For some, these kinks become more focused. They begin to take a character of their own and play a central role in the sexual identification of the person who has them.

You might say that the difference between a kink and a fetish is that a kink is something occasional or sporadic. Something which you enjoy when the opportunity arises. A fetish is more tacit in origin, you can’t necessarily explain it, but it is something that you long for — something that you need.

What do Your Fetishes Say About You_

Yes, there will always be the moralists among us who will take every opportunity to label all kinks and fetishes as being perverse. Honestly, those people do not deserve any of your time worrying about their criticisms. You also shouldn’t allow those people to make you feel awkward or self-conscious about what turns you on. Trust us, there are plenty of open-minded people who share your kinks and fetishes. There are also a great many who are curious to explore and discover them with you.

As titillating as the idea of kinks and fetishes are to many people, few bother to analyze what they can tell them about the person who has them.

Whether you are curious about your own kinks and fetishes or if you are just doing a little research about past or present partners, check out our following list about what certain fetishes can tell you about those who have them. Never judge a book by its cover.


Fetish - Furries

Dressing up in a furry costume can seem odd to those who do not participate in that lifestyle. Some may even view it as a quirk too far. They apply a broad stroke of weirdness to those who are into that sort of thing.

The reality is that those who have a furry fetish tend to be very imaginative, artistic, and creative individuals. You are likely to encounter a greater percentage of writers, artists, and poets among a group of furries than a group of the same size from the general population.

They are also more caring and attentive towards their partners in the more general and romantic sense of maintaining a relationship. You will find more sweethearts than a-holes among the furry community.

Foot Fetish

Fetish - Feet

Unless you are into feet or if you enjoy having your feet worshipped by others, the majority of people are disgusted by the idea.

The reality is that most people with a foot fetish also happen to be very detail oriented when it comes to gratifying their partner sexually. They will spend more time engaged in a sexual act than the average person.

They prefer sexual encounters that result in multiple climaxes as opposed to a “slam bam thank you ma’am” type of quickie.

Several sexual behavioral studies indicate that people with foot fetishes are rated by their partners as above-average when giving oral sex as well as in sexual stamina.

So, the next time that you hear that somebody has a foot fetish, instead of responding with an automatic “eww,” maybe you should give them the once-over. Who knows what you might be missing.

Bondage and Sadomasochism

Fetish - Bondage

When you think about the topic of bondage and sadomasochism your mind will automatically wander to scenes of sex dungeons, leather masks, whips, and restraints. You know, real “Fifty Shades of Grey” stuff.

Some people do own all of the tools and toys to recreate a sex dungeon in their home. Others prefer to go to sadomasochistic clubs to partake of the lifestyle with others who share it. There are also countless more who are satisfied with enjoying bondage and sadomasochism with simple items from around the house. A few furry handcuffs or neckties as improvised restraints — you get the idea.

Whether they are hardcore or low-key about their fetish, the majority of people who are into BDSM — be they the dominant partner or the passive one — usually have a higher IQ than average. Many have successful careers in prominent fields ranging from finance to science.

As a result, most also have ample material wealth. In other words, they are very well off.

Curiously, their personalities include those who are very shy and reserved in public as well as those who are extreme extroverts.

Armpit Fetish

Fetish - Armpits

The public reaction to having an armpit fetish is similar to that of having a foot fetish. People will react with disgust.

The reality of the situation is that what is classified as an armpit fetish is usually nothing more than a highly developed sense of appreciation for natural sexual pheromones.

Some sexual therapists postulate that it is one of the most under-reported fetishes. This because some people who have it don’t even realize that they do. They simply enjoy it passively.

Those with armpit fetishes will usually be very attentive and detailed lovers. They will be skilled at the soft and tender techniques of a slow seduction. They will also be versed in the intense and wild passion of a steamy hardcore romp.

In terms of personality, they are likely to be more open-minded about society. Ironically, they will be set in their ways when it comes to their own personal habits and routines.

Group Sex

Fetish - Group Sex

Technically, this isn’t a fetish. It is more of a lifestyle. However, it is one that many are curious about. There is curiosity about those into this lifestyle, be it swinging, partner swapping, orgies, etc.

Those who are into group sex frequently display characteristics associated with self-confidence, open-mindedness, and acceptance of others.

Unsurprisingly, they also tend to be more gregarious and outgoing. They are comfortable in any social situation.

— And Now You Know —

You should view sexual fetishes as another trait of a person instead of an oddity. This way, you will be able to appreciate them better. It will help in determining whether or not someone is a good fit for you as a partner.

Additionally, if you are curious about any of the fetishes listed above — stop denying your desires. If you were hesitant to explore them, you should now see that having a fetish is normal. It is not an aberration. So, go ahead… dare to indulge.