Double App Review — Doubling Down on Double Dates

The Double app is a mobile dating app designed specifically to bring the “buddy system” to the world of online hookups. Some people refer to it as the Tinder for double dates. It sounds intriguing, but how does it work? More importantly, how effective is it? We conducted this full Double app review to find out.

Double App Review

Double APP Review
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 88
  • Features - 81
  • Quality of Members - 74
  • Safety - 92
  • Customer Satisfaction - 79

Final Word on the Double Dating App

Some of the best innovation comes not in reinventing something from scratch, but rather by simply tweaking how it is used. That is very true when it comes to Double. It takes a concept and feature-set that most online daters are familiar with and makes it fresh and unique by adding the double date component to it.

Double's user interface is standard by industry standards. You will not find anything new in that regard with this app. However, the dynamic that is created by meeting other people in a double date format makes it an amazing experience. If you are shy, worried about safety, or just want to avoid first date awkwardness, we would strongly recommend you try Double.

We rate Double as VERY GOOD.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Innovative concept for online double dating
  • Genuinely free to use
  • Available for both iPhone and Android
  • Adds safety and removes awkwardness of meeting people online


  • Requires you to use your Facebook credentials to register
  • Your “dating team doubler” must come from your Facebook or WhatsApp friends
  • Constant notifications to invite your friends to download the app

— In Depth Double App Review —

Double Dating App

The “buddy system” can be very effective when you go for a dip at the local swimming hole, or when you are deep-sea diving or hiking in the woods (especially if the area is infested with rabid raccoons). After all, there is safety in numbers. However, would the buddy system work for online dating?

When we first heard about the Double app a few questions came immediately to mind. What sort of double dates are we talking about here? Are these genuine double dates or is Double facilitating swinging-style encounters? The answer is that Double is designed to bring a total of two pairs of friends together — no underlying sexual motive is implied. In other words, Double lives up to its mantra of “more fun, less awkward, safer.”

— Overall Benefits —

Normally, when we review a dating app we focus on the direct user experience and its features. Double, however, due to its unique approach, deserves a closer look at its overarching benefits, not just the technical ones.

1. Safety

Both our female and male reviewers agree that the safety factor is greatly enhanced. Although meeting people in person is safe provided that you take necessary precautions, such as meeting in a public place, having a friend check in on you at a predetermined time, etc., the act of actually having a friend along with you just makes you feel safer right off the bat.

2. Reduces “First Date” Stress

First dates — especially when they involve someone you met online — can be very stressful. By having a friend tag along, the dynamic changes completely. It is no longer a binary affair. Moments of awkward silence are eliminated. There is more fluidity and excitement to the whole date. Also, if you’re honest about it, you are doubling your chances for finding a match.

3. The More the Merrier

Since Double brings four people together, that means that your choice of first date activities is broadened. Amusement parks, miniature golf, a day at the beach — a large selection of fun activities to choose from open up that normally would not make sense for one-on-one first date scenarios. The presence of a friend creates a situation where you will be more relaxed and more comfortable being yourself. Usually, the more at ease you are on a date, the better your chances of making a positive impression.

— The User Experience —

By now, you may be sold on the concept of the Double app, but you are probably asking yourself, “how does it perform?”

Double is a mobile-only app. It is available for iPhone and Android devices. The download is free and installation is standard. Registering for Double, however, does involve a twist compared to the registration procedure for other mobile dating apps. You must allow Double to scan your friends’ list on Facebook — inclusive of WhatsApp — in order to use the app. This is because you are required to have a “doubler.” That is what Double calls your “wing person” for your double dates — your dating buddy, if you will.

Your “doubler” is sent a notification and invitation to join Double themselves. They must install the app, agree to be your doubler and then the both of you can start using the app as a team. While not complicated, based on our experience, it is much easier if the both of you install and register the app on your devices together. It avoids confusion.

The next step involves choosing the gender of the other people that you want to meet, as well as selecting the acceptable age range. This can be from 18 to 55+. You must also stipulate the maximum distance that you are willing to accept for potential matchups. This must be at minimum three miles, with a maximum of 99 miles. Double imports your age, first name, and profile picture from your Facebook profile. Don’t worry, you can change your profile picture from within the app. You can also write a 500-character description that will appear on your Double profile page.

Our reviewers were able to send “doubler” requests to multiple people. As long as they were a friend on your Facebook or WhatsApp account, we did not encounter any limitations. From a practical standpoint, however, we feel it’s best to stick with one doubler at a time, although the choice is entirely yours.

Using the app to search for potential matches is similar to other “swiping” apps, except that each profile that you are presented consists of two people. If you, or your doubler, like a team’s profile, the other two members will be notified. If one of them likes you back, all four members can now chat privately. It’s as simple as it sounds, but it does take a few attempts to get used to the format.

Online chat is the primary means for members to communicate. The chatroom is where everybody would agree on how, when, and where to meet in person.

— Cost —

There isn’t a paid membership option for Double, however, users can purchase “Woo credits.” These credits allow you to purchase “Woos” which you can send to other members as a way of expressing interest, or you can use them to improve the positioning of your profile in other member’s searches. A pack of 5 Woos costs $4.99, a pack of 60 Woos costs $39.99. Based on our test results, we feel that you can get an effective user experience without the need of purchasing Woo credits.