CraigsHookup Review — Everything You Need to Know

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is also said that every great work of art and every momentous scientific discovery is nothing more than a derivative work based on all that has come before it. Then again, there are also cheap knock-offs and those trying to get a free ride off another entity’s success or brand recognition.

Mind you, we are not saying that is the case with Who knows, maybe it was started by some dude named Craig in his mom’s basement. Maybe it is just a coincidence that it has a striking similarity in nomenclature to Craigslist. Hey, the world is a big place, coincidences do happen, right?

Anyway, since CraigsHookup is an online hookup site and we are connoisseurs of all things related to online dating, we could not pass up an opportunity to review this site. What did we find? Nuh-uh, no spoilers here — read on and discover for yourself if CraigsHookup is worthy of a place in the great hall of hookup sites for getting laid.

CraigsHookup Review

CraigsHookup Review Results
  • Popularity - 21
  • Value - 16
  • Features - 28
  • Quality of Members - 8
  • Safety - 11
  • Customer Satisfaction - 10

Final Word on CraigsHookup

As you might have guessed, we are of the opinion that CraigsHookup is the finest example of anything ever created by mankind. It eclipses the Pyramids, the moon shot, and all of the accumulative works of artists throughout the centuries.

Of course, that last paragraph is absolute bullsh*t — just as CraigsHookup is absolute bullsh*t itself.

We would rate the site as AWFUL. Stay away at all costs.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Umm, if you’ve ever known a Craig in your life, it may remind you to send him a Christmas card this year
  • Great for plain-HTML enthusiasts


  • It’s nothing more than a landing page for another site
  • Does not definitely identify what the final site is
  • Asks for your credit card information upfront

— First Impression —

Craigshookup homepage

When you first visit you arrive at a very simple page. When we say simple, we mean HTML in its infancy style of simplicity. Literally, the welcome page consists solely of the following text:

“Please verify the following and then click enter to find members:

I am at least 18 years old.
I understand dating site may include adult content.
Free community section for safe local matchmaking.
No credit card required free community with free profiles.”

Immediately below that, there is a text-based hyperlink that reads “Enter to free member section.” That’s it. It is the digital equivalent of walking through an abandoned warehouse. It is almost eery.

craigshookup warehouse

Having used and reviewed countless hookup sites, the fact that there wasn’t a single image of a hot looking woman or studly man — not even the appearance of a single boob or butt cheek, caught us off guard. Had we stumbled into some sort of parallel universe?

— What in Tarnation is This? —

Ever so obedient as we are to hyperlinks, we clicked on the one that promised to send us to the “free section.” Upon clicking on the link we were redirected at the speed of light to the landing page for a site called — or at least that’s how it was branded on the page. The URL in the address bar consisted of some convoluted address made up of alphanumeric symbols. There was no way to verify if it, in fact, was being served by or its support sites. Hmmm, could CraigsHookup be nothing more than a redirect page itself? Does this mean that there is no real Craig? Nooo, please say that it ain’t so internet!

This second landing page has a looped video of a thin and attractive young woman removing her top while sitting on a bed.


Finally, we are on more familiar turf now. Above the video is placed the logo and the tagline, “F*ck Her Tonight.” Below, you are asked to enter some basic information to create your free profile and we assume receive a notification as to the time and place where you will be f*cking the young lady in the video.

Imagine our surprise and disappointment when instead of receiving such a notification, we were redirected to another page. This one asking us to enter our credit card information.

You might be saying to yourself, “Whoah, whoah, whoah. Credit card information, wasn’t this all supposed to be free?” What can we say, some people define free as a monthly recurring charge of approximately $39.99. Hey, it’s just semantics, not some ploy to ensnare innocent horny newbies to cough up their cash, right?

— Reality Check —

Okay, enough fun and games. In all honesty, we believe that CraigsHookup is nothing more than a landing page to redirect traffic to another site from which the owners earn a commission. Unfortunately, even though the landing page subsequent to CraigsHookup lead you to believe that they are affiliated with, we were not satisfied that such is the real case.

If you visit directly you will arrive at a site that is designed differently from the landing pages you find on CraigsHookup. Also, they do not ask you to enter credit card information to register — at least not up front.

The more we probed into CraigsHookup, the odder things became. In the fine print on the page where they expect you to happily and willingly entrust them with your credit card information, not only does it mention that you only receive a two-day free trial membership and that afterward you will be immediately charged $39.99 until you cancel, it also makes mention of the fact that you will be joining a site called YearningForMyOwnLove, not Hookup.

Honestly, CraigsHookup seems to us to be just smoke and mirrors. What is the real site that it is affiliated with? We don’t know. Why does it ask for your credit card information when the sites it claims affiliation with do not engage in this practice? Again, we don’t know.

CraigsHookup smokeandmirrors

What we can say is that if something smells foul, if something doesn’t look quite right, it is often best to move along. That is the feeling that we get about everything associated with CraigsHookup.