10 Great Ways for Couples to Stay Fit Together

When it comes to getting and staying fit there is a weapon more powerful than a membership at the trendiest gym; a motivating force far greater than the loudest personal trainer. You might be asking yourselves, “What is this powerful tool or staying fit?” The answer is simple — sharing your fitness lifestyle with your partner.

ways for couples to stay fit

Staying fit as a couple has many benefits. First, it is a lot easier to adhere to a well-balanced diet if the person that you are with is not constantly tempting you with an order of chili fries. Second, it provides an excellent opportunity to bond further as a couple. Third, having shared goals strengthens your intimacy. Staying fit together also allows you to draw on each other’s mutual support. Not only will you reach your fitness goals faster, but you will also have a stronger and much closer sentimental relationship.

Of course, in order to enjoy such benefits, you must first find great ways to stay fit together. Here is a list of some activities that you can use to get started down the road toward couple-based fitness.

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1- Go Hiking

Couple Hiking

Normally, the phrase “take a hike” used figuratively within the context of a relationship is not a good thing. However, apply it literally and you have the seeds for a fun and exciting way to stay fit as a couple. Enjoying a hike together not only provides a healthy workout, but it also builds up physical stamina which will help you when you engage in other types of exercise regimens throughout the week. It is also a great way to enjoy a conversation with your partner as you both burn up those calories.

2- Dance Classes

Couple Taking Dance Classes

Whether the both of you can tear up a dance floor like nobody’s business, or if between the both of you have a total of four left feet, dance classes are a great way to stay fit together. Dance classes introduce the element of learning a new skill as a couple. Take your pick from salsa, ballroom, Zumba — whatever the both of you find fresh and appealing.

3- Hit the Court

Couple Playing Racquetball

Think of sports that are played on a court. If you immediately thought of tennis and basketball, good for you. Of course, you could also expand that list to include handball, squash, badminton, etc. The point here is, court-based sports are not only massive calorie-burners, but they are also great couple sports. Whether it’s going for match point on the tennis court — or going one-on-one at the hoops, court-based sports are a great way to stay fit as a couple.

4- Exercise Date Night

Couple Working Out Together

If your date nights have become rather humdrum, converting them into exercise date nights will reinvigorate you in more ways than one. An exercise date night can be as simple as going to the gym together, participating in an aerobics class together, or just jogging together. What is important is to include other elements outside of the physical activity. One example would be going home afterward and enjoying a relaxing bath or shower together. Another option is to cook up a healthy post-workout meal together. Of course, our personal favorite is giving each other relaxing post-exercise massages. We think you get the picture.

5- Skiing

Couple Skiing Together

Visiting a ski resort is not only romantic, but it also offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the slopes. Did you know that skiing burns between 450 and 600 calories per hour? Snowboarding burns even more. Couple that with the other form of “calorie burning” that you can engage in back in your room at the resort and you can see how skiing is an excellent couple-fitness experience.

6- Yoga

Couple Doing Yoga Together

Yoga offers a wealth of spiritual and physical benefits to those who practice it. The physical benefits of yoga cover everything from muscle strength and flexibility, to heart-friendly cardio. Practicing yoga as a couple not only opens the door to improved physical fitness but also to a stronger emotional and spiritual bond as a couple. Couple yoga classes are becoming common and should be easy to find.

7- Walk the Dog Together

Couple Walking Dog Together

Not everybody is in constant training for the next decathlon. Some couples want to be more physically active but prefer an activity that is not so intense. Making it a habit of taking the dog out for a walk together not only allows Fido to stretch his legs and do his business, but it also provides you with a regular dose of physical activity. Pretty soon it will become a cherished routine that the both of you will look forward to every day.

8- Weightlifting

couple weightlifting together

If you are into lifting weights, you know that it involves doing routines in sets or circuits. This is why having a weightlifting buddy is so easy to work into your regimen, especially if spotting is involved. Why not make your lifting buddy your partner?

9- Kickboxing

couple kickboxing

An excellent way to release energy is kickboxing. Add your partner into the mix and it becomes a fun way to vent some steam, burn some calories, and have a few laughs. If kickboxing isn’t to your mutual liking, you can always try any of the martial arts. Word to the wise, it’s okay to skip a session if you had an argument that day — just saying.

10- Golf

couple golfing

Golf has always been a great way to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors and bond with those whom you play with. That’s what also makes it a great choice for couples to stay fit together. It’s an excellent option for couples seeking more leisurely options.

— Sweat Together, Stay Together —

Couples that incorporate a shared routine for something which they are mutually passionate about — such as staying fit — form closer bonds and experience less strife. As a result, they have a better chance of forming a lasting and successful relationship than other couples who do not. Staying fit together will not only make you healthier, but it will also make for a healthier relationship.