Astrological Signs and Dating

The stars — to some people they are nothing more than astronomical bodies residing in our universe located far far away. For others, however, they hold a deeper meaning. If you harbor a belief in astrology — even if it is more a matter of curiosity than resoluteness — chances are that when it comes to dating and finding your perfect match you will want to know what the stars have to say about it.

Astrological Signs and Dating

Even if you are a skeptic about astrology, it does not hurt to know what can be inferred from them regarding matchmaking. After all, one day you might meet someone who is into astrology and knowing what the stars have to say about the subject might give you the advantage to get an inside track with that person.

— Aries —


An Aries knows what they want. They tend to be very sure of themselves and when they spot someone they like, they will go after them. If this happens on a dating platform, they will send messages, winks — whatever is necessary to get the attention of the one they want to meet.

For this reason, an Aries can come off as either very self-assured and confident or downright pushy. To those who like someone to come on strong, meeting an Aries will be a good match.

— Taurus —


A Taurus enjoys the nice things in life. They can appreciate finery and class. However, when it comes to the world of dating they prefer to be pursued as opposed to being the ones with the initiative. This means that dating a Taurus might be frustrating to some people

A Taurus can sometimes come off as being indifferent, bored, or lazy about some of the details of romance. They’d much rather their partner take care of the planning of dates. This doesn’t mean that they are not romantic, just that setting things up and following through with them is not their thing.

One thing to note about a Taurus is that if they are really into their partner, in spite of their apparent indifference, they can be clingy. Breaking up with a Taurus is never easy.

— Gemini —


What can we say about a Gemini? They are flirty. They do their best to put their best face forward.

It is with the latter that trouble can sometimes start brewing. A Gemini will always work hard to put their very best attributes — physical and in terms of personality — forward. This means that on dating platforms they will have some of the best pics and profiles. However, when they start dating, their “other” side will start to be revealed slowly.

When that other side is also compatible with their partner — great! When it is not, however, look out.

— Cancer —


A person born under the sign of Cancer is going to be very protective of themselves and of those whom they value. On dating platforms, they will often use variants of their real name. This is not done to deceive — rather it is just an extension of their wary and cautious mindset.

This makes dating a Cancer an interesting experience. When they are unsure about how they feel about you, a Cancer may alternate between giddiness and excitement in seeing you to “let’s take things slow” mode.

If you do manage to burrow into the heart of a Cancer, they will make for loyal partners. They will also become very protective of you.

— Leo —


Leos tend to be extroverted and very sure of themselves. They enjoy being in control. On dating sites, they will usually boast about being a Leo.

During online chats and dating conversations, be prepared for a Leo to dominate the conversation. If this sort of overtness of presence bothers you, a Leo may be a person to avoid.

Also, Leos like attention. This means that if they perceive that you can outshine them, they may decide to dump you before you even know what happened.

— Virgo —


Virgos are perhaps the most calculating and analytical of people out there. On dating sites, their profiles will be some of the most well-structured and detailed ones that you will see. They will also be the most honest about what they want. If they are seeking a long-term partner, they will say so. If all they want is a casual encounter, they will be honest about that as well.

If you are prone to being late or breaking with order and regimentation, dating a Virgo can be an ordeal. Otherwise, they make for loyal and worthy partners.

— Libra —


Libras are some of the most complex people. You’d figure that by being the sign of the scales they would be well-balanced. In reality, however, they are just good at balancing a lot of stuff. This can be good if they are balancing their work and love life. It can be bad if they are balancing multiple relationships simultaneously.

A Libra is very confident but may not necessarily be an extrovert. They are very good at flirting and are experts at the long-game in flirting. When you chat with them online they will leave you with a message that will actually make you want to seek them out and talk to them further. In person, they will be charming and give you the warm fuzzies.

If a Libra is into you for something long-term, congrats. They make among the best partners.

If they are only interested in you as a distraction — it is best not to fall for them because they will break your heart.

— Scorpio —


People who have dated a Scorpio frequently describe them as everything from wild and hot to scary and freaky. Why is this so?

Well, Scorpios can be intense. The can be very sexual. On dating profiles, they are not above testing the limits of what is allowed on the platform that they are on in terms of images and text descriptions.

On a deeper level, Scorpios, as wildly passionate as they are, can also become easily attached if they feel that they have found a soulmate. The problem is that Scorpios have a tendency of taking this type of leap too early.

If you date a Scorpio the sex is bound to be mind-blowing. As far as intimacy on a deeper scale goes, be cautious. If you are really into the Scorpio, by all means, let them into your heart. If not, don’t drag out the relationship. End it sooner rather than later.

— Sagittarius —


If you are into those who are intellectuals, academics, the well-traveled and well-heeled members of our population —a Sagittarius is for you.

On their dating profiles, you will likely find images of them visiting far-off lands. During online and in-person conversations they will want to discuss politics, social trends, things of substance. They will not be the best person to talk to about your favorite reality TV show.

Many are foodies and will use their knowledge of food and wine as part of their “technique” for screening and winning over potential partners on dating sites.

If your nature is more “down to earth,” a Sagittarius will seem aloof to you.

— Capricorn —


A Capricorn is ambitious to the millionth degree. On their dating profiles, they are not above mentioning their success in business or chosen career path. They do so not to boast, but instead to highlight that which they feel is an inherent part of their soul — their professional success.

To date a Capricorn often means having to play second fiddle to them. If you happen to be a Capricorn yourself, together you may form a “power couple” — joining forces to reach heights that neither of you would have been able to achieve on your own.

— Aquarius —


Those born under the sign of Aquarius get a bad rap. Sometimes they are classified as oddballs. The reality is that an Aquarius is a non-conformist. Not because they want to be contrarians, per se. Not because they want to draw attention to themselves needlessly. Not because they are crazy. They do it because they don’t feel that they must adhere to a specific way of behaving merely because that is what everyone else does.

On dating sites, you may notice that they are prone to dress more extravagantly than others. Their look will be more original — unique. On wilder sites, an Aquarius could be the one into kinks and wild fetishes.

This ability to be genuine and honest about themselves also transcends to their empathetic side. When an Aquarius focuses on helping worthy causes they do so out of a sincere belief in what they are doing. They do not do it as a self-serving display.

All of this makes an Aquarius likely to be a dreamer. This can cause issues with personalities who want to be with a partner who is grounded and focused on specific long-term goals.

As casual partners, their quirkiness and sincere passion for what they believe in can result in memorable short-term flings. An Aquarius is more likely to experiment with the kinkier and freakier side of the sexual realm than other people. This makes them great lovers.

— Pisces —


Pisces have historically been associated with wisdom. Not only are they smart, but they are also highly creative. This is why you can find a Pisces across so many different disciplines. From lawyers and doctors to artists and writers.

The wisdom of a Pisces, however, is not necessarily so straight-laced. They can have their quirks. As dating material, this makes them stand out further. They combine wisdom with wit. They bring stability along with originality and force of personality to the table. In other words, rarely is a Pisces going to be boring.

The price to pay for this is having to tolerate their tendency to get lost in what they do. While a Pisces can make for an excellent partner, you may have to give them their own “space” from time to time. If they don’t call you in a few days it is not because they have lost interest in you, it is more likely that they got caught up in something work-related and really lost track of time.

— Follow the Stars and You Never Know Where They May Lead —

You don’t need to be convinced about the value of astrology to derive benefit from what the stars have to say about dating compatibility. Even if you just read this article out of curiosity or for levity, there are genuine nuggets of truth related to the different personality types that you will encounter in the dating pool.

The important thing is to make yourself aware of the vastness of the dating pool. Not everybody will be like you. Then again, you may not want to be with someone who is just like you. You may prefer someone who is contrasting or who compliments you.

By opening your eyes, your search for a partner will be smoother, faster, and more fruitful — stars or no stars.