13 Tips to Meet More People Using the PURE App

PURE Dating App Tips

When it comes to privacy and anonymity in casual sex apps, none does it better than the PURE app. Available for iPhone and Android devices, PURE is unique. Its minimalistic profiles and one-hour “self-destruct” feature for all posted requests and messages make it ideal for casual hookups. It also encourages immediate engagement.

As powerful as PURE is, some users fail to take full advantage of it. Some are unaware of its key features, others try to use it like they would any other hookup app. As with any other tool, knowing how to use it properly will determine the quality of the results that you get out of it.

These are some tips that will help you meet more people and get what you want with the PURE app. Don’t forget to check out our in-depth PURE review.

1- Remember, PURE is Anonymous and Spontaneous

One of the biggest mistakes that users of PURE make is that they forget that their requests and profiles are only visible to others for one hour. Don’t make the mistake of posting on a Friday night and expect to get responses on Saturday.

2- Post Only When You Are Ready to Meet

PURE is an app for action. Post a request only when you are ready to receive and reply to responses.

3- Make Your Chats Count

When you engage in a chat with another PURE member remember that the clock is running. Just as your posted requests only last for one hour, the chat windows are equally as short-lived. That means that no matter how lively or fantastic your chat, after one hour — poof, it’s gone. If you haven’t made arrangements to meet in person or established other forms of contact in that 60-minute time frame, you are out of luck. Make those chats count!

4- You can Delete Your Picture at Any Time

Sometimes when you post a meet request you include a picture that you have second thoughts about right after you posted it. While any image posted on PURE will self-destruct after one hour, if you feel it prudent to do so, you can delete any image at any time of your choosing before it expires.

5- If You Are a Woman — It’s Free!

It’s amazing how many people have heard of PURE but have failed to try it. It is even more astonishing when women talk about the app and then mention that they have not tried it. Women get full and permanent use of the app for FREE.

6- Give PURE Access to Your Location

In order to get replies to your posted requests, it is essential that you grant the app access to your phone’s GPS location. If you rely solely on the estimated location based on the IP of your WiFi connection, your requests may not be seen by as many relevant users.

7- Activate Push Notifications for PURE

When you post a request on PURE make certain that your phone’s push notification feature for the app is turned on. Otherwise, people wanting to meet you will not be able to reach you during the hour that your request is active.

8- Be Clear About What You Want

When you post a request on PURE be clear about what you are looking for. PURE is not the place to beat around the bush. If it’s a quickie that you want, say so early on in the chat. If it involves satisfying a specific sexual fetish or fantasy, be clear about it. Use an egg timer approach when it comes to chats on PURE. The sooner both parties know what they are looking for, the sooner they can decide to meet or move on.

9- Make the Most of Your Selfie

When you post a picture, maximize its effectiveness. Don’t rely on “ordinary” pictures. Since your request consists solely of one picture, incorporate a visual element that will draw attention to your request. Be creative but not explicit. Hold up a sign, use creative and expressive poses — use your selfie not just to let other PURE users know what you look like, but also to get some insight into what you are looking for.

10- Be Prepared With Additional Photos

While you are limited to only one selfie when you post your one-hour request, keep in mind that you can send as many pictures as you want when you are in a chat window with another member. This means that you should have pictures suitable for the moment in case things during a chat start going your way. Either that or be ready to take pictures as you chat. Visual stimuli will go a long way in helping you get more real world encounters from PURE.

11- Reply to Requests Immediately

While you can always see how much time is left on your own request, you cannot tell how much time is left on another member’s request. That means that when you spot a request that interests you — respond to it IMMEDIATELY!

12- Keep It Fun

PURE is the place to meet people for no-strings-attached fun. Keep that in mind and use it for that purpose. If you’re just interested in someone to chat about your day or unload your problems, PURE is not the place for that.

13- Keep True to the “Pretend Like You’re Strangers” Mantra

PURE has a mantra that states that after hooking up members should “pretend like they’re strangers.” That means no post-encounter communication. You meet, you do what you both want to do, and then that’s it. If you break this code, chances are that the next time you post a request and a member that you have shared “personal time” with before spots it, they might decide to skip over you instead of going for the sure hookup. Keep PURE spontaneous and you will be bound to get repeat hookups — become “clingy” and you will be shunned.

— It’s PURE and Simple —

PURE gives its users an opportunity that is not found elsewhere. You have the chance to be yourself, retain your privacy, and hookup with like-minded people. There’s no BS, no complicated steps to follow in order to meet others. It’s the most responsive app to your natural urges. By being aware of how it is designed to work and following some of the tips that we have included here, you should be able to get the most out of your PURE experience.