What is the Best Way to End a Sugar Daddy Relationship?

I’m an older male that is financially well off. Two years ago, I met a younger woman online with whom I struck up a relationship. The nature of the relationship was one of mutual benefit. It is sexual in nature and she derives certain material and financial benefit from it. While I feel that there is also an underlying friendship that has developed, I am a realist and accept the fact that it is a classical sugar daddy relationship. Recently, for a variety of personal reasons, I have decided that it is best to end such a sentimentally vacuous relationship. What I want to know is, what is the best way to end it? Should I even bother attempting to salvage whatever friendship also exists?

Ending Sugar Daddy Relationship

Whatever type of relationship two consenting adults wish to enter into is entirely their business. The reason we start by saying that is to neutralize any potential moral judgments or negative comments that you may have received from other people regarding your relationship. What matters here is that for your own reasons you have decided to terminate it. The best way to do so is by being honest with your partner. Since you mentioned that you have been involved in this sugar daddy relationship for two years, that would mean that it has become a normal part of both of your lives. Each of you, in your own way, have integrated it into your normal reality and routine.

This means that the young lady could be relying on the material support that she receives from you for her sustenance and upkeep. It is important that you ascertain just how much she relies on you. If her financial reliance is superficial, a frank conversation at the time of your choosing is more than sufficient. However, if her reliance is more profound — and if you value her as a person, which it seems that you do by the way that you mention your friendship with her — then you should give her greater lead time. By this, we mean that you should extend her a period of time, be it three or four weeks, for her to prepare for the upcoming shortfall in material support.

Of course, this does not mean that you should allow yourself to be played or coaxed into extending the relationship any further. If you are honest and sincere about wanting to end this, you must end it. It is one thing to give her a few weeks advance notice, it is another thing to feel forced into staying in a sugar daddy relationship when it is no longer something that you wish to participate in.

As far as maintaining the friendship aspect of the relationship, that should not be your focus. Concentrate on demarcating the end of the sugar daddy relationship and then let time tell you if the friendship survived.