SwingTowns Review — Get Your Polyamory, Right Here

SwingTowns has been bringing swingers together since 1999. Curious about how useful it is today, we joined the site to bring you this in-depth SwingTowns review.

swingtowns review

SwingTowns Review Results
  • Popularity - 71
  • Value - 85
  • Features - 81
  • Quality of Members - 88
  • Safety - 89
  • Customer Satisfaction - 86

Final Word on SwingTowns

SwingTowns has developed into a bustling community of open-minded adults who are sincere about their lifestyle. The sort of honesty and openness that this creates is highly commendable. If you share that lifestyle — or are merely curious about it — SwingTowns offers a great platform to pursue your desires without fear of criticism.

We rate SwingTowns as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • A genuine and peer authenticated community for swingers and polyamorists
  • Great online community with outreaches for real-world encounters and parties
  • Affordable monthly membership
  • In operation since 1999


  • Features may be too similar to a “social network” for some people’s tastes
  • Free version offers no access to the communication features

— In-Depth SwingTowns Review —


In a sexual context, most people will be familiar with the term “swinging.” When asked what “polyamory” is, however, it is likely that not as many people will know what that term means. In a nutshell, polyamory means sustaining a sexual and long-term relationship with more than one person with the knowledge and consent of all involved.

It differs from polygamy — which is being married to more than one person. It also differs from good old fashioned swinging, in that it is not short-term in nature. Being polyamorous is not just a way to express your sexuality — it is a way of life.

polyamory dating site

While dating and hookup sites focused on swinging are easy to find online, not many of those sites take an inclusive approach toward polyamory. While in recent years, polyamorous sites have been appearing in slowly increasing numbers, there has been one that has been in existence since 1999. At about the same time that some of the staples of the online dating world were getting their start, so too was SwingTowns.com.

The site got its start as a bulletin-board style site. It was intended for open-minded adults to find each other, providing them a venue to post invites to gatherings and sex parties — you know, all of the fun stuff. Today, it has become home to a genuine and fast-growing community. This consists of all types of people — swingers, fetishists and the polyamorous are all welcome.

— How SwingTowns Functions Today —

A naughty sensation when it started in 1999, today SwingTowns has adopted the look and feel of a social network. It has not lost its edge by any means, it simply has added a modern face.

New users can register with relative ease. Unlike other dating and hookup sites that impose invasive questions that border on psychoanalysis, SwingTowns uses a more laid back approach. Yes, you must choose a screen name, password and provide your location, date of birth and valid email, but beyond that — what you choose to share is entirely up to you. SwingTowns gives you the option to build your profile as detailed or as thin as you want it.

When we tested the site, we found that building out your profile is worthwhile in that it provides other members that share your specific sexual tastes and desires an easier path to finding you. For the most part, the intimate details on your profile would consist of listing any fetishes or kinks that you enjoy. Additionally, you should mention whether you are a single individual, a couple looking to swing, or a couple seeking to add to your inner polyamorous circle. Of course, pictures are very important when it comes to a site such as SwingTowns. You can upload multiple images to your profile. During our evaluation, our testers uploaded as many as three dozen pictures of themselves. It should be noted, however, that technically only one picture appears as your “main” profile image. Any additional images that you upload appear as a post and would be seen by people who follow you or those that visit your timeline.

— Overall Quality of the User Experience —

SwingTowns is successful in harnessing that “social network feel.” If you are comfortable spending hours on Facebook, you will feel right at home on SwingTowns.

The main reason that we felt so comfortable with the SwingTowns user experience was due to the genuine sense of community that you feel on the site. There are no fake profiles hounding you, no trolls to ruin the experience — the users are truly open-minded adults who are simply seeking likeminded fun.

— How SwingTowns “Keeps It Real” —

When you first start exploring SwingTowns, you will notice that some users appear as “validated.” User validation can only be obtained from another validated user. This is achieved by gaining the trust of a validated user online, or through one of the real-world meetups that are organized via the site.

Over time, genuine and trusted users of SwingTowns will become validated — it is a natural part of the dynamic of the community. By combining this sort of peer-based validation process with an accessible reporting system, the site stays pure. Users police their own community by reporting fake profiles and trolls to the site administrators for review and potential expulsion.

— Features —

The site has a section called “Action.” This uses a newsfeed format to deliver posts to you from members that you have “liked” or have otherwise connected with. In addition, you will also receive posts from users in general within a designated geographic region, if you so indicate. The posts received in the “Action” section can further be customized by other criteria such as age, gender, likes, wants, etc.

The search engine on SwingTowns is divided into three categories. These are the “Threesome Finder,” the “Polyamory Finder,” and the “Individual Finder”. The first two search categories are designed for couples — or polyamorous unions — to search for partners to engage in casual threesomes or more lasting polyamorous relationships. The individual search category will match you with couples or other individuals, depending on your selected search criteria.

Communication on SwingTowns is done via online messaging and video chat. There are also multiple forums on a wide variety of categories. These range from the sexual, to the details of the swinging and polyamorous lifestyle. For those seeking more passive insight into the lifestyle, the site also has a blog full of useful content — whether you are a newbie or a seasoned polyamorist, SwingTowns caters to you.

— Cost —

SwingTowns is free to join and explore, but during our tests, we discovered that the free version was severely limiting. This was especially true when it came to communication with other members. For that reason, we would suggest purchasing a membership. Compared to other sites it is very affordable. A one-month membership costs $15.95. If you pay for an entire year in advance, the average monthly cost drops to $5.75.