9 Foreplay Tips Every Man Should Already Know

foreplay tips for men

You’ve always considered yourself to be a very conscious and giving lover. You’re not too modest to say that your partners have always been more than satisfied with your skills in bed. Yet, there is always something gnawing at the back of your neck — and not in a good way. You have a lingering feeling that perhaps you could be better. What if you weren’t really the best that she’s ever had? What if you are just good in bed, but not EXCELLENT?

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The best way to put those insecurities to bed (notice our witty pun? OK, never mind) is by making sure that you are skilled in the basics of foreplay. Yes, foreplay. No matter how well you think you know the basics, it doesn’t hurt to go over them every now and again. You’d be surprised what the women in your life have probably never told you about your foreplay performance. After all, we prefer to carry our judgment about those things in silence — well, silence from you, not the rest of the world.

Take advantage, guys — here are nine foreplay tips that we women take for granted every man should already know. (Don’t worry if something is new to you on the list — we won’t tell anyone)

1. Prelude to Foreplay

Good lovers know the important role that foreplay plays in sex. However, excellent lovers know that the prelude to foreplay is equally as important. Unfortunately, most men do not know about — much less consider — the prelude to foreplay.

Prelude to foreplay involves all of those details that eventually work up to foreplay and then progress to sex. Things like a sexy phone call or naughty text during the day — we can find those to be very stimulating. Leaving a sensual note somewhere that we will be sure to find it — awesome. Sending us a gift or flowers with a note suggesting the passion that is to come later on — fabulous.

To put it terms that we hope all men will understand, consider those preludes like the glow plugs in a diesel engine — they get things going before you even crank the engine.

2. Precoital Massage

The term “precoital massage” sounds awfully technical, but it is oh-so effective. Giving your partner a slow and gentle massage is a huge turn on. We love to feel the strong hands of our man being so adept at the gentle art of massage. It exudes manliness and tenderness simultaneously. It is a sure fire way to kindle a fire that will burn all night.

3. Striptease

Gentlemen, you know how arousing it is to watch us do a seductive striptease for you. Well then, why would it surprise you that we find men doing a striptease for us equally as arousing. So, put on some Tom Jones or Joe Crocker on your music player and show us what we want to see.

4. Whisper Sweet Nothings

You’ve all heard the expression “whisper sweet nothings” into her ear. By adding a little spicy twist to that concept you can set in motion the workings for some hot foreplay and even hotter sex. After going out — right when you get home — as you are helping us out of the car, lean forward and whisper what you want to do to us the moment we walk into the house. Trust us, it’s so simple, yet so effective.

5. Undress Her

Slowly undressing your lady — doing it with suaveness as your lips caress the nape of her neck, her cheeks, her lips — yes, that is something that every woman will react to and which will lead you to the threshold of passion. The key is to stay just one step behind our urge. Make us want you to just rip our clothes off, but you stay on your gentle pace. This makes our sexual urges grow and intensify.

No matter what we have on — be it a fancy gown, a cocktail dress, or even our “around the house” clothes — this slow style of undressing us makes us melt before you even get started with anything else.

6. Dirty Talk

As things heat up, don’t go quiet — start talking dirty to us.

As much as we love this, a great number of men fail to do it. They may utter a few dirty phrases at “key” moments, but they don’t use it as a technique from buildup through “conclusion.” Next time — as in tonight if at all possible — take your dirty talk game up a notch and see for yourself the reaction that you will provoke.

7. Don’t Forget the Kiss, Gentlemen

This is important, a kiss is not supposed to be like a calling card from the 19th century. They are not meant to be presented at the beginning and then forgotten. Remember to keep the kisses constant during foreplay. Carry them over as you transition into “the act;” and continue with them all throughout the act. Don’t forget this.

8. Work From the Outside In

Like nibbling at the strike zone with a few curveballs and sinkers before firing that fastball inside to strikeout the batter — foreplay involves working the outside before coming in.

Don’t start your caresses in our “key” regions. Start on our overlooked areas. Take our hands as an example. Kissing and caressing the hands — including the palm, then moving to the wrists, up the arm to the shoulder — you get the idea. The same can be said for the feet, moving to the ankle and further upward. Also, don’t neglect our back and neck. Our entire body is a masterpiece and should be appreciated accordingly. Yes, foreplay should involve our most intimate of areas, but don’t forget the rest of us, please.

9. Remember We Have Five Senses

Effective foreplay should stimulate our five senses — sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Seeing ourselves being touched and caressed by you — perhaps on a strategically placed mirror. Hearing your lustful phrases. Feeling the varying intensities of your touch — not just fingers, think fur mittens, feathers, etc. Feeding us something sweet on our lips — strawberries come to mind. The understated aroma of your cologne and musk carrying us to peaks of desire.

Yes, you must think at these levels in order to stay in the big leagues, boys. Stimulate all of our senses, not just one or two.

— Final Word to the Wise About Foreplay —

If we could leave you with some final words of wisdom regarding the basics of foreplay — it’s all about improving the quality of your skills, more so than the quantity. Yes, variety and diversity of techniques are great — otherwise, we wouldn’t have written this list. However, no matter how many techniques you develop — always put your best effort into it. We can always tell, boys.

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