Dine Dating App Review — The Way Foodies Date

If you have grown tired of the same concept in dating apps being recycled and rehashed, then perhaps you should consider a thematic app. “What is a thematic dating app?” you might ask. It is one that matches people by focussing on a common theme. The Dine dating app is the perfect example of such an app.

Dine uses the shared appreciation of fine dining experiences between two people to bring them together. At the very least you know that you have one thing in common before going on the first date — that’s something, right?

Want to know more about Dine? Want to hear the experience our reviewers had with it? Read our Dine dating app review and find out everything there is to know about this innovative dating concept.

dine dating app review

Dine App Review Results
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 81
  • Features - 74
  • Quality of Members - 77
  • Safety - 84
  • Customer Satisfaction - 83

Final Word on the Dine Dating App

The Dine app is innovative and effective. It is refreshing to find a dating app that focuses on real world contact.

We would rate Dine as EXCELLENT.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Expedites getting to a first date
  • Member identities verified via Facebook
  • Women have free unlimited use of communication features
  • Innovative concept
  • Available for iPhone and Android devices


  • Men require a paid membership to have unlimited communication access
  • Hard to find members in non-metropolitan areas
  • When a dining request is accepted, the other member can see your Facebook profile

— In-Depth Dine Dating App Review —

dine dating app

They say that alcohol is the social lubricant. While that is definitely true, it should not displace the importance of food in our social interactions. If alcohol is the lubricant, then food is our social power plant — especially when it comes to dating.

Nearly every first date starts with some sort of meal. Eating together creates an atmosphere conducive for conversation and sharing. It stands to reason that a good dining experience can lead to a good first date. Unfortunately, few dating apps consider the dining experience when performing their magic.

The Dine app is one of the few that do. In doing so, the app attempts to bring about real-world dates faster. Dine wants its members to meet, dine together, and discover first-hand if they are compatible.

Yes, it is definitely an intriguing concept. Even if things don’t work out with the person that you are matched with, at least you can enjoy a good meal.

— How Dine Works —

how the dine dating app works

From Dine’s own website, “Dine is a dating app that isn’t about superficial love at first sight, but an opportunity to experience someone’s company and a new culinary adventure.”

Dine accomplishes this by using a simple three-step process. First, members are shown potential matches on a daily basis. This is done by presenting you with other members’ profile pictures along with a list of their favorite dining places. Yes, that is all, no esoteric ramblings about their personality, etc.

Second, if you see someone you like, send them a dining request. No need to mull over anything else beyond how they look and where they like to eat.

Third, when you receive a “dine request” from someone you like, accept it. It’s that simple. There’s no time lost engaging in endless ponderings of the meaning of life via online chat. There is no anxious hours or days waiting to see if someone will respond to your last message. With Dine it’s simple — you like each other, you meet, you eat, you get to know each other face to face the way people used to in the past.

Yes, it may be awkward at first engaging with someone by using vocalized sounds instead of typing with your thumbs on your phone screen — but take it from us, it actually works.

— Registering —

Getting started with Dine requires you to download the app from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play. It is a mobile-only app, there is no way to use it on your desktop.

The registration is straightforward. Dine requires you to link to your Facebook account. This is how the app verifies the identity of new members so there is no way to avoid it. Don’t worry, Dine is very tight when it comes to the privacy and security of its membership — your Facebook data is safe with them.

It should be noted, however, that when dine requests are accepted, your match is given the ability to look at your full Facebook profile. This is done as a safety measure.

Once you have synced your Facebook account, you will be required to enter your location. Then you will be asked to choose three of your favorite dining establishments. This part is made easier by using Dine’s search filter. This allows you to obtain lists of establishments based on categories such as Lunch Dates, Hit the Bar, Top Brunch, Meet for coffee, or Dinner Dates.

Before choosing your three favorite spots you can review the Yelp rating for each place.

— Customizing Your Profile —

The personal information for your Dine profile is pulled in from your Facebook account. So too are your six latest profile pictures. Don’t worry, you can remove any that you do not want to be shown. Likewise, you can upload a different profile picture from your phone.

There is an “About Me” section that allows you to write a little something about yourself in 1,000-characters or less. We know, it’s not much space — roughly seven tweets in length — but remember, Dine wants people to meet in person, not waste time reading extended autobiographies about one another.

There is also a section where you can enter your current relationship status, height, weight, religion, and ethnicity. Providing this information is not mandatory.

Located within your profile settings are the controls for activating two key options. One of these is the “My Treat” option. As the name suggests, if you leave it on, it will alert those who view your profile that you are willing to cover the bill of your first dining experience together. If it is not activated the other member should assume that you will each pay for what you consume.

The other option is “Meet with Friends.” If this is activated it will indicate to other members that you are only willing to meet provided that other people are present. This can be seen as an option for added safety. It can also be used by people that are socially timid and feel more comfortable meeting new people in the company of trusted friends.

— Cost of Dine —

Dine promotes itself as being free. However, if you are a male member it would behoove you to purchase the monthly premium membership for $9.99 per month. The reason for this is that while women have unlimited access to the communication features — men must rely on a convoluted point system that Dine refers to as “roses.” It costs you a determined number of roses to use the communication features. For males under the free plan, the number of roses you have depends on your level and frequency of engagement with the app. Trust us, it’s far more convenient just to cough up the ten bucks.