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In August of 2017, the international long-distance dating site known as was folded into the brand. ChnLove had a continuous online presence that started in 1998. For some, it was the digital version of an old-fashioned mail-order bride catalog. For others, it was a platform for long-distance romance.

A few referred to it as a scam. Of course, the past is the past. Our concern now is what does have to offer? Is it simply ChnLove under a new name? What features does it offer? More importantly, what sort of results can you get out of

If you were familiar with ChnLove in the past, or if you are simply curious about finding love in Asia, check out our review.

chnlove review Review Results
  • Popularity - 66
  • Value - 35
  • Features - 45
  • Quality of Members - 24
  • Safety - 36
  • Customer Satisfaction - 39

Final Word on

We were severely disappointed with AsiaMe. The way that it describes its service on its website coupled with the huge fanfare involved in the absorption of ChnLove created a large dose of expectation on our part.

Unfortunately, within the first few minutes of registering on the site, we came to the realization that AsiaMe is nothing more than a bastion for chatbots and fake profiles.

We would rate the site formerly known as ChnLove, now Asia me, as EXTREMELY POOR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Fast and easy registration
  • An Android app is available
  • Translation services are available


  • Full of fake marketing profiles and automated chatbots
  • All features require payment by the minute
  • Aggressive cross-promotion of similar sites on the platform

— In-Depth Review —


Up until July 25, 2017, was a website designed to help Western men find women in China for romance. It had started operation in 1998 and for nearly two decades had acquired a rather polarized reputation. There were users who proclaimed that the site was a valuable resource for meeting women that they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to meet. There were others who complained that the site was full of promises but low on actual results. Now that it has been incorporated into the brand — along with two other Asian-centric dating sites — we felt that it was the ideal moment to review the performance of AsiaMe.

— Is It a Dating Site? —

It is important to clarify exactly what AsiaMe is in order to understand and evaluate its performance. AsiaMe is a member of the QPid Network. This is a company that operates several dating and social network sites around the world. is not the type of dating site that most of you are familiar with. It is classified as a global online communication platform. That means that it is designed to bring two people from vastly different parts of the world together. In essence, it is a site dedicated to helping Western men meet women who live in Asia.

— What About Language and Cultural Barriers? —

AsiaMe is designed precisely to handle language and cultural barriers. It uses technology to facilitate communication. The features found on AsiaMe include communication translators that help two people who speak different languages engage in fruitful online conversation.

— Unique Features —

Some of the unique features on AsiaMe include the “Lady Call Me” and “Call Lady” functions. These allow you to engage in a telephone conversation initiated by either party with the service of a translator on the line. The live text-based chat feature on the site also has a translation service available. This, however, is automated and therefore is not as precise as the human translators that are offered with the voice calls. Translation of emails is also available.

Beyond the features related to smoothing out the language barrier, AsiaMe also offers features designed to lessen the impact of a long-distance romance. There is a gift and flower delivery service that allows the male members to purchase and send gifts and flowers to the female members. There is also a “Cupid Date” service that facilitates the scheduling and logistical preparation for setting up a face-to-face date in the woman’s country of origin. In essence, this feature functions as a full-service travel agency taking care of all the necessary arrangements for the man to travel to Asia and meet the woman that he has been communicating with.

— Registration Process —

chnlove registration

We found the registration process for ChnLove (AsiaMe) surprisingly brief. If you decide to link your Facebook account to AsiaMe, registration literally takes 10 seconds. If you opt for the manual route, all that is required is your complete name, date of birth, gender, location, and your desired password to access the site.

The fact that you are not required to fill out a detailed personal profile was disconcerting to us. There is no nag screen reminding you to complete your profile. What you do find upon entering are profile pictures of what the site refers to as “Cam Share Ladies.” All of these are of attractive Asian women who are supposedly online at that moment wishing to engage in a video chat with a Western man.

— User Experience —

After spending a few minutes as a registered member on AsiaMe, you will notice that you start receiving chat requests. These appear as relatively unobtrusive pop-ups on the bottom right side of your screen. They usually contain short salutatory messages from supposed female members of the site. When our testers began to respond to both the cam share girls and the chat invites, one thing started to become abundantly clear — most of these were automated messages. They also discovered that payment was required.

AsiaMe does not use a paid subscription model, per se. It requires payment in the form of credits. Every feature on the site is charged by the minute. If you want to use video chat, that will cost you 0.6 credits per minute. One credit will run you $1.99.

chnlove cost of credits

When you first join the site you are given a handful of “bonus points” that you can use to respond to those text chat requests. Unfortunately, our testers discovered that for the most part, you will be chatting with a chatbot. The moment your free bonus credits ran out, you are informed that you have to pay.

To make matters worse, as you are fending off chatbot after chatbot, suddenly more pop-up windows start appearing promoting other long-distance dating sites belonging to the QPid Network. These include sites such as which focuses on Russian and Ukrainian women, and which focuses on Latin American women.