Fuckzer Review — A Site to Find Willing Cheaters?

We wondered, does Fuckzer.com really come through on the expectations that its name most assuredly generates? We conducted this Fuckzer review to inform our readership on what to expect if they join this hookup site.

fuckzer review

Fuckzer Review Results
  • Popularity - 29
  • Value - 24
  • Features - 61
  • Quality of Members - 28
  • Safety - 64
  • Customer Satisfaction - 31

Final Word on Fuckzer

Normally, we would include a list of pros and cons when we review a site. In the case of Fuckzer/CheatersNetwork, we can't do that. To do so would imply that there are good things that merit mentioning. Well, there are none. As far as the bad things — all you need to know is that the site consists entirely of fake profiles. What more do you need to know?

We would rate CheatersNetwork (aka Fuckzer) as VERY POOR. The site can go "Fuckzer" itself.

— In Depth Fuckzer Review —

Sometimes you’re looking for a hookup site that will yield you results — fast. When that’s the case, many people will place a lot of value on the name of the site. After all, if the name implies hot and fast action — what more could you want, right? Such is the case with an online hookup site that many of our readers have been asking us to evaluate. The site is called Fuckzer.com. With a name like that, you will never confuse it for a home cooking or sewing and embroidery site. No, sir — this site’s name implies hot and steamy action, now!

— Hold the Phone, Fuckzer’s a Redirect —

The first thing we noticed when visiting Fuckzer was that it is a redirect. In other words, the domain redirects you to another site — in this case, it is to CheatersNetwork.com. Being nothing more than a redirect — a gateway, a doorman to another site — doesn’t automatically mark Fuckzer as an automatic loser. It did, however, make us suspicious.

— First Impression of Fuckzer —

The welcome page for CheatersNetwork sustains the overall tone of the promotional material that was used by Fuckzer. There is an image of a provocative hottie and a few lines of text using geolocation metadata from your browser to serve you phrases such as “meet singles living in Yourtownville.” (Wouldn’t it be funny if there were an actual town out there called Yourtownville?)

Having reached that stage in the evaluation, our opinion was that CheatersNetwork seemed to be just another “cookie cutter” hookup site. However, we still could not make a determination as to whether or not it was effective.

— Fuckzer Registration (CheatersNetwork) —

Registering on CheatersNetwork is very simple. It doesn’t require a user to build elaborate profiles or take extensive personality tests. Basically, if you can metabolize oxygen, have a valid email address and can select a username and password for your new account — you’re in. It took us less than two minutes to register and that’s because we were eating french fries at the time.

— Fuckzer User Experience —

When we reached the members’ area of CheatersNetwork, that’s when things took a nasty turn. We don’t mean the good kind of nasty — you know the dirty kind. No, in this case we mean the really bad nasty — the kind you do not want to find. You see, CheatersNetwork is nothing more than a “pump and squeeze” site.

Yes, we know, for some of you out there the concept of a “pump and squeeze” site might sound quite alluring. Trust us, in this case, it’s no fun. Essentially it means that the whole site is designed for one purpose — to get you to upgrade to a paid membership — to pump and squeeze money out of you. Notice how we did not include the phrase “get you results” in that description.

The evidence is clear. It is literally in your face in the form of multiple invitations for conversations from “women” already registered on the site. The evidence is also there in the form of the written word — the site’s terms of service. To be ever so blunt — the site is full of fake profiles, You have a better chance of finding a live person by visiting a morgue. ( NO offense to necrophiliacs, of course)