5 Signs That You Might Be Bad in Bed

signs that you may be bad in bed

In your own mind, you are the stud of studs. The type of man that every woman fantasizes about. Reality, however, can be harsh. If you take a moment and really analyze your sexual performance, you may arrive at a different conclusion. Namely, that you might be bad in bed.

Before you start entering a state of panic — relax and sit down. Yes, sit down. There, there — It’ll be okay. First, we said “might.” Second, even if you are bad in bed, that can be easily remedied. So, grab your security blanket, hang on to it tight, and read through this list of five signs that you might be bad in bed. Remember, the road to recovery starts with detecting and admitting to the problem.

1. Skipping Foreplay

If there were a formal sexual performance review board, skipping foreplay would be classified as the greatest transgression known to humanity. All of you men that do so would have your penises officially reprimanded — in some cases, decommissioned.

If you persistently skip foreplay, chances are that your partners will rate you as being bad in bed. Not only are you denying your partner the physical road to full sexual arousal, but you are also neglecting a path toward improved intimacy. When it is presented that way, it should be clear to you why foreplay is important. Read up on some foreplay techniques and stop giving your partners an excuse to label you as being bad in bed.

2. Never Try Anything New

Could you imagine eating the same bowl of oatmeal every day? How about dressing the exact same way day in and day out? Watching the same football game every Sunday? Obviously, that would be a very unimaginative and boring way to live your life. Why then, in the name of all that is sexy, would you allow your sexual repertoire to become so limited, predictable and routine?

Even if your style and technique are good, from your partner’s perspective it will eventually become stale. This, in turn, is what leads even good lovers to be labeled as being bad in bed.

The solution is easy, ask your partner if there are any new “things” that she would like to try in bed. If she’s shy about that sort of thing, read up on the topic of innovative sexual positions, places to have sex. etc., and surprise her. Remember, you are not expected to become a creative whirlwind making each sexual encounter as unique as a surrealist’s painting — but every now and then do interject some creativity. That will take you from bad to good, fast.

3. No Oral Sex

All we can say about this is, “how dare you?” followed by a slap to your face as we storm out of the room like an offended socialite in a 1930s motion picture. Yes, not giving oral sex to your partner — especially if she happily gives it to you — is not only ungentlemanly, but it is also a wasted opportunity to show off what you can do.

Performing oral sex on a woman — we should say, performing oral sex PROPERLY on a woman — is one thing that you can do to quickly earn some positive bedroom cred. In surveys and studies of how women rate male sexual performance, those that are good at “getting down with going down” are consistently rated higher than those that don’t — by margins approaching three to one.

We shouldn’t have to say more on this topic — you know what to do, just do it!

4. She Remains Quiet

If every time you make love to a woman it sounds as if you are in a library or meditation chamber, my friend, you may have a problem. Rather, she probably has a problem with your sexual performance.

While moans and screams reminiscent of any porn film of the Ron Jeremy era are by no means the norm and should never be expected in real life, neither is absolute silence. Even the most reserved of women will vocalize or otherwise audibly make known their enjoyment and pleasure being derived from the sexual act.

This one is not so easily solved as it is more of an indicator of being bad in bed, not so much a flaw that can be immediately remedied. Keep your ears open. men. If you’re not hearing anything — something is wrong.

5. She Compares You to Men From Her Past

If she is constantly comparing you to her previous partners, that’s a huge warning sign that your performance may not be up to snuff. If she has let you know the penis size and girth of her last five lovers, the warning sign has now become an alarm. If she has flat out mentioned how her previous partners were able to give her multiple orgasms, the alarm is now a full-blown five-alarm fire.

Women tend to be much more sensitive about hurting their partner’s feelings than men. So, if she has reached the stage where commenting on how pleasurable of a sex life she had with past lovers at the expense of your pride and feelings — you know that she’s at her wit’s end. She is consciously or subconsciously putting you on notice — you just ain’t cutting it in the bedroom, dude.

If that starts happening, you must respond immediately. It will require a bit of those two dreaded words, “openness and humility.” You will have to be open in the sense of directly approaching her and inquiring about what she expects and wants from you in bed. The humility enters the equation because you will have to swallow your pride and admit that you realize that your performance may not be as good as she deserves.

If you two are truly compatible, such an approach should get you on track to being her stud — the way you both always wanted. If not, at least you’ll get some first-hand pointers from a female perspective regarding your bedroom skills. Similar to watching a tape of plays that have gone bad on the field, you’ll be able to isolate your weaknesses and improve your style by the time you face the next team.

— The Good News —

It may be hard to fathom how there could be any sort of good news by being labeled bad in bed. We agree, initially it is not good news. It can be demoralizing. However, the good news is that no man has to be bad in bed forever. By analyzing your current style and technique, you’ve taken the first step in rectifying the problem. Just keep a stiff upper something-or-another and work through the problem. Soon your real bedroom reputation might even catch-up with the one that you’ve always held in your mind.