BookofSex Review — The Quest to Get Laid

Is BookofSex any good at all? Is it just like any other hookup site? Is it worth your time? Above all, will it help you to get laid? We conducted a review of this site in order to determine if our fantasy-based expectations squared with reality. Before you register, you should give a quick read to what we found out about

bookofsex review

BookofSex Review Results
  • Popularity - 6
  • Value - 28
  • Features - 87
  • Quality of Members - 89
  • Safety - 88
  • Customer Satisfaction - 93

Final Word on BookofSex

We found BookofSex to offer a fruitful user experience. The platform will not dazzle you with its appearance, but it will impress you with its functionality and results. If you are looking for a hookup site that will yield real hookups, BookofSex is a good bet. We would rate BookofSex as GOOD. However, considering it is part of the AdultFriendFinder network, you may find a superior experience by joining AFF directly and bypassing the middlemen.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fun registration process
  • Access to over 80 million active members
  • Simple but powerful user interface
  • Free version is great for evaluation purposes


  • Full functionality requires payment
  • No native mobile apps
  • Could use a “facelift” in terms of appearance

— In-Depth BookofSex Review —


Some hookup sites are enticing with their name alone. Such is the case with Honestly, we had not heard about this site before. When we saw its name, however, our interest was piqued. After all, the sound of “Book of Sex” sounds epic. As if though you are about to undertake a quest for the ultimate hook up, a colossal journey with only one destination — getting laid.

While it’s easy for your imagination to go wild with the possibilities of BookofSex, it is important to be pragmatic and focus on the reality of what the site has to offer.

— First Impression —

If you are horny and alone, the first sight of’s welcome page will only serve to stir you up even further. Above the fold, you will notice the background image of a young man with an average build, fondling the bare breast of a fair maiden as she lies in repose. If you’re brutally honest, you would probably say to yourself, “shoot, if this scrawny dude can score a chick like that on this site, why can’t I?”

All joking aside, on the surface, BookofSex appears to have potential — enough to merit getting started with the registration process.

— Registration Process —

bookofsex registration

The registration box requires only two actions on your part to get started. You must first enter whether you are seeking a woman, a man, a couple, a group, or a member of the transgender community for your hookup. After that, you click on the blue “see your matches” button.

Once you do that, you’re immediately redirected to a page requiring you to enter further information about yourself. Normally, a process such as this would be mundane. BookofSex makes it a tad bit more exciting, though. On the left-hand side of the page, there are two small videos displaying looped videos of some very interesting ladies. Their presence definitely makes completing the registration process much more fun and interesting. Hell, it may even cause you to take a slow and leisurely pace as you complete your information.

The complete registration process is divided into five sections, each one with its own window. The information requested is standard, such as email address, date of birth, location, etc. You can also volunteer to provide the site with your sexual orientation, body type, ethnicity, and marital status. The only other mandatory element that you must provide is an introduction title to your profile. This must consist of a minimum of ten characters. You are also given the option to write a few more lines about yourself. We would suggest you use this space to add some spice to your profile. Describe a little bit about yourself. Remeber, this is a hookup site, avoid mundane platitudes such as “I’m a nice guy looking for a nice gal.” Be spicy, be flirtatious — if writing isn’t your thing, there is a convenient hyperlink labeled “writing ideas” that will provide you with plenty of suggestions for what to write in this space.

— Associated Costs —

Alas, just as anything worthwhile in this world, BookofSex is not entirely free. Yes, there is a free version — as the site’s welcome page alludes — but it is limited in its functionality. From our point of view, the free version fulfills its purpose by allowing those interested in becoming full members a chance to kick the tires and take BookofSex for a spin around the block.

The free version will not allow you to send messages and its search parameters will be limited, but it does let you see the big picture behind BookofSex. You can appreciate the level of diversity of members on the site. You can gain a sense of the different types of women that are on the site and what they are looking for —yes, the majority involve casual hookups and sex.

Full membership will open up all of the site’s functions. One month will cost you $39.95, three months will cost you $80.85. Considering that you are joining a site that is also part of a much larger and highly reliable network of adult-oriented sites with access to over 80 million active users, the price of membership makes for a good value proposition.

In case you want to go directly to the free version of the site, all you have to do is click on any tab in the main navigation bar. That gets you to the platform as a free member.

—User Experience —

When you finally reach the main platform — either as a free or paid member — you will notice that it consists of a plain, yet functional design. It may not be fancy, but it is effective. The most prominent feature is located in the middle of the page. There you will find two rows of tiled images of users that the site has determined to be suggested matches for you. These are based on your user activity and selected search parameters. The suggestions can be modified to reflect those members who are currently online as well as those who have recently joined the site. If the results do not meet your expectations, you can click on the “advanced search” tab immediately above these images and customize your search parameters further.

On other hookup sites — especially when you apply very specific search parameters — the number of matches diminishes significantly. On BookofSex, thanks to its 80 million active members, running out of suggested matches is never an issue.

On the right-hand side of the page, you can access your messages, the profiles that you have favorited and placed on hotlists, as well as a summary of how many members have viewed and hotlisted your own profile. To get additional detail, all you have to do is click on any item in that column.

Everything about BookofSex is in accordance to what you would want and expect on an effective hookup site. The only thing that we were not fully satisfied with was the lack of native mobile apps. The only way to access your account from a smartphone is via the site’s mobile page on your phone’s browser. In our opinion, that undercuts the power and potential of the site when you are on a phone.

— Improving the User Experience —

The main reason that BookofSex performs as strongly as it does is because it is part of the AdultFriendFinder network. Easily one of the biggest and best-performing hookup sites for open-minded adults, AFF is a powerhouse in the industry. As good as BookofSex is, chances are that in terms of performance, pricing promotions and speed, registering directly with AFF might yield more impressive results. Think of it like this, the burgers will always taste better at a company-owned McDonalds as opposed to a franchised-McDonalds.