BBWCupid Review — Seeking Large Ladies

You love large women. You love how they look, their personality, their attitude — simply everything about them. As dating sites dedicated to helping you find BBWs increase, you must stay on top of which sites offer proven results. Today we take a look at BBWCupid. In existence since 2004, it has seen some changes and keeps on going. How effective is it? Let’s find out. Here is our BBWCupid review.

BBWCupid Review

BBWCupid Review Results
  • Popularity - 55
  • Value - 44
  • Features - 40
  • Quality of Members - 41
  • Safety - 67
  • Customer Satisfaction - 47

Final Word on BBWCupid

In terms of performance and features, BBWCupid offers nothing that merits being labeled as a stand-out. Our honest assessment of BBWCupid is that it is a genuine dating site that is lacking one key component —a larger user base. The lack of an iPhone app and the clunkiness of the Android app are mere technical hiccups that can be tolerated. What results from the small user base, however — the imprecise search results, poor match suggestions, and over 300,000 inactive user profiles — cannot be overlooked so easily. We feel the site has potential if the membership base were to be expanded. For now, however, you are best served to look for BBWs elsewhere.

We rate BBWCupid as BELOW AVERAGE.

— Pros and Cons —


  • In continuous operation since 2004
  • Desktop user interface has a simple and intuitive layout
  • Fast registration process


  • Mobile app is only available for Android
  • Small active user base affects search results
  • Requires a paid membership to access the communication features

— In-Depth BBWCupid Review —


For the admirers of BBWs, they know full well the meaning of the acronym. For those not up to speed, BBW stands for “Big Beautiful Woman.” There are many men that actively seek BBWs for relationships. It should, therefore, be no surprise that there is an increasing number of online dating sites dedicated to facilitating the meeting of BBWs. is one of those sites. However, in spite of incorporating BBW in its name, this site has a broader scope. Not only does it facilitate meeting BBWs, but it also facilitates meeting BHMs — “Big Handsome Men.” This makes the user base of BBWCupid more diverse than other BBW sites. You will find BBWs and BHMs as members, as well as men and women of regular builds who are seeking BBWs and BHMs.

With such an inclusive membership base, we were unsure exactly of what to expect on BBWCupid. Would it have the same dynamic as other BBW dating sites? Would it favor BBWs over BHMs? The only way to find out was to conduct a full evaluation of the site. Here are the results.

— Site Overview —

BBWCupid is one of over 35 niche dating sites operated by the Australian-based Cupid Media Group. It, therefore, has plenty of depth when it comes to experience in dating site development, platform technology, and marketing. This also allows BBWCupid to tap into the wider Cupid Media network. This means that the site can draw on this wider membership base when it comes to searches and to feed its matchmaking algorithm.

This does not mean that BBWCupid members are automatically dumped into a communal membership database with Cupid Media’s other niche dating sites. It only means that users on those other sites that express an interest in BBWs or BHMs can be drawn upon and listed as part of the search results shown on BBWCupid.

— Registration —

Registering on BBWCupid follows a two-tier process. The first tier involves providing basic information with the purpose of being assigned a BBWCupid account. You are given the option of using your Facebook credentials to complete the first tier of the registration process. This is a one-click process. BBWCupid draws all of the basic information that it needs from your existing Facebook account. It also facilitates logging in as a member. As long as you are connected to your Facebook account on the device that you wish to access BBWCupid, you will automatically be logged in.

The second tier involves building a personal profile that other members of the site will see and that the site’s search engine and algorithm will use to match you with other members. The second tier can be completed at your leisure and can be as thorough and precise, or as sparse and lean as you want. From the experience that we gathered during our tests, profiles that had complete profiles did better than those that did not.

Upon registering you become a free member. This free membership does not expire. You can use it as long as you want to get a feel for the site. You are not required to enter any payment information. As a free member, you can conduct simple searches for potential matches, receive notifications of potential matches and browse the profiles of other members. You cannot, however, use the site’s communication functions.

— User Interface —

The user interface for the desktop version of BBWCupid consists of a simple layout. Navigation is clearly marked and intuitive to use. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about its mobile app. Currently, BBWCupid only has a mobile app for Android devices. There is no word on when an iPhone app will come online. Regardless, the mobile app’s user interface is designed in such a way that the fonts are difficult to read and too much information is presented at once on the screen. This makes using the search function or browsing through profiles a stressful experience. After a few minutes, you begin to develop eye strain.

— The User Base —

The core user base for BBWCupid consists of 900,000 people. Of these, roughly 600,000 are active. Members also have selective access to the members of other Cupid Media owned sites, but by our estimation based on the five days of testing that we conducted, very few of these actually meet the requirement to enter the BBWCupid search engine. That means that for practical purposes you are dealing with a site that has a very small active user base.

Search results received by our testers often contained only a handful of potential matches that met all of their search criteria. Usually, after the third or fourth profile listed, the search engine for BBWCupid began to “pad out” the results by including members that met fewer or none of the criteria chosen by the testers. In our opinion, this is very irritating — especially when it comes to parameters of geographic location. If you are searching for potential matches within 25 miles of your location you do not want to be shown people that live oceans apart.

— Cost —

BBWCupid Cost

In order to send or respond to messages, you will need a paid membership. BBWCupid offers 2 types of paid memberships. Gold and Platinum. The Platinum package has a cost of $29.98 a month. This can be lowered by paying for 3 or 12 months in advance. The monthly cost will be $20 and $10 respectively. The Gold package will set you back $24.98 a month and can be lowered to $16.66 of $8.33 by paying for 3 or 12 months in advance.

Here is a list of all the features you can access with each membership.

BBWCupid Upgrades