DudesNude Review — Literally, Dudes Who are Nude!

If you are a gay man and are interested in finding an unpretentious and uncomplicated hookup site, DudesNude is looking for you.

Not as sophisticated as Grindr but perhaps more daring, it combines a simple platform with raw sexual energy. At the cursory level, DudesNude sounds like a great deal. However, is it?

We encourage you to dive into our review of DudesNude. It should provide you with the glimpse you need to determine if it is where you want to be.

dudesnude review

DudeNude Review Results
  • Popularity - 62
  • Value - 67
  • Features - 51
  • Quality of Members - 63
  • Safety - 60
  • Customer Satisfaction - 68

Final Word on DudesNude

DudesNude is a great value proposition if you are seeking a hookup site for the gay community. It is not bashful about being a site for sexual hookups, so there is no confusion about why it's there. Obviously, it is not the place to find a long-term partner.

Its free version is immensely powerful. It is well-suited to find partners for real-world and cyber-based fun. The only downside is that its active membership base leaves some geographic locations light on prospects.

Overall, we would rate DudesNude as FAIR.

— Pros and Cons —


  • Free version is very powerful
  • Do not have to register to browse pictures and images
  • Paid version is very affordable


  • Free version includes advertising
  • Requires at minimum a bare torso image for your profile
  • Not many registered members in rural areas
  • No mobile apps

— In-Depth DudesNude Review —

DudesNude was launched in 2002. This makes it one of the veterans in the gay hookup niche. Based in the United Kingdom, as of 2018 it serves most English-speaking countries, including the United States and Canada.

When it comes to casual hookup sites — especially those with a strong sexual vibe — membership size and traffic are key metrics to consider. DudesNude has slightly over 500,000 active members worldwide. In terms of traffic, it received close to 75 million hits in 2017. At any given moment in time, the number of registered users who are logged in averages close to 2,000.

What do these statistics mean? They mean that the site receives a respectable number of visitors even though its membership size is much smaller than other gay hookup sites.

This may be partially due to the fact that DudesNude allows visitors access to the basic version of its platform without having to register.

— First Impression —

When we first accessed DudesNude we found its welcome page to have a simple and unsophisticated design. It did not convey an outdated look, but it immediately struck us as not being cutting edge either. The most distinctive feature is the image of a bare-chested young man.


The choices that you are given are limited. You can log in, register for an account by creating a profile, or enter the site in “view only” mode. If you are curious and use the latter option you will access the DudesNude platform immediately and be allowed to search member profiles. You will also have access to view their images and videos.

— Wow ‘Em Pictures —

Unlike other hookup sites that often limit suggestive or explicit images and videos, DudesNude outright encourages them. Hell, it flat out requires all of its members to at minimum show their bare torso on their profiles.

Dudesnude Upload Pics

When we scrolled through the thousands of profiles on the site we encountered all types of images — from artistic nudes to extreme kink and fetish pictures. Hey, it’s all cool — the site is honest about its open-minded approach to hookups.

— Registration —

If you want to go beyond simply viewing profiles and you want to create a profile of your own, you will have to register for a DudesNude account. The process is simple. You are required to choose a username. Also, you must provide your date of birth and a valid email address.

Dudesnude Registration 1

You must also select the community that you best identify with. The choices are dude next door, fit jock dude, big muscle dude, bear, chub, leatherman, daddy men, sex pig, couples, and POZ dude.

Upon submitting that information you will receive a validation link via email. Upon clicking on the link you will be directed back to DudesNude and you will be prompted to choose a password. After that, you must upload at least two pictures of yourself. Of these, at least one must show at minimum your bare torse with your face visible. Full nudity, of course, is permissible.

— Profile Attributes —

Once you have registered you can amplify your profile. Aside from a text box that allows you to write a brief intro about yourself, the rest of your profile consists of optional descriptors about your physical attributes. Everything from height, weight, ethnicity, etc., to penis length and the presence of piercings are covered.

Dudesnude Profile

You are encouraged to provide as much information as you are comfortable with publishing. This data is what DudesNude uses to feed its search engine.

— What to Expect from Searches —

DudesNude allows you to modify your search parameters based on the attributes of each profile. You can also further refine your search by age range and location.

If you are only looking to hookup online, in other words, a cyber encounter, you are practically assured to find someone 24/7. If, however, you are interested in a real-world hookup, our tests showed that your success will depend on the time of day and your location. You will have better luck finding a partner for “something right now” if you live in a large population center. More rural areas simply don’t have as many registered members on DudesNude.

— Cost —

DudesNude is very generous in what it provides to those who they call “non-supporters.” We’d call them free members. They are allowed to conduct searches and view photos and images. The only sacrifice is that video download speeds may be throttled and that advertisements will appear on the platform pages.

Paid members never have their video download speed throttled and all ads are removed. That’s the extent of the perks for paid members. Honestly, in our opinion, you can survive with the free version, During our test, we scarcely noticed any difference in video download speeds between both versions.

dudesnude cost

A paid membership has a cost of $5 for a two-month membership, $10 for six months, and $17 for a full year. All in all, DudesNude is downright affordable.