LadaDate Review — Finding Love in the Land of Vodka

We conducted a review of LadaDate in order to determine its true potential. If you are interested in this type of online dating service we would strongly encourage you to give our review a read. After all, these types of international long distance dating platforms will usually involve more of your time and money than your traditional local hookup site. The more you know about LadaDate’s performance, the better you can determine whether it merits your time and money.

Ladadate Review

Ladadate Review Results
  • Popularity - 41
  • Value - 45
  • Features - 62
  • Quality of Members - 53
  • Safety - 50
  • Customer Satisfaction - 52

Final Word on LadaDate

If we were to be commenting on LadaDate as a general dating or hookup site, we would have to rank it low on our list of recommendations. However, when we view LadaDate for what it is — an international dating site aimed and helping men meet Russian and Ukrainian women — then our assessment of the site changes. It becomes more acceptable.

In our opinion, unless you are serious about what it takes to meet a Russian or Ukrainian young lady for the purposes of establishing a long-term relationship, then you should probably avoid LadaDate. However, if you have the time and monetary resources to see such a search through to the end, LadaDate can be a good tool for you.

Provided that you fall into the latter description, we would rate LadaDate as GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration process
  • Video chat feature is available
  • Ability to send real physical gifts to women


  • Men must pay to access features
  • Credit-based payment model can get expensive quickly
  • Some female profiles may be disingenuous
  • Facebook registration option not as private as manual registration

— Intro —

Have you ever noticed how attractive and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women are? Have you ever wanted to meet one in person? Better yet, date one? is an international dating site that focuses on introducing Russian and Ukrainian women to men from all over the world — particularly in English speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Obviously, dating sites such as LadaDate are not intended to meet someone for a cup of coffee that same day. Usually, thousands of miles of distance will be involved meaning that travel arrangements will have to be made. However, if you are serious about meeting Russian and Ukrainian women for long-term relationships, or even marriage, then LadaDate might be of interest to you.

For those of you who might be thinking it, yes, LadaDate could be seen as a modern-day mail bride system. However, thanks to modern technology, the process is much more streamlined, personal, and for some — effective. At least that is what the informational material found on the LadaDate website would lead you to believe.

— First Impression —

When you first visit the LadaDate website you will find a modern looking homepage that on the surface inspires confidence. The homepage is designed to provide new users access to basic information about LadaDate as well as the ability to register for a new account.

Regarding the descriptive information that LadaDate provides about its service, it should be no surprise that it is biased toward highlighting the merits and benefits of the service that it offers. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but you should take the glowing accolades that they write about themselves with a grain of salt.

— Registration Process —

ladadate homepage

The registration process on LadaDate is straightforward. You can choose to register by linking to your Facebook account. This will result in the fastest registration possible. However, it also means that you are allowing LadaDate to import your personal information and images from your Facebook account.

On most dating sites, linking your Facebook account for registration purposes is safe and does not compromise your privacy. During our testing, we did not encounter any negative issues by linking to our Facebook accounts. However, we did come across several reliable reports from previous users of LadaDate that complained about how the site appears to be targeting those on their friends list with ads for LadaDate. Although the fact that they were members of LadaDate was never revealed to their friends, it is understandable if you were to feel that this is invasive.

In order to avoid such potential lack of discretion, it is best to choose the manual registration option on LadaDate. This only adds a minute or two to your registration process. It requires you to submit a valid email address and to select a password to access your new account. You must also choose a screen name and enter your date of birth. Once you complete those steps you will be redirected to your main profile page on the LadaDate platform.

Before you can start personalizing your profile or engaging with other members, you must confirm your email address. To do so, go to your email inbox and look for the verification email that was sent to you. If you can’t find it, search your spam box. On that email, all you have to do is click on the confirmation link that is contained in the body. Once you do that you will be redirected back to the LadaDate platform.

ladadate myprofile

— User Interface —

LadaDate exists as a web-based platform. That means that it lacks a native mobile app. You can access LadaDate on a mobile device through your mobile browser.

While not having a native mobile app can be seen as a negative for some people, our testers found that accessing the LadaDate platform on a mobile browser offered a satisfactory user experience. We would not recommend using the mobile browser version to register or to make large changes to your profile. However, when it comes to checking your messages, sending replies, or browsing through your suggested matches — the mobile version of LadaDate is acceptable.

— Features and Cost —

The features available on LadaDate consist of a search function, in-depth profile pages, photo albums, online chat, messaging and video chat. Additional features include the ability to send women physical gifts such as flowers, perfume, etc.

ladadate mygifts

Women are able to join and make full use of the site for free. They only need to verify that they actually reside in Russia or Ukraine. Men can register for free but need to pay to access any of the site’s features. This is done through a pay-as-you-go model based on credits that men can purchase in bulk.

ladadate cost

Men can purchase a small block of 20 credits for $12 to get a feel for how the system operates. They can later purchase a block of 750 credits for $299.

Outgoing messages, which LadaDate calls “letters,” costs 7 credits. Viewing a video clip posted by a woman costs 10 credits. Live text or video chat is one credit per minute. Obtaining the contact information of a member — useful if you feel that you have real chemistry — costs 25 credits.

— Quality of Members —

Looking at the female profiles found on LadaDate made our testers a little suspicious. First of all, the majority of the profile pictures belonged to extremely beautiful women and appeared to be taken by professional photographers. While that alone should not discount their level of authenticity, the fact that more average looking profile pictures are in the absolute minority is a cause for concern.

Also, while not pervasive, our testers did encounter what they suspected to be fake profiles. Our testers would occasionally receive online chat or video chat requests from supposed female members. What made those instances suspect was the fact that they occurred even when our testers had yet to fill out any details on their profiles.

Even with our suspicions, we cannot deny that there are reports from reliable sources within the online dating industry that men do find compatible partners on LadaDate. The caveat to that is that it normally requires a large monetary investment, not only in purchasing the blocks of user credits at $299 a pop, but also the cost that is involved in traveling and relocating when you finally meet someone worthwhile on LadaDate.