Review — Sugar Daddies or Poor Old Phonies?

The name in and of itself should explain what is about. If, however, you find the obvious hard to digest, allow us to explain that the site is dedicated to helping single and willing young ladies (and gentlemen) find eager and willing sugar daddies. This is our full RichMen review. Review Review Results
  • Popularity - 42
  • Value - 38
  • Features - 48
  • Quality of Members - 39
  • Safety - 62
  • Customer Satisfaction - 44

Final Word on

Unfortunately, the final word we have regarding RichMen is not so rich in terms of praise. We found the site to be extremely generic, not at all a specialized site dedicated to finding wealthy men. If it were a free site, we probably wouldn't be so critical. However, since it requires a steep monthly membership, we have to rate RichMen as VERY POOR in keeping up with its users' expectations. If you want to find a real sugar daddy, or if you are rich enough to claim the benefits of sugar daddy status, there are other sites where you will do much better.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Registration is relatively fast
  • Navigation is intuitive


  • Free membership offers minimal functionality
  • No mobile apps
  • Male members are subject to chat-bot “harassment” under free version
  • Members are clumped into a larger dating network making real sugar daddies and willing ladies few in number

— Full Review —

Let’s be honest — the world of online dating and hookups is not all about love and romance. While some sites do focus on the principles of undying and selfless devotion, others are more pragmatic. After all, just as in traditional dating, some encounters take place more for convenience than anything else.

You have probably come across a few dating sites that focus on such relationships. Those sites are not bringing people together because they are soul mates. They are not even uniting people to satisfy like-minded sexual desires. The sites that we are referring to are those that are described as “sugar daddy” and “sugar mommy” sites. These sites bring people together by commoditizing “personal company” and wealth.

These sites should not be chastised. There is nothing wrong with whatever bonding mechanism two adults wish to use to come together. As a matter of fact, it can be said that “sugar daddy and mommy” sites perform a very useful service. They greatly facilitate the search and vetting process for both the piece of “sugar” and the “daddy/mommy.”

If you have read this far, perhaps you yourself are a sugar daddy or are actively in search of one. It is for this segment of our readership that we present our findings on the hookup site known as

— First Impression —

RichMen describes itself as being a “casual dating site that links successful and wealthy men with bold and intelligent women.” In hearing that, you would expect to find a site that evokes class and distinction across all fronts — style, functionality, type of user, etc. When we first navigated to the Welcome page, what we found was aesthetically far short of that.


The site has a very dated and generic look. It has an aesthetic style that we commonly refer to as “templated.” To be honest, at best it looks plain, at worst it looks cheap. Those are hardly the qualities that you want to see on a site that supposedly caters to elite rich men and sophisticated single women. A look at the tiled images that places on its front page as a sample of their membership is even more laughable. Of the 12 sample “gentlemen” that we saw, half looked like average guys. The remainder looked either like someone stretching out the week with ramen noodles until their next unemployment check arrived — or like someone searching under the sofa cushions to find enough spare change to buy a Slurpee. None impressed us as being the jet setting or mogul type.

As we always do when we get a funny feeling about a site, we dug into RichMen’s corporate background. We discovered that it is nothing more than a second-tier feeder site for a larger online dating network. When you register on, you are in fact registering with Worldwide Connect Partners. Your user profile goes into a collective of profiles which include those from sites such as and While this increases the overall exposure for your profile, it does little to focus on men who are genuinely rich or women that are actively seeking sugar daddies.

— Registration Process —

RichMen Registration

Registering on RichMen involves what the site refers to as a “one-step” process. In reality, a few more steps are involved in order to get any use out of the site.

The initial sign-up starts on the welcome page. From there, you must select your personality type. You have a choice between conservative, outgoing, or wild. You then enter your gender and the gender of the person that you are seeking to be matched with. After that, you must enter your email, choose a password to access the site, enter your geographic location and select your age from a drop-down menu. Before clicking on the blue “Join Now” button, you may want to uncheck the box that automatically signs you up on another website, This other site is not a part of the Worldwide Connect Partners network, but it appears as if is an affiliate for it.

Once you finish with those steps, the next step of the “one-step” process involves you opening your email and clicking on a verification link. If you fail to do so within 24 hours, your registration is nullified. The final step of the “one-step” process involves you logging in with your credentials and building your profile. Your profile allows you to upload profile pictures, write a paragraph or two about yourself, as well as using a checkbox format to elaborate on your personality traits and physical attributes.

— User Experience —

As a free member on, you cannot access the full functionality of the site. You can conduct simple searches, but cannot apply any sort of filtering to those results. You also cannot send or respond to messages. In order to get full use of the site, you must upgrade to a paid membership. This has a monthly cost of $24.99 under the “silver” plan and $34.99 under the “gold” plan. Both of these paid plans give you full search and communication functionality with the gold plan adding preferential placement of your profile in the search results of others. The gold plan also alerts you when new members join.

When we upgraded to a paid membership the results that we obtained were less than lackluster. All three of our testers stated that at no time did they feel that they were being matched with members that would fit the description of sugar daddies or women seeking them. While some of the male members with whom conversations were started seemed likable, none earned above a five-digit annual income.

Also — prior to upgrading— the male testers in our group were receiving a large number of messages from supposed female members of the site. A little investigating turned up that these were mainly chat-bots trying to coax our wannabe sugar daddies to upgrade to a paid membership.