WeAre18.com Review — Old School Combines With New School

weare18 reviewYou may have heard of WeAre18.com from one of the site’s late night TV ads, or from a pop-ad online. It’s even possible that you came across the site while conducting modern digital social anthropological studies — completely devoid of any sexual overtones (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Regardless of how you heard about the site if live web cams and phone sex is your thing, WeAre18 marketing present it as the ideal solution. We conducted a review of WeAre18.com to determine just how good, or how bad, they really are.

— First Impression of WeAre18 —

WeAre18 has a very well designed homepage. It is a minimalist design and it allows registered members to log in and new members to register. It also provides you with the 1-800 to call if you are seeking “old school” on-demand phone sex.

The background consists of a looped video of two strikingly hot models coquettishly interacting with each other. At the bottom of the screen, there is a section where you can click to see a few more videos of these two perpetually “barely 18” twenty-something models. Technically, these two gals are porn stars, not models. They are Riley Reid and Alani Li — with close to 600 porn credits between them. To be perfectly honest, with the right level of inspiration and/or urgency, these intro videos are all you need to “take care of things.”

— The Old School Phone Sex Experience —

When the intro videos are no longer enough, you can call the 1-800 on the homepage and — as your father and grandfather before you used to do with 1-900 numbers — follow a series of “press 1” for this, “press 2” for that menus to be connected to a live sex chat operator. You will need to provide a credit card and you will be billed per minute. These prices can range from $1.99 to $5.99 per minute depending on the model/operator that you select for your “conversation.”

The benefit if this option is that no registration is required for this WeAre18 service.

— The Webcam Experience —

For those seeking the sex webcam experience, registration on WeAre18 is required. The process is fast and straightforward. You must provide information, such as your desired site handle, desired password, along with your real name and address for billing purposes.

The basic registration incurs no charge. You can access the site and see which models are available for webcam activity. Each will have a corresponding price per minute which you will have to pay in order to engage in a live webcam tryst. In our evaluation, we found models available for as low as $1.99 per minute, to as high as $10.99 per minute.

— Pros and Cons of Weare18 —


  • Easy to register
  • Upfront about what it offers (via phone or computer)
  • Gets you what you need, fast


  • Have to provide your real name
  • Need to register a credit card with the site

— The Final Word on our WeAre18 Review —

WeAre18.com does not try to hide what it is — a phone/webcam sex site. That is refreshing in that their customers know exactly what they are getting. If all that you are looking for is a “quick release,” WeAre18 can take care of that for you. Personally, we find this sort of service pricey. From our perspective, that sort of thing could be accomplished for free, but to each his own. Here are 27 Dating Sites that are 100% free. If you decide to use WeAre18, we find nothing alarming about the site except for its prices. Now, excuse us as we go back to watching those intro videos for a little bit longer.