OneNightFriend Review — Will It Hook You Up?

Before you consider joining this site for your own personal use, we strongly suggest that you first read our full OneNightFriend review.

OneNightFriend Review

OneNightFriend Review Results
  • Popularity - 44
  • Value - 47
  • Features - 53
  • Quality of Members - 42
  • Safety - 48
  • Customer Satisfaction - 41

Final Word on OneNightFriend

We are confident that not all of the sites on the Together Network follow the same pattern of OneNightFriend. Some may yield a positive user experience, but OneNightFriend definitely does not. From what we could see of the network-exchange members, those profiles appear to be legitimate. It was the profiles organic to this site that created the negative user experience — that is where the fictitious and inactive profiles resided. It's quite possible that different sites on the network use a different approach. Sadly, the approach used by OneNightFriend sucks.

We would rate the site as POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast registration process
  • Mobile app for iOS
  • Part of the Together Network


  • No native app for Android available
  • Use of fictitious profiles
  • Most female profiles organic to the site are inactive

— In-Depth OneNightFriend Review —

If you have ever visited the online hookup site known as and you had a feeling of deja vu — as if you’ve been there before — you’re not alone.

Recently we visited OneNightFriend to conduct a full review of the site. At first glance, yes, the site did share certain similarities with other online hookup sites, but that fact alone is not that unusual. However, based on the insistence of some of our readers that OneNightFriend might be nothing more than an entry portal to a larger dating network, we decided to dig deep, not only into how it functions, but also into who operates the site.

— First Impression —


The welcome page for has a professional, albeit templated, look about it. There are two elements that are prominent in the area that is above the fold. One of these, as is to be expected, is the registration box. The other is a small message balloon that reads “Women message men for free.”

If you scroll down below the fold, there will be a few sections of text all dedicated to boasting about the virtues of using the site. To paraphrase this content, it basically states that OneNightFriend is the ideal site for finding noncommittal short-term encounters. While this content is easy to understand, there are some signs, especially in the way that it is structured linguistically, that it was not penned by a native English speaker.

The reason we mention all of this is not because we are compulsive perfectionists, rather because small little details such as these taken in the aggregate are often indicative of dating sites that turn out to provide a poor user experience.

— Registration Process —

The registration process is extremely simple. It does not require anything beyond having to provide a valid email address, your age, gender, and location. Within minutes, a confirmation email is sent to you. It will contain a verification link you must click on to activate your account. Optionally, you can choose to enter the four-digit code that is contained within the same email as an alternate method of activation. This truncated style of registration, while convenient, is usually indicative of a site that is more concerned about getting new paid members than properly vetting their user base.

OneNightFriend Registration 1

OneNightFriend Registration 2

On the desktop platform of OneNightFriend, you are given the option to register using your Google credentials. This eliminates the process of having to wait for a confirmation link and imports your basic personal data from your Google account. On the native iOS platform, you are given the added option of using your Facebook account to register. Why Facebook is not available as an option on desktops appears to be more of a design oversight than a technical barrier. We would venture to speculate that this omission will be rectified soon.

— Available Platforms —

As we mentioned above, OneNightFriend can be accessed on desktop browsers. It also has a native iOS app that is available from the App Store. We were unable to find a native app for Android devices. A thorough search on Google Play did not yield any results. We did, however, find APKs for OneNightFriend that could be installed on Android phones. This option would require you to download the APK from a third-party site and to change the settings on your phone to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed. Installing apps in such a way could expose your device to security risks. For that reason, we would recommend that you stick with the desktop or iOS version.

— Technical Issues —

We had a total of four people register for OneNightFriend accounts. All of them reported having at least one instance in which after logging in on the desktop version they encountered a blank page.

onenightfriend technical issues

It was only after repeated attempts that they were able to access their account. Whether this technical glitch was isolated to the time frame in which we conducted our tests, or if it’s something more endemic, we do not know.

Regarding the iPhone app, it was not as responsive as you would expect for an app that has to pass all of the necessary screening in order to be made available on the Apple App Store. All of our testers agreed that it felt clunky, slow, and that it was not uncommon for the app to close by itself when the general chat module was opened.

— User Experience —

Before we describe the user experience for OneNightFriend, allow us to explain what we discovered about the operators of the site. OneNightFriend is part of the Together Network of dating sites. Among the many dating sites that this Malta-based business operates is and This helps to explain the uncanny similarity in the design template used by OneNightFriend. If you have ever used Flirt or Cupid, chances are that you will notice that they are using the same structure and platform as OneNightFriend. That means that this site engages in what is known as an “audience exchange” with the other sites on the Together Network.

You’d figure that being part of a larger dating site network would result in a decent user experience. Unfortunately, that is not the case with OneNightFriend.

When you first access the user platform, you will notice that the features that it offers are quite generic. You will find a search feature.


OneNightFriend Search Filters

You will also find a communications feature that includes email and online chat — pretty much what you would expect to find on any hookup site. There is nothing exclusive available on OneNightFriend.

— Cost —

To make matters worse, if you are a male user, you cannot even use any of the communications features. You are required to upgrade to a full paid membership. A 30-day membership on OneNightFriend will cost you $39. A 90-day membership will cost $65.70, a 180-day membership will cost $106.20.

OneNightFriend Cost

During our time on the site, we were able to estimate that the majority of the female profiles that are organic to the site (exclusive of the network-exchange members) are either inactive or belong to what the site admits are fictitious profiles used for internal marketing purposes. This means that OneNightFriend is yet another hookup site that relies on fake profiles and chatbots to lure male users into paying for an upgraded membership. When things like that are present, it makes it very difficult to have a positive user experience.