Op3n App Review — Yes, It’s Spelled With a Three

Apps such as Op3n always intrigue us. The polyamorous niche tends to produce sites and apps that are either highly effective or extremely disappointing. Where does Op3n fall on that spectrum?

In order to answer that question, we conducted a full review of the app. So, if you are curious about the lifestyle, if you are curious about the app, check out our review. In it, you will find that we were as open as we could be about Op3n.

Op3n App Review

Op3n App Review Results
  • Popularity - 68
  • Value - 74
  • Features - 72
  • Quality of Members - 76
  • Safety - 79
  • Customer Satisfaction - 82

Final Word on Op3n

We were pleased with the concept and performance that we obtained from the Op3n app. While it is obviously not intended for those seeking traditional relationships or simple two-person hookups, for those who are open-minded to the polyamorous lifestyle, it should serve them well.

The lack of an iOS app and the occasional clumsiness on older versions of Android are minor flaws that will quite likely get resolved soon.

Even so, we would rate Op3n as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Very open-minded community but not vulgar
  • No fake profiles
  • Ability to use an “anonymous” mode
  • Familiar and intuitive user interface


  • Only available for Android devices
  • App is buggy with older versions of Android (4.0 and 5.0)
  • Requires linking to your Facebook account

— In-Depth Op3n App Review —

Op3n App

If you are a couple or a single person interested in open-minded adventures and fantasies with other like-minded couples and singles, you will discover that not every online dating or hookup app is right for you. Most are geared toward getting two people together, not three. You need an app that is in tune with your desires. One that is developed specifically for the polyamorous lifestyle.

Op3n, and yes, that is spelled with a “3,” is an app that was developed specifically for those seeking to find those types of relationships. If you haven’t figured it out by now, that is what the three is supposed to represent — “3” for threesome.

Whether you classify yourself as polyamorous, a swinger or just open-minded and curious, Op3n is likely to catch your eye.

— Who Is Op3n For? —

Op3n is what is known in the industry as a sexual lifestyle app. It focuses on the polyamorous lifestyle. It does not classify itself as a swinger app because its main intent is to bring couples and singles who are intrigued or desirous of a threesome together with some degree of grace and discretion. Unlike swinger apps that focus more keenly on the swinging lifestyle, Op3n is more laid-back, more casual, more discreet. It is by no means prudish, however. Hell, it’s French — when are the French ever prudes about sex?

Polyamorous apps that prioritize swinging tend to promote the lifestyle in a somewhat more titillating fashion. Those sites and apps will highlight swinger parties, one-night stand threesomes, etc.

Op3n takes a more sedate approach. It focuses more on bringing three people together for some like-minded casual fun without overtly promoting the sexualized environment commonly found on swinging sites. In short, Op3n makes pursuing your curiosity or desire for a polyamorous relationship more down to earth. This makes it ideal for couples that might otherwise hesitate in joining a straight-up swinger site. Op3n feels accessible, real, and genuine.

Over 70 percent of the profiles consist of couples. In terms of age range, the vast majority of members, be they part of a couple or as a single person, are in the 22 to 36 age bracket.

— How to Get It —

In order to register for an account on Op3n, you must first download the app. Even though the platform has a traditional website found at Op3n.fr, there is no way to register or to access the platform via that site. Its purpose is to provide basic information about the app as well as presenting a blog dedicated to the polyamorous lifestyle.

As of April 2018, Op3n can only be downloaded as an Android app via Google Play. The developers have indicated their intention to release a version for iOS devices, but they have not announced an official release date. Presently, you can join a waiting list for the iOS version on the website. The benefit of doing so is that you will be notified via email or text message once the iOS version is launched.

The Android version of Op3n requires Android 4.0 or higher to operate. During our tests, some of our testers encountered minor technical issues with the app. These primarily consisted of spontaneous shutdowns while it was in use. It is important to note that these incidents occurred only on devices that were using Android 4.0 and 5.0. The more current versions of Android did not encounter this problem.

— Registration Process —

In order to register for an account on Op3n, you must link your Facebook profile to the platform. If you register as a couple, both of your Facebook profiles needed to be linked.

Op3n App Registration

The reason for doing so is because Op3n uses this action to authenticate new accounts. They claim that this removes the presence of fake profiles on the app. During our testing, this claim held up. Our testers did not encounter any profile that they would have classified as being fake.

For those of you concerned about privacy, Op3n allows you to enable an “anonymous” option during the registration process. This prevents your Facebook contacts from seeing you as part of Op3n, even if some of them happen to be members as well. Additionally, as a standard part of their security and privacy protocols, Op3n never publishes anything on your timeline.

For added anonymity and discretion, you can choose a nickname for your profile. In other words, the name on your Facebook account will not appear on your Op3n account unless you personally choose to do so.

— What’s in the Profiles? —

On your profile, you can choose the maximum range that you want the app to use to search for potential partners. Being a polyamorous app, we would recommend that you give yourself a slightly larger range than you would with a normal dating app. Going out as far as 10 or even 25 miles is not a bad idea. Unless you live in a major metropolitan area with a high population density, this broader level of reach will provide you with more results.

Op3n also gives you space on your profile to list your fantasies and hobbies. This provides a balanced showcase for your sexual and non-sexual side of your personality. By looking at an Op3n profile you are able to gauge rather quickly what the person or couple is like in terms of overall compatibility.

— Functionality —

If you are familiar with swipe-based dating apps, you will find using Op3n to be quite easy. Based on your location, the app will present you with potential matches. You will see their profile pictures and have access to their profile pages. You must then either click on a turquoise-colored heart button to indicate that you are open to meeting them, or pass on the profile entirely. When two profiles indicate that they are mutually open to each other, they will be able to chat with each other privately in the chat module.

Unlike other swipe-based apps, when you pass on a profile on Op3n there is no way to return to it. We would advise that you scrutinize each profile carefully and don’t be too hasty to pass on a profile.