Pure App Review — Raw, but Effective

If there is one thing that you can count on with all things related to the internet and technology — given enough time — they will evolve and improve. Whatever appeared to be the best and the hottest yesterday, will always be replaced by something better tomorrow. In the case of hookup apps, “Pure” is an excellent example of this. Relatively new to the scene of the no-strings-attached hookup universe — launched in 2014 — it revolutionizes the space through simplicity and honesty. Here is our Pure app review.

pure app review

Pure App Review Results
  • Popularity - 78
  • Value - 74
  • Features - 77
  • Quality of Members - 71
  • Safety - 73
  • Customer Satisfaction - 74

Final Word on PURE

If what you want is casual sex and what you seek is an app that helps you find that as efficiently as possible — then the Pure app is for you. It acts as an efficient broker for lustful desires. If, however, you are more traditional and seek something less bold, then Pure might be too shocking for you. Likewise, if you live in a sparsely populated area, the chances of finding a hookup with this app will be slim.

In our opinion, based on our in-depth Pure app review, for the casual sex crowd living in metro areas, this app rates as VERY GOOD & WORTHWHILE. For everybody else — at least until its membership base in rural areas increases — it is probably not for you.

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— Pros and Cons of PURE —


  • Very easy to use
  • 60-minute clock is great for privacy
  • Results oriented
  • Free full membership for women


  • Not as many results in less populated areas
  • Requires credit card information to register
  • Needs to access your device’s GPS location data

— In-Depth Pure App Review —

First off, Pure is an app, not a website. It can only be accessed via an iPhone or Android app. That means that you must interface with it via a smartphone or tablet. The Pure app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google play.

— What Sets the Pure App Apart? —

Reading reviews of hookup apps can sometimes leave the impression that most are derivative of each other. Their level of originality in performance and function being at a minimum — most seemingly interchangeable. During our Pure app review, however, we found that it successfully challenges the current paradigm of hookup apps.

Pure is not the slightest bit pretentious as to its purpose. While some hookup apps and sites apply a thin veneer over their true intended purpose — using terms such as “casual encounters” as opposed to “one-night sexual encounters” — Pure does not do that. The creators of this app are very clear about its purpose. It is to find casual sexual encounters with like-minded adults that are in your vicinity.

By being this honest about the app’s purpose, the creators of the app have successfully focused on what matters most for finding such encounters. In the process, they have stripped all of the unnecessary baggage that other hookup apps carry. This makes the app not only much easier to use but also far more practical.

— How Does Pure Do It? —

Simplified Profiles

If you have joined other hookup or dating sites, you are aware of how tedious it can be to fill out a profile. You are also aware that just skipping through the profile will usually result in poor matchmaking results. This being due to the fact that most sites and apps use your profile data as a key component in generating your suggested pairings.

Pure functions with the understanding that if all that you are interested in is an immediate casual sexual encounter, all that is needed are two mutually interested people. To get to that point of mutual interest all that both need to know is — what does the other person look like and how far away are they. Essentially, Pure uses the laws of raw attraction. They realize that the app is for casual sex, not finding soul mates. Within their promotional literature they actually encourage “no calls, no texts afterwards — pretend like you’re strangers.” That may seem cold to some — ideal to others.

With this in mind, Pure made the profiles on the app consist of one thing only — a profile picture. That’s right, one pic — no text. It can’t be any simpler than that.

The Running Clock

What we found to be unique to Pure is that your profile only remains active for one hour. After that time elapses, your profile and anything attached to it, such as conversation strings with other members — vanishes. It’s not hidden or archived — it is literally deleted forever.

Your membership is not deleted, but any trace of your profile on the service is — until you get the hankering for another casual encounter, that is. Then all you have to do is upload another (or the same) profile picture and get started on a new 60-minute clock. From our perspective, this offers a greater degree of privacy compared to other hookup apps and it also increases the relevance of members that are online.

On other hookup apps, you never know when other members — no matter how well they match up with you — are available. With Pure you know that if they appear online — they are on a 60-minute clock, just like you — and they are there for the same thing you are. It’s akin to an online version of the singles bar of yesteryear. If you are both there at the same time and there is attraction — no need to order a second drink — it’s time to go back to your place.

Natural Laws of Attraction and Availability vs Algos

Pure does not use any complex algorithms to create matches. The app uses data from your device’s GPS to determine where you are located when you start your 60-minute clock. It then shows you where potential matches are located within 50-kilometers of your location. You can then look at those member’s profile pictures and react with a “yes” or “no.” The other members do the same to you. When two members reply “yes” to their respective profiles, a chat window can be opened.

When communication is established neither side knows how much time remains on the other person’s 60-minute clock. You can chat about whatever you want via text — you can also send additional pictures. The purpose, though, is to establish a hookup. The fact that you know that you are both on a timer makes getting to the point much easier. After all, you are both there for the same thing. Again, it’s hard to escape the comparison to a singles bar.

— Cost of Using the Pure App —

Registration on the Pure app is free. When you first join you get a free seven-day trial period that includes five 60-minute sessions tickets. To activate the trial, you must register a form of payment even though no charge is made at the start of the trial. After the trial period ends, you will automatically be billed for a one-month subscription with a cost of $19.99. You can avoid this automatic charge by canceling your subscription prior to the end of the trial period. A daily subscription is also available for $4.99 per day.

Ladies, your memberships are always free. You can use Pure in an unlimited capacity forever without a single charge.

Before you start getting any bright ideas, when you install the app on your device it detects your device’s IMEI (a unique identifier). This means that even if you uninstall the app after your five free uses and reinstall it later, you will not get a new set of five freebies. If you try it on a different device and use the same form of payment, you will also be out of luck.

— Results of Our Pure App Review —

It should be no surprise that being a location-based app, Pure users in more densely populated areas will get better results. When we tested the app we found that finding prospective hookups, regardless of the hour, was easier when we were in a large metro area. The moment we tried to use the app in suburban or rural areas, the number of prospective hookups dropped. In most cases, none were found.