Why can’t I play the Lovoo App’s Match game?

I recently downloaded and installed the Lovoo app on my Android phone. I had heard many positive things about this app and wanted to try it out. I’m pretty sure that I installed the app properly, but I am unable to play the Match game. Every time I try to do so, the app doesn’t show me another profile. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to pay for a VIP membership? Do I need to use an iPhone or computer for this game?

lovoo match game

The Lovoo app is a very popular dating app. With over 60 million active users it has gained a reputation for creating a fun and efficient user experience. It’s “Match” feature is a modern and creative take on the swipe game found on many other dating apps.

The situation that you are describing is commonly caused by one of two things. According to the terms of service of Lovoo, the only restriction placed on the Match game happens when you have run out of credits for that day or if you do not have a profile image uploaded to your profile.

If you do not have a profile image — even if you have a VIP membership — you cannot use the Match feature. The reason they do this is that this game is a reciprocal game. That means that in order for you to rate other members by swiping either right or left, you must also allow other members to rate you. Since this is visually based, you obviously need to have an image.

If you recently changed your profile image, try restarting the app. There have been reports that when the app is updated some of its features fail to perform properly until you restart it.

If the restriction is caused by running out of credits, remember that you can purchase credits in blocks of 300 and 550 starting as low as $3.99. To avoid the problem of running out of credits altogether, you can also purchase the monthly or yearly membership offered by Lovoo.

If you have further questions about some of Lovoo’s other features or the user experience that it offers, be sure to check out our recent Lovoo review.