Review — To Hump, or Not to Hump?

Did you visit in hopes of finding real local partners and feel lost? Hopefully, our HumpDate review will sort everything out for you.

HumpDate Review

HumpDate Review Results
  • Popularity - 37
  • Value - 41
  • Features - 68
  • Quality of Members - 42
  • Safety - 58
  • Customer Satisfaction - 47

Final Verdict on HumpDate

HumpDate / LocalMilfSelfies is, quite simply, useless. You will not find any humping, dating, hooking up or selfies. We rate this site as POOR/BEST TO AVOID.

— Pros and Cons of HumpDate —


  • The majority of the profile pics are topless!


  • Saturated with fake profiles
  • Cannot respond to messages without upgrading to a paid membership
  • Expensive monthly rates
  • Requires valid email for registration, haphazardly filters out many email accounts for this purpose

— In-Depth Review —

Recently, we started seeing an upsurge in marketing for a dating site named We were intrigued, as we had not heard about this site before. After all, if you combine the word “hump” and “date” into your brand — things could be interesting. Ever vigilant for new humping opportunities wherever they may appear, we decided to join the site and conduct a full evaluation so that we may bring you this HumpDate review.

— First Impression of HumpDate —

When you first visit HumpDate, you might think that you are lost. Instead of being greeted by a site with a logo that mentions HumpDate, you are received by a website with the name of Yes, it’s one of those classic “WTF” moments. You see, HumpDate is not a real dating site in its own regard. It is, in fact, nothing more than an entry portal that redirects traffic to LocalMilfSelfies. homepage

The welcome page only contains a few tiled images of topless women — supposedly milfs eager to share their breasts with the world. Beyond that, there is only a blue button labeled “I agree” enticing you to sign up.

— HumpDate Registration Process —

The registration process only requires you to choose a username, password and valid email address for the new account that you are creating. registration username registration password registration email


The email is used to send you a validation link. This is where we encountered a problem. It appears that certain email domains are rejected automatically by the registration system. We wound up having to use our Gmail account in order to properly register and validate the account. We found this to be highly inconvenient and impractical.

Once you get HumpDate, sorry, LocalMilfSelfies, to accept your email, you are then redirected to the membership area. At the top of this page, you will be greeted by a small banner indicating that you must check your e-mail and click on the validation link. It took our validation email almost 30 minutes to arrive — much longer than on other dating sites.

— HumpDate (LocalMilfSelfies) User Experience —

Unfortunately — as is usually the case with online dating sites that use multiple domains to redirect traffic to another site — HumpDate relies on the “bait to upgrade” model. Even before you finish creating a detailed profile for yourself, you will start receiving email messages and instant messages. Trust us, that is usually a bad sign.

humpdate im

Sure enough, in the terms of service for HumpDate, we found various clauses where it clearly indicates that they use fictitious profiles for the purposes of marketing and entertainment. Oh, and guess what? All of those messages that you were receiving — that’s right— they’re all from fictitious profiles. We are sorry to inform you that on this dating site the chances for any humping or dating are close to zero.

— HumpDate Cost of Membership —

In the event that you are incredulous of our findings — or if you are one of those individuals for whom hope is eternal — you may be wondering how much a paid membership costs. After all, in order to respond to any of the messages or emails, you must upgrade to a paid membership.

humpdate cost

The monthly membership for HumpDate / LocalMilfSelfies is $29.95 per month. You can also pay $69.90 for a six-month membership. They also offer a three-day trial membership for $2.97. You should be forewarned, however, that after the three days expire, you are automatically charged for a full month. During our evaluation — which only lasted two days — when we attempted to cancel the three-day trial membership, we were unsuccessful. We wound up being charged for a full month before we were able to properly cancel our membership — frustrating indeed.