How can I get a free membership on

I’ve been looking at The site looks interesting. I’m young and interested in finding hookups, I would like to give it a try. Normally, before I pay for any dating site, I like to see what it’s about. Most sites allow me a free membership. I realize that these free memberships usually offer only a limited taste of what the site is about, but they are a real help when I’m trying to decide whether a site is worth my time or not. On I noticed that it mentions a free membership on its main page. This is why I don’t understand why after I go through the process of registrating I always end up at a payment screen. I can never access the site as a free member. Am I doing something wrong? Is there such a thing as a free membership on

bookofsex free membership does, in fact, have a free membership option. As a free member you are limited in the functionality that you have on the site, especially those features related to communication, but on the whole, it offers a decent option for new users to evaluate the platform.

You mentioned that you have already gone through the registration process for BookofSex. If you have done so, you will notice that after you enter your personal information and the introductory snippet for your profile, you are redirected to what appears to be a paywall screen.

On it, it shows you different payment options for your BookofSex membership. It also presents you with additional enhanced options for your account. On the surface, it appears that you cannot enter the site unless you select one of these payment options. Do not panic. This is not some bait-and-switch effort on the part of BookofSex. The free option is there, as long as you know how to get to it

This involves clicking on any option in the navigation menu. Once you do that, you will be redirected to the main user platform for BookofSex. Usually, you only have to go through that process once. Subsequent visits to the platform as a free member should lead you directly to the platform page upon entering your login credentials.

Also, you should be aware that BookofSex is simply a white label site for the much larger Adult Friend Finder. While it offers you access to the AFF network, it’s nothing more than a facade for the more popular AdultFriendFinder site. If you haven’t paid for a membership on BookofSex, you may want to consider the better option of signing up directly with AdultFriendFinder. Why go through a middleman when you can experience the real thing directly, right?