8 Tips for a Successful Cuckold Relationship

tips for cuckold relationship

A cuckold lifestyle is not for everyone. Some people may not even be familiar with the term. At its essence, a cuckold relationship involves the male watching his partner engage in sexual relations with another man. That is not to be misconstrued as a threesome or any other form of group sex. A cuckold relationship is not one in which two men equally satisfy the woman. A cuckold relationship involves one man (the bull or alpha male) giving the woman intense sexual satisfaction. The other male (the beta) watches and derives satisfaction purely from seeing his partner being satisfied by the other man. It could be that the other man is younger, more virile, or has a larger penis. The core of the relationship is that the male relinquishes sexual superiority to the second male. He becomes an observer more than a participant.

While some couples may not be able to allow themselves to imagine such encounters, others may find it intriguing. In fact, among heterosexual sex terms, “cuckold” is the second most popular search term online. It is only behind “threesome” in the number of searches. Yes, there are a lot of kinky folks out there — thank goodness.

There are many contributing factors that could lead a couple toward a cuckold relationship — erectile dysfunction, small penis size, voyeuristic tendencies, etc. As we always say, each person, each couple is its own universe. If you feel that this lifestyle might be right for you, it is important to know about certain tips for a successful cuckold relationship.

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1. There Must Be Trust and Loyalty

A cuckold relationship will only work if there is trust and loyalty as a couple. If there are trust or jealousy issues, or if the relationship has entered a loveless state, a cuckold relationship — instead of enhancing it, may break it. The trust must be present at the onset. It is the only way that the unabashed openness required to enjoy the cuckold experience will be unleashed for the both of you.

2. Play It Safe

By playing it safe, we mean exercise common sense as you would with any sexual encounter involving a third person. Make sure to use protection to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Also, make sure that you know the “bull” that will be involved. Don’t just take some random guy you met at a bar home with you. There are online dating sites that cater to cuckolding couples. They are a great resource in helping you find bulls in your area.

3. Pick a Neutral Location

A key component to enjoying your cuckold experience is for everybody to be comfortable. Essential to this is being on neutral turf. Sometimes engaging in cuckold activity in your home is impractical for issues of privacy. This is especially true if a married couple is involved. A hotel offers the best option for most couples. It is safe and allows you to segregate your cuckold lifestyle from your home environment.

4. Remain Loyal

A cuckold relationship is an activity that involves the BOTH of you. Always keep in mind that even though the male is assuming a passive observational role, it is still an intimate act for you as a couple. The pleasure that you both derive while it’s happening is just the beginning. Later, when you have sex — just the two of you — the experiences from your cuckold encounters can be used as inspiration and motivation.

The both of you should always realize that even though a third person was involved, the context of the act was one of intimacy between the both of you. Cuckold experiences should never be seen as excuses or license to sever the loyalty and devotion that you have for each other. They are meant to enhance your sexual experience and pleasure, which in turn, should strengthen the bonds of your relationship. If this makes sense to you — you are probably ready for the cuckold experience. If not, then you should think it through a little further.

5. Engage with Different Bulls

As we’ve mentioned, the central players are the two partners in the relationship. The bull is the outside party. He should be seen as interchangeable. You should not form preferences or loyalties to one specific bull. Meet different men for the role. Diversity in bull selection will make for a more complete cuckold experience. Some couples in a cuckold relationship enjoy varying bulls according to age, body type, penis size and other physical attributes.

6. Still Not Sure, Ease Into It

A cuckold relationship should be fun — it should probe your boundaries for sexual experimentation. It should never be something that is shameful for you or your partner. For this reason, you shouldn’t rush into it if the both of you are not comfortable with the idea.

Talk about it — watch cuckold-related porn, verbalize your mutual fantasies on the subject — take your time digesting the idea. You can even explore a form of online cuckolding. This involves the female engaging in online webcam sex with a stranger while her partner just watches. To intensify the online variation of cuckolding, it helps if the bull is aware that the male is watching.

7. It’s Not Always a Size Issue

While many assume that a cuckold relationship involves selecting a bull that has a larger penis than the male in the relationship — that is not a rule written in stone. Well-endowed men can also have cuckold fantasies. If you are blessed by nature with a large penis, that is not an impediment to enter the cuckold lifestyle.

8. Capture the Moment

Cuckolding is one of those experiences that reverberates in a good way. Even if you only have a cuckold experience once a month, chances are that the memory of it will fuel the “normal” sexual encounters that you have as couple for days and weeks afterward. Some cuckolding couples capture their activity on video.

This can be a great way to relive the intensity of the moment. However, as with any instance that involves capturing sexual acts on video, make sure all involved are okay with the idea. Also, make sure you are the ones capturing the video and have sole access to the recording.

— Go for It —

If you feel that the cuckold lifestyle is right for you, don’t let society’s norms limit you. The only two people that have a vote in pursuing such a lifestyle is your partner and yourself. If the idea turns the both of you on, if you feel that the thrill that it provides will benefit your relationship — then move forward, go for it. Never allow a forced sense of modesty interfere with your sexual experimentation.

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