Review — Keep it Casual

We conducted an evaluation of BeNaughty specifically from the point of view of those who would find such a site useful. This way you will be able to get a better idea of the site’s functionality based purely on its merits — not on the misguided commentary or moral judgments of disinterested third parties. Here is our BeNaughty review. review

BeNaughty Review Results
  • Popularity - 64
  • Value - 73
  • Features - 70
  • Quality of Members - 67
  • Safety - 74
  • Customer Satisfaction - 70

Final Word on BeNaughty

We found BeNaughty to be a solid and user-friendly dating site for those seeking casual encounters. The fact that women get to use the full version of the site for free also keeps the gender ratio well-balanced. Unlike some sites where men outnumber women by huge margins, BeNaughty is roughly 60 percent male and 40 percent female.

We rate BeNaughty as: WORTH A TRY.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free three-day trial
  • Women can use full features for free
  • Mobile apps available
  • Large number of forums for alternate engagement


  • Large number of potential matches can be overwhelming
  • Free version does not include communication features (men only)
  • Profile pics are not mandatory

— In-Depth BeNaughty Review  —


When you first venture into the world of online dating, it is normal to be uncertain as to whether or not it really works. After all, whenever you research specific online dating sites — or online dating in general — you will often get conflicting information. Some will praise a site, while others will condemn the same site as being ineffective. Under those circumstances, who are you to believe?

The reason for so much confusion is because when you search for specific site reviews you usually are not receiving a perspective that is relevant to you or to what you seek. Online dating comes in many flavors and varieties. There are those seeking long-term relationships — there are others that are seeking casual or no-strings-attached encounters. Obviously, if one person seeking one type of dating reviews a dating site geared toward the other — the review will be less than stellar. This is why you should seek reviews written from the perspective of the intended use of the site. is a perfect example of this. This is an online dating site geared entirely toward people seeking casual encounters, not long-term relationships. It should be taken as a given that a person seeking a stable relationship with an eye toward marriage will not have much use for the site. If, however, you are single, open-minded, not ready to get serious and simply want to have some fun or enjoy a casual encounter, then might be for you.

— Registration Process —

BeNaughty recognizes that the majority of its prospective users will want to register and gain access to the site as quickly as possible. They realize that new users will be eager to find potential matches for casual meetups immediately. In that regard, they respond splendidly. The registration process on BeNaughty is streamlined and takes less than two minutes to complete. The information required of new users does not require any personally identifiable information. This should ease concerns for those wanting anonymity and privacy. The only verifiable item that is required is a valid email address — that is where a verification link is sent to verify your registration. That email address, however, is never shown on your profile, it is kept private.

After you verify your registration you have immediate access to BeNaughty. If you so choose, you can amplify your profile. This, however, is not mandatory. You can leave your profile in a skeletal stage if you wish. BeNaughty, however, does recommend its members to complete their profile in order to make it easier for other members sharing your likes to find you. At the very least you should post a profile picture. BeNaughty, unlike other online dating sites, treats their members like open-minded adults and allows them to post all types of profile pictures — including those that are risque or that display full nudity. For this type of site, it is refreshing to have such freedom of expression.

— Search Functionality —

The value of any online dating site comes down to the effectiveness of its search functionality. delivers an easy to use search interface that offers robust results. This is good when looking for casual encounters as it allows you to find people that are in sync with what you are looking for. It saves you countless time in having to do a search and then manually vet each result.

The BeNaughty search function allows you to customize your search for partners — not just by sex, sexual orientation, and location — but also by other parameters. Among these are ethnicity, age, marital status, body type, eye color, hair color, income level, the presence of tattoos, piercings, whether they smoke or drink, religion and education.

By letting their members choose what they are looking for in a match, BeNaughty delivers to their members greater accuracy in suggested matches. This, in turn, results in a greater number of successful real-life hook-ups.

For those wanting to use BeNaughty on their smartphones, iPhone and Android apps are available.

— User Modes —

BeNaughty allows members to select between three different browsing modes: normal, sexy and no limits. The “normal” setting prevents risque and nude profile pictures from appearing on your screen. This can be very useful if you decide to visit the site from a location where prying eyes might be present. The “sexy” mode only displays normal and risque images. An example of a risque image would be members wearing lingerie or appearing in suggestive poses. The “no limits” setting displays all images — including those containing full nudity.

— Other Features —

BeNaughty has a Facebook integration feature that can be used to increase the number of potential matches within your geographic location. If you have no need for social discretion, this can be quite useful. If you would rather keep your casual dating lifestyle private, then it would be best not to activate this feature.

A feature that is very enjoyable consists of allowing members to rate the photos of other members that have entered one of BeNaughty’s regularly scheduled erotic photo contests. It’s a great way to strut your own stuff or simply to enjoy the view.

In our opinion, the best supplemental feature offered by BeNaughty is the presence of multiple forums. This allows for excellent engagement with other members. There are many subjects on this forum board — from the mundane to the very kinky, such as specific fetishes. We found the forums an excellent way to find a match without having to use the search function.

— Cost —

The free version of BeNaughty allows you to post a profile and conduct searches. It does not, however, allow you to send messages to other members or use the instant chat function. In order to do so, you must pay for a monthly membership.

A one-month membership costs $24.99. If you pay for three months in advance it averages out to $13,99 per month. When you pay for a membership you get a free three-day trial period. If you do not like the site for any reason you can cancel within that timeframe and be refunded your membership price.

Women can use the premium features of the site — inclusive of full communication — for free.