Boston Hookup Sites — 4 Sites that Will Get You Laid and Fast

Boston is considered by some as the cradle of the United States. As one of the nation’s original cities, it is steeped in history and tradition. It is truly one of the country’s gems. However, when it comes to the world of dating — more specifically, hooking up — Boston is definitely unique. If you are moving to Boston or just visiting, it will be definitely worth your while learning about the behind-the-scenes aspect of hooking up in Boston. More specifically, about the Boston hookup sites that make this process a hell of a lot easier.

Boston Hookup Sites

— Peculiarities of Boston Hookups —

In order to appreciate why it is important to rely on Boston hookup sites to meet potential partners instead of going the “old school” route, it is important for you to know the peculiarities of the people of Boston and how they prefer to hook up.

Boston “proper” and most of its suburbs are more compact than other cities. This leads to a greater density of people. During mild weather, this makes Boston a great walking and biking town. This has also caused Bostonians to become accustomed to hooking up with people within a reasonably short distance of where they are located. It is common for people from Boston to confine their search for a hookup to one or two miles of their location. This means that when using a hookup site if you are the one that is willing to move around and travel a few miles, you will stand a better chance at finding a hookup. In other words, in Boston, you should be the one traveling the farthest to meet the other person. That will greatly increase your chances. Don’t expect a Bostonian to come to you.

Boston and its surroundings are filled with institutions of higher learning. That means that among its population there are a higher number of students that in most other cities. Undergraduate and postgraduate students abound. This means that topics related to academia or the student lifestyle are a great way to start a conversation that could lead to something deeper. Yes, that may sound counter-intuitive in other cities, but in Boston conversations about student loans or your plans to continue with graduate school can actually help you to hookup and get laid.

To outsiders, people from Boston seem to exist within a bizarre dichotomy of an extroverted passion for sports and an introverted passion for the sedate and cerebral. Bostonians are notorious for their allegiance to their sports teams — and, yes, this includes the women. No matter how well you hit it off with someone from Boston, if you start talking crap about the Patriots, Celtics, or even the Bruins, chances are that you will ruin any chance that you had of getting any action.

While the extroverted side of Boston is on clear display when it comes to sports and bars, the introverted side also exists and should not be ignored. Bookstores — yes, they are still around — are still a big thing in Boston. A Bostonian could easily be downing a few beers cheering the Red Sox one day while enjoying a sedate afternoon at a bookstore or eating artisanal ice cream the next. This bizarre fusion of behaviors has led to Bostonians relying more on dating and hookup sites than people from other cities. Most take it as a given that to hookup you must go to a site or app first — not a bar or club. Hence, you must do so too — at least if you are in Boston.

— 4 Boston Hookup Sites that Will get you Laid and Fast —

Knowing now how important Boston hookup sites are to the locals, you probably want to know what hookup sites are the most popular. Here are four sites that will get you laid, and fast, in Boston.

1. AFF – AdultFriendFinder

Boston Hookup Site #1 - AdultFriendFinder

For a town that is into polyamory and that has a population that is into a lot of kinks — as is Boston — there is no better hookup site than AdultFriendFinder. Commonly known as AFF, this site has over two decades of experience in bringing like-minded adults together for casual encounters. It merits mention as one of the Boston hookup sites most likely to get you laid.

There are several reasons for this, but topping the list is its large user base. In the Greater Boston area, it is estimated that there are more than 85,000 AFF members. This represents one of the highest concentrations of AFF members in a single metropolitan area

AdultFriendFinder is designed to attract members that are going to be actively engaged in the casual sex community. They accomplish this by offering a wealth of options when it comes to customizing your search parameters. This is what makes AFF so effective in finding like-minded partners anywhere in the world. However, when you add the fact that Bostonians are more open-minded and more into casual and kinky encounters, that means that you are going to find more compatible partners on AFF in Boston than you would in many other cities.

This works quite favorably if your intent is to have multiple hookups in Boston. After all, why you limit yourself to a single experience when multiple encounters are possible.

If you are curious about the sort of people that you can meet on AFF in Boston, they will usually be between the ages of 21 to 45, they will have a job that makes them financially stable, will be very open-minded indicating an interest in at least two types of sexual fetishes or fantasies, and in terms of the gender ratio, 40 percent of AFF members in Boston are women. When you add all of this together, it clearly presents itself as an opportunity for hooking up. AdultFriendFinder is definitely a Boston hookup site that will get you laid fast.

2. EasySex

Boston Hookup Site #2 - EasySex

While different people might be looking for the same thing — such as open-minded, no strings attached, sexually intense hookups — not everyone will feel comfortable using the same type of platform to find each other. We’ve already mentioned AFF, the stand-out legacy hook-up site, but there are others.

If your style is more up front — if you prefer to be bolder and more direct, might be the best Boston hookup site for you. EasySex, from the moment that you register on its platform, makes it clear that it is all about no-strings-attached hookups.

We’ll be honest, to some people its style might be off-putting. In other words, some might find the EasySex site to be too intense — dare we say, some might even call it vulgar. However, if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you. If your outlook is, “hey I’m here to hook up and get laid, I know what I’m getting into,” then you should have no qualms with the EasySex platform.

In Boston, EasySex has established a strong following. We are, however, aware that such might not be the case in other cities. That means that even though you may have had a less than enthusiastic opinion about EasySex where you live, while in Boston, you should definitely give this site a shot.

The type of women that you are going to meet on EasySex are not on the platform just to be curious. The majority of them are seeking true no strings attached encounters. In terms of age range and body type, you will pretty much find women of all ages from 20 through 55. You will also find women of all body types, from the slim and fit, two BBWs, tall, short — you will basically find women of all physical attributes.

3. InstaBang

Boston Hookup Site #3 - Instabang

Similar to EasySex, InstaBang is another hookup platform that is not ashamed to be bold about what its site is about — in this case sex and hooking up.

InstaBang offers an easy-to-use user interface that doesn’t complicate the search for a like-minded partner. Maybe it’s due to the open-mindedness that we have already mentioned of Boston residents, but there are a large number of women on InstaBang from the Boston area. Most of these are on the site specifically to search for a casual sexual encounter.

The search engine and people discovery features on InstaBang are not as thorough or complex as those on AFF but still manage to offer enough customization to make them useful. Taking into account the large number of InstaBang members from Boston, you will always get a long list of potential matches.

In Boston, the women who are on InstaBang tend to be above the age of 28. this means that they are more prone to be experienced and familiar with no strings attached encounters. As a matter of fact, a significant number of them are on the site simply to find an affair or something on the side.

InstaBang offers a video chat feature that greatly enhances your ability to find the perfect Boston hookup. You see, by engaging in a video chat with someone before meeting them in person you will be able to tell what sort of person they are. When you chat somebody up only via a text message, you lose a lot of the nuance about who that person really is. By video chatting on InstaBang not only will you be able to discern if she is really as freaky as she claims to be, but she will also feel more at ease knowing that you are who you claim to be. InstaBang’s video chat feature increases the possibility of actually hooking up by as much as 150% compared to just text chat.

4. Ashley Madison

Boston Hookup Site #4 - Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison, much as AdultFriendFinder, has a high level of brand recognition within the online dating and hookup industry. Chances are that you are, to some degree, familiar with Ashley Madison. For those of you who are not, she is not your younger sister’s best friend from college. She isn’t even a person, it is a hookup site.

From 2002 to 2015, Ashley Madison was known as the site that promoted itself with the tagline, “life is short, have an affair.” In the present day, Ashley Madison is still considered one of the premier sites for finding like-minded adults for affairs and casual encounters.

In 2015, Ashley Madison underwent a huge internal makeover that made it one of the safest and most discreet online hookup sites in terms of privacy and personal data. When that happened the popularity of the site nearly doubled in Boston.

Ashley Madison is seen by many in the Boston area as the perfect site to find someone for casual sex while being assured that discretion and privacy will always be upheld. This is why you will find many people from Boston on Ashley Madison from the middle class, upper-middle-class, and upper-class socioeconomic demographics. You can just as easily meet college students as you can college professors on Ashley Madison. In terms of the type of users that it attracts, out of all of the Boston hookup sites, Ashley Madison is clearly the most elegant and sophisticated.

The gender ratio of Ashley Madison’s Boston membership is roughly 60 percent men to 40 percent women. The latter are able to join the site for free but the registration process vets them sufficiently to ensure that there are no fake profiles on the platform. Men, although they must pay to use Ashley Madison, are not encumbered by monthly membership fees. Ashley Madison employs a pay-as-you-go model which, to be quite honest, is fairer.

— Conclusion —

If you live in Boston you already know all about the great things that the city has to offer. If you don’t live there, it definitely should be a city on your list to visit. Either way, if you are seeking a Boston hookup, provided that you know how to use the right hookup site, Boston is a great place to pair up.