— Will I Find a Real BBW?

BoneBBW.comI’m an avid lover of BBWs and often come accross a site called Is it a scam? I tried to join but it seems to be closed and I was sent elsewhere. Are there actual sites with real BBWs near me?

I took a quick look to see what this site is about. It’s not “closed” as you mentioned. It’s actually just a domain that redirects to for tracking purposes. The site itself isn’t terrible and there actually are some real local BBWs on there as opposed to some other BBW dating sites we’ve found. You can join BBWdesire here if you’d like to give it a shot and see if there are enough members in your town to satisfy your BBW thirst.

If you find there is a lack of members in your area using BBW niche dating sites, you can always join a regular adult dating site that doesn’t specifically target BBWs. All you need to do is select BBWs in your search criteria and you’ll get back results featuring all the BBW members in your area. This is actually a better way of meeting big beautiful local girls.

— Is a Scam? —

BoneBBW is NOT a scam. It’s simply a domain redirect. It’s quite common to see this online. It can be because of domain name change, an affiliate redirecting his traffic to another site, or a result of a merge. In this case, it’s most likely an affiliate redirecting his traffic to BBWDesire. It’s also quite common for this to change in the future and for to redirect to another domain.

— Better Choices When Trying to Meet BBWs Online —

Women, bigger women, in this case, aren’t eager to label themselves as “BBWs”. This may cause them to avoid sites branded as BBW hookup sites. I’m sure you’ll find no lack of bigger women on pretty much any site you decide to join. You can check out multiple popular adult hookup sites here along with several in-depth reviews we’ve provided. We will continue to update our reviews and post new ones daily to make sure you’re always in the loop.

Whatever you do, don’t break the ice with the dreaded BBW comments. “I love BBWs”, “I’m really into bigger girls”, “BBWs are so sexy”. These types of initial contact messages will not yield the results you’re hoping for. Your response rate is sure to be lower than average if you start conversations with comments like that and I assure you, you’ll be offending your share of women.