Can I join a dating site without posting a profile picture?

I’ve been separated from my wife of eight years for over ten months. We have informally agreed to see other people. Even so, for a long list of reasons I do not feel comfortable plastering my face all over dating sites just to find a date. Is it possible to join a dating site and have success in finding a match without a profile picture?

Join Dating Sites Without Profile Picture

Getting back into the dating scene is never easy. Being separated — even if you and your soon to be ex-wife have mutually agreed to date other people — you need to take special care to avoid mishaps and misunderstandings. This is especially true if your separation is not a matter of a formal proceeding. In some states, your actions at this stage in your life could impact future divorce rulings and impact you financially and sentimentally, especially if you have children from the marriage.

Reputable dating sites do a stellar job at safeguarding your personal data. However, it is understandable if you do not want your image to be circulating out in the open for other people to find. However, we must be honest with you, dating profiles that lack profile images stand a significantly lower chance of getting replies. It just makes sense — visual cues are central to the process of attraction. Some dating sites will not allow you to access their platform unless you upload a profile image.

That being said, if you feel it in your best interest to go sans a profile image, there are some things you can do in order not to lose out too much.

You could post a brief passage in your bio profile explaining that you are separated — not cheating — but wish for some discretion due to family, friends, and work. You may also want to mention that after getting to know somebody better you would be willing to share your picture privately.

You may also want to consider avoiding general audience dating sites and casual hookups sites. The members of these sites will be more prone to expect profile images. Being without one on sites such as these will be seen more as a negative for you. Consider joining dating sites serving the divorced niche. The members of these sites have been through your situation. They will be more understanding of going picture-free.

As we said, profiles without images lose a lot of credibility in the eyes of site members. Just be prepared to be more patient and persistent — eventually, you will be able to make a connection.