Review — Is It a Winner or a Loser?

Is Dates25 the solution you’ve been hoping to find for your casual encounter needs? Allow us to shed some light on this hookup site in our full Dates25 review.

dates25 review

Dates25 Review Results
  • Popularity - 39
  • Value - 38
  • Features - 58
  • Quality of Members - 44
  • Safety - 68
  • Customer Satisfaction - 41

Final Verdict on Dates25

We were left with a very sour taste in our mouths after taking Dates25/Fuckbook for a spin. There is nothing to recommend here. It is best to simply move on to one of the many other hookup sites that do offer positive user experiences and from which you can expect results.

— Full Dates25 Review —

Every now and again we come across a dating website all on our own. is just such a site. What drew our attention to it was its elegant and minimalist welcome page. With nothing more than a beautiful woman wearing only a masquerade face mask as the background — it is quite eye catching. Aside from an “Enter Now” button predominantly placed in the center of the page — there is nothing else. It was definitely intriguing enough to capture our attention.

Figuring that our readership would be equally as intrigued, we decided to conduct a full evaluation. Here is our Dates25 review.

— First Impression of Dates25 —

Remember when you were a kid and you saw a large present under the Christmas tree. Then, on Christmas morning — when you tore it open — you discovered it was full of pack after pack of socks and underwear. That’s basically the feeling that we got when we ventured beyond Dates25’s welcome page. You see, Dates25 functions as a feeder site for

The welcome page for FuckBook was interesting enough. It too was minimalist and eye-catching, just like Dates25. We joined FuckBook — following the site’s simple registration procedure. We were only required to indicate that we were over 18, our gender, select a username and password, and provide a valid email. It was one of those registration procedures that literally took no more than a minute to complete.

It was immediately after registration — when we first landed in the membership area — that our hopes were destroyed.

— User Experience on Dates25 —

Having been involved in the online dating industry for as long as we have, we have developed a sixth sense regarding dating sites that you should avoid. We got that vibe right off the bat with Dates25 aka FuckBook. All of the telltale signs of a disappointing hookup site were present. First, we were flooded with messages almost immediately upon entering. Second, whenever we attempted to respond to these messages, we were greeted with the dreaded “you must upgrade to respond” message.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out where we were heading with all of this — nowhere. Following a little digging through their terms of service, we confirmed that FuckBook uses fictitious profiles to advance the engagement and marketing of the site. While that may be fine and dandy for their own monetization purposes, it truly sucks for you as a user.

— Cost of Dates25 —

We paid the $29.95 for a one-month membership to see if anything changed after paying. The only thing that changed was that the number of automated messages that we were receiving became drastically reduced. With our paid membership, we also conducted searches using specific search criteria — such as age range, location, etc. The results, unfortunately, all turned out to be labeled as “cupids.” That is important to note because the terms of service for FuckBook stipulate that they label their fictitious profiles as “cupids.” In other words, after shelling out almost 30 bucks, all we got were nothing but lists of fake profiles.

The only thing that functioned properly on FuckBook were its live sex cam and adult movie features. One thing you should know, however, your monthly membership doesn’t cover these. To use these two features you have to pay on a per minute basis.